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Reflections on the ZTE Incident: A Deep Reflection, Let Us Lead to the Stars and the Sea

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Wen / Gu Wenjun

Once a fool makes a mistake, a fool makes a mistake twice. I was surprised by the widespread debate over the ZTE incident, as if the embargo had been a novelty when it first occurred in 2016

Internationalized enterprises need internationalized enterprises and internationalized enterprises.

The semiconductor industry is a highly internationalized industry. Our suppliers come from the world. Our products go to the world. As a Chinese enterprise connecting semiconductors and electronic terminals, we should standardize themselves and whip themselves with the high standards and strict requirements of international enterprises.

Whether central enterprises, state-owned enterprises, private enterprises, private enterprises, Chinese enterprises in overseas operations, must abide by the laws and policies of the host country, legal compliance. The internationalization industry needs the internationalization enterprise, but also needs the enterprise internationalization. Only by obeying the law and respecting the law, can we integrate into the local community and bring good things to the local people.

Maybe some of our businesses, in the country,

When our business goes to the world, it is not only an enterprise, but also an industry and a country. When our business leaders go to the international stage, he is not only a representative of his own, but also a representative of the company and the motherland. Enterprises are law-abiding, executives are cautious and prudent, and set up enterprises and individuals who are law-abiding, trustworthy and reliable. This is a greater contribution to the industry and the country.

Is the support of the domestic industry chain upstream and downstream really in place?

During the avalanche, no snowflake believed that he was responsible. When we complain about the fragile chip supply system in China, we ask ourselves, do you think of our own responsibilities, especially the responsibility of the system manufacturers?

Once upon a time, we

Once upon a time, we

Once upon a time, we

But the Chinese chip company is not wrong? Many domestic chip companies are complaining that domestic manufacturers do not want to use the Chinese core, do they also look back on themselves, and their domestic Foundry and packaging and other local supply chain have also done the same mind, hand in hand? Before long, did we also request that the domestic Foundry should be as low as the international technical performance and the price should be too low? When there is a problem of cooperation, is it really willing to put resources and energy together to find problems and solve problems? When he is a party B, he sobs out the overbearing of Party A; does he think of the grievance of Party B when he is a party member? Further upstream, will domestic Foundry and packaging factories treat domestic equipment and materials equally and strategically?

Does China need to establish a complete industrial chain?

The industry has a clear answer to this question, but for China, it is very complicated. Semiconductor is a comprehensive, ecotype, dynamic industry that covers dozens of disciplines, hundreds of technologies, thousands of products, and tens of thousands of companies. No country has an independent, complete and controllable industrial chain in the world. For China, the unique national conditions and system may require us to try to establish a complete industrial chain, but this should be a long-term goal, a strategic goal, at least 30 years, 50 years, or even longer.

True, China Core has made a lot of progress over the past few decades, but it's more of a breakthrough at a single point (a generation of technology, a few companies) and a certain line (encapsulation of the best so far). But semiconductors are a four-dimensional industry! not only

Through the analysis of the industry chain, the development of the various links of China's semiconductor is studied and collated, and the shortage of our semiconductor industry chain is exposed. It also reveals how difficult it is to establish an independent and controllable industrial chain.


Recognizing yourself is the most difficult, but in the present, what you need most is to recognize yourself. In the chart above we have seen China Core in many areas of the vacancy and distress, but the real industry is much more difficult than the number reflected. Because even if it were, it might just be

The key is that the industry is three-dimensional. Chips are not only designed and manufactured, but also peripheral, upstream and downstream links, and even ecosystems. For example, lithography machine, there are both complex and accurate lens, but also a number of precise parts. A lithography machine, its raw materials and components, from dozens of countries around the world, hundreds of suppliers, involving thousands of products. Away from the global division of labor, the lithography machine becomes light

The breadth of semiconductors, the difficulty of creating chips, is far from being written by words. However, a temporary setback does not mean that we are all wrong. It is precisely because of the globalization of semiconductor industry chain that we fail to establish a complete supply chain, which does not mean that we are useless. It is difficult to create a core, but we never abandon it. The core road is bumpy, but we push ahead. Conceit is not desirable and conceit is not desirable. After several generations of semiconductor adherence, our industry has made remarkable achievements after several generations of industry's efforts. Our gap is comprehensive, and our breakthrough is also comprehensive. Especially in the past five years, we have made rapid progress in enterprise profitability, technological breakthroughs, industrial scale and ecological construction.

We have unique national conditions and complex environment. We have too many needs to improve and perfect, but not overthrow, not the first time. After all, we have made many achievements under the current system and mechanism. We should keep pace with the times, adjust ourselves and accomplish things in this environment. It is just that we need to recognize ourselves, identify the gaps and work hard.

It is not difficult to say, it is difficult to do; it is not difficult to write, but hard to accomplish. In the changeable space and time, in the complex environment, what we need to do is to do something really meaningful and practical for this industry. We put forward these unwritten tactical proposals, hoping to become the targets of discussion, so that is what industry people do.

Please look forward to the following pertinent suggestions, and let us go to the stars, the sea - the proposal of ZTE.

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