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Dismantling Report: Sony Sony WF-1000X "Noise Reduction" True Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Below I love the audio network to lead everyone to dismantle this real wireless noise canceling headphones to see how it plugs in the most compact features.

First, Sony Sony WF-1000X "Noise beans" out of the box

Sony's high-end headphone carton packs, a large and small Sony WF-1000X headset in the middle of the white background, seems to indicate that this pair of headphones is the main and auxiliary headphones. The following are some technical parameters, there is NFC, bluetooth, SENSE ENGINE in the lower left corner: A kind of sound personalized technology that rely on Sony's exclusive S-Master HX digital amplifier, and the icon of mobile phone APP control. The lower right corner shows that this is a wireless headset that supports noise reduction.

On the back of the package, there is a picture of a recommended method of wearing so that you can obtain a good noise reduction effect. You can also use the ambient sound mode. Analyze your activity and set it up automatically with the phone's app "Sony Headphones Connect" app.

The Sony WF-1000X can use HD Voice for hands-free calling. The maximum continuous playback time is about three hours. You can use the phone's voice assistant, digital noise reduction, and more.

The top of the box has MFi certification logo, this headset is also compatible with Android devices. Built-in rechargeable lithium battery with a capacity of 60mAh.

The bottom part of the product packaging on the back of the "HD Voice" call feature to make comments: Only the left channel, and the phone needs to support "HD Voice" function.

The manufacturer of this headset is Sony Corporation, origin: Malaysia.

According to I Love Audio Network, the accessories of this Sony WF-1000X are very rich. There is a headphone charging box that supports NFC one-touch connection, a pair of headphones with a silicone sleeve and ear support, and an additional ear support. Three sets of different sizes and Comply sets.

The included headset cover is Comply on the left and the brother on the right.

Aluminum alloy earphone charging box with oval cross-section and stamped "SONY" LOGO on the left side of the top.

The label on the back of the charging storage box indicates the input and output information. SONY charging box, model: BC-WF1000X, input 5V DC, output 5V 120mA (L), 5V 120mA (R), manufactured by Sony Corporation, Malaysia. On the far right is the NFC logo, which indicates that this charging box supports NFC one-touch connection.

The charging box uses the Micro USB to charge the charging indicator near the charging port.

Open the battery box and see the smooth surface of the headphones. The two metal pickup holes are obvious on the headphones.

Charging the charging case with ChargerLAB POWER-Z KT001, the measured voltage was 5.08V and the current was 0.44A.

Take out the headphones, the interior is two pairs of gold-plated contacts. The connecting portion of the cover of the charging box and the pod has two hinges. After the opening, the cover is gently pulled upward to obtain more operating space.

Gold-plated contacts close-up.

Internally stuck the headset's tongue.

Faith LOGO close-up.

Second, Sony Sony WF-1000X "noise reduction" dismantling

Two screws at the bottom of the label. Unscrew the screws to open the back cover.

A NFC patch was attached to the inside NFC mark on the back cover.

NFC coil close-up.

NFC chip close-up. Screen printing "90030 JAPAN H30002".

The internal welding wires are left and right earphones and batteries, respectively.

Aluminum alloy jacket.

Take off the aluminum alloy jacket, the shell is composed of several parts.

The other side is also.

All disassembled, an internal lithium battery charges the headset.

Remove all.

Built-in lithium polymer battery model: 772229,470mAh. Almost wide with a dime.

Shenzhen Junpeng Technology's battery, 3.7V 470mAh.

7.7mm thick battery

Protection board factory style, exquisite workmanship.

Contact board close-up.

There is a self-healing insurance and inductance.

Charging board front, PIC16F1455 microcontroller.

On the back of the charging board, there are two independent lithium charging when designed, it seems to be transferred to the inside of the headset.

TI BQ24073 path management charging IC, this chip output voltage is 4.4V, output directly to the headset.

TI BQ24073 details.

TI BQ24073 details.


PIC16F1455 single-chip microcomputer, 8-bit machine, control the USB connection and charge the headset.

PIC16F1455 details.

Input protection chip.

USB holder magnetically.

The dismantled venomous hands reach towards the earphones.

Made in Malaysia, input: 5V DC.

Gold-plated contacts close-up.

Belief lights and Bluetooth antenna close-up.

Remove the headphone sleeve and ears after the real face.

The earphone catheter has a sponge to prevent dirt from entering, and on the other hand it can achieve a certain degree of tuning.

Metal pickup filter mesh closeup.

Headphone catheter close-up, multi-piece design, a built-in 6mm unit.

Opening the headphones, at first glance, it feels very fine work.

Bluetooth antenna inside the mask.

power switch button.

Close-up front, capacitive pickups on the FPC have Bluetooth antenna contacts.

Charging contacts.

Welding under charge contacts can continue to disassemble.

The FPC is connected to the circuit board via a connector.

According to I love the audio network dismantling, Sony WF-1000X headset uses a German manufacturer Warta lithium battery CP1254, with a long life characteristics. The diameter of 12mm, thickness 5.4mm, 0.2Wh conversion is 54mAh.

Valta Lithium Battery CP1254 cathode close-up.

Valta lithium battery cathode CP1254.

Two headphones have two batteries and the same capacity.

Lithium button battery contacts in the housing.

According to my love audio network dismantling analysis, the above two pictures are the positive and negative battery contacts in the housing, and the two solder joints go to the earphone speakers.

FPC button above.

Capacitive pickups for talking and noise reduction.

According to the audio network analysis I love, an apple authentication IC that is very conspicuous is used for MFI authentication equipment.

Silkscreen 421E41R7 chip, function is unknown.

Belief lights and shields.

Belief lamp close-up.

Remove the shield, in fact, the circuit board is very small, I love the audio network to compare it with a one-corner coin, the circuit board is smaller than the one-cornered coin.

Qualcomm CSR8675 Bluetooth single chip.

The Sony WF-1000X uses the active noise reduction of the CSR8675. I love the analysis of the audio network. The so-called belief noise reduction is actually part of the functionality of the Qualcomm chip.

Qualcomm CSR8675, supports Bluetooth 4.2, supports analog and digital pickups, built-in Qualcomm Kalimba DSP, 120MHz clock frequency. No need for external components, it can provide 200mA charging current for the built-in lithium battery.

Disassemble the complete set.

Third, I love audio network dismantling summary

1. Sony WF-1000X is equipped with more functions than other similar products, equipped with noise reduction, ambient sound and other modes; the matching flat charging box can be easily put into the bag for daily use;

2, through dismantling, found that this headset box charging box with superior materials, fine workmanship, high utilization of the internal space of the headset; using CSR8675 program, support for Bluetooth V4.2, built-in integrated high-performance stereo DAC and ADC, also equipped Advanced active noise reduction technology improves user experience. This highly integrated chip saves space and reduces overall power consumption, allowing the headset to be lighter and smaller, as well as maintaining the duration.

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