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ZTE employees: Huawei designs only part of its own chips

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ZTE was fined 16 years in violation of the rules, so it paid a fine of nearly $900 million, but this time there was no clear violation. It was a normal inspection of the compliance process...

ZTE does not have any subjective desire to lie...

On the afternoon of April 23, in the recent days, ZTE’s sanctions against the United States received extensive attention, and a screenshot that purported to be the voice of ZTE’s internal employees also spread widely on the Internet.

Regarding the current misunderstandings, the employee stated that the facts were not exactly the same as what was seen in the news. ZTE was fined in violation of regulations in 2016. Since then, a compliance team led by the president has been established. The company is completely transparent to the United States and all mail and servers are The open, FBI resident company, this time there is no clear violation, is a normal inspection of the compliance process.

The employee said:

ZTE was fined 16 years in violation of the rules, so it paid a fine of nearly $900 million, but this time there was no clear violation. It was a normal inspection of the compliance process...

ZTE does not have any subjective desire to lie...

The four highest levels, including the president, are dealt with, and what else cannot be handled...

I know that there will be a fine of 300 million U.S. dollars for the follow-up, and take this risk for several people...

The following is the full text of screen shots by ZTE employees:

The fact that a ZTE employee has explained all kinds of criticism on the Internet is not exactly the same as what you saw from the news:

1. ZTE was fined 16 years in violation of the regulations, so it paid a fine of nearly $900 million, but this time there was no clear violation. It was a normal inspection of the compliance process.

2. Don't mix the 16-year penalty with this prohibition order. From 16 years later, ZTE has established a compliance team headed by the president. The company is completely transparent to the United States. All mail and servers are open. Fbi resident company. Moreover, mails and materials must be kept for more than 5 years and ready for inspection.

3. What you are talking about is rumors. There has never been any study of European and American laws. It is learning compliance and studying compliance exams. It is not the beginning of the present, but also the normal actions that began in 16 years. I don’t know where you’ve heard the English and American laws. After the 16th, ZTE spent more than 50 million US dollars and hired the most professional compliance team in the United States. The team leader is American.

4, on training, this is a regular training exam, what is the problem? Don't know what is the focus of your discussion? In this training exam, we regularly train after being punished in 16 years. This is in itself a step up of compliance. This is the sincerity we expressed to the US Department of Commerce in the past 16 years. That is to say, we are really correcting the problem. You want all emails and documents to be transparent. In this case, there is no reason why you have the subjective intention to do illegal behavior.

5. After the penalty was imposed in 16 years, in order to reacquire the order, the terms we signed could no longer be bowed. You imagine that a Chinese high-tech company could be arbitrarily monitored by the US fbi and check the data at any time. What can it do? Therefore, this punishment ZTE can not accept.

6. I found that the current article often says that 16 years of things are mixed with the present. I said 16 years ago that I have just received punishment. Now, what things are said to be 35 people in 18 years, first of all this is not the content of the commitment clause. , and follow-up communication and negotiation process, was originally a normal process of negotiation.

7, similar to the United States, said that you have to punish these people, and then the compliance team to check and found that some people did not issue a notice of punishment, so the United States wrote an e-mail, had normal exchanges. And the e-mail also informs us that yes, we have omissions, but now we have made up.

8, ZTE does not have any subjective desire to lie, one has been fully transparent. Second, the four highest levels. Including the president has dealt with, what else can not be handled. Third, knowing that there are still 300 million U.S. dollars in fines to follow, take this risk for several people.

9. The 35-person incident was not written before in the penalties agreement. It was itself a matter during the negotiation process. During the negotiation process, the United States suddenly announced the prohibition order, and there was no follow-up investigation or consultation.

10. Anyway, I am inside ZTE. From the 16th year onwards, I always learn about compliance and various requirements. Everyone feels that ZTE is stupid and does not perform well. I think there are few companies in China that can match the current ZTE compliance team. This is the result of a fine of 900 million U.S. dollars. Real companies attach great importance to it. And I often study, and I just said that I’m basically learning from every month after 16 years

11. Compliance Exams Exams have been tested numerous times, including management cadres, general employees, and I really didn't think that this has also become news. How could it be, the company spent 50 million US dollars in investment, after paying a fine of 900 million U.S. dollars, Who dares to ignore such tuition, the head of the compliance team is the president of the company. We sincerely corrected mistakes, replaced chairman, president, and new leadership and always made compliance the most important thing for the company.

12. There is still an argument, saying that ZTE does not invest in chips, so it has such consequences. Many similar fpga, dsp China did not, and the operating system is the United States, the computer can not be used.

13, anyway, like odd points of view, can write to the news, are tired.

14. You may not yet understand the production process of the chip. China's biggest problem is that it does not have its own production process. Even if the chip itself is designed and produced, it is also produced using American technology. Even the software for designing the chip is the United States. Such as matlab simulation software, the United States, will not let you use, how do you simulate the algorithm? Therefore, any company that has been sanctioned by the United States immediately dies.

15. Huawei is only part of its own chip design, and very few, amplifiers, digital-to-analog conversion of these chips are only the United States, in fact, this prohibition order is that you can not use any of the United States technology, not to say anything else, Microsoft's operation System, Android's operating system will not let you use, you can not do anything.

16. Interlacing is like every other mountain. It is found that people's perceptions are indeed very different. No, but our company has employees on the plane, business trip support projects, after-sales engineers, our country's high technology is not a simple chip problem, but also Industrial chain issues.

17. We did not think that ZTE’s voice may have preceded the company’s emphasis on discipline. It is not allowed to comment on the incident in private. Now everyone can’t stand it anymore. So no matter what, I’m talking so much today. It’s not yesterday. Allowed.


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