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Suspected HUAWEI employees molested harassment bank female staff were exposed

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After the exposure of micro-blog V, things quickly became fermented. Many people, for their sister's tact, face no harassment and no longer remain silent. On the other hand, they criticize the low quality of HUAWEI employees.

In fact, this is not the first time HUAWEI employees harassed the opposite sex, early in 2017 in the original HUAWEI representative office in Guangzhou, CFO Zhou Jiangang because of harassment Work Department colleagues were officially notified by HUAWEI and made a retreat.

This time, exposure of HUAWEI employees harassment of female staff of the bank incident, the end of the harassment can be imagined. From the sixteen requirements of HUAWEI, which are transmitted by the Internet, the staff of HUAWEI are mostly of high quality. I hope this is only a few cases.

Attached to the sixteen requirements of HUAWEI for employees:

1. in participation, dare to challenge yourself

Ren Zhengfei warned employees to do a thing, whether successful or not, you have to find your own feeling. As long as you take part in it and fight with it, you are successful. You can win seven points.

2. to learn from others and to make up for them

Ren Zhengfei said that people should actively absorb the advantages of others, and partners should actively point out his shortcomings. Others point out your shortcomings. Criticizing your shortcomings is actually helping you. I hope you progress. If you give up this kind of help, it will be too much.

3. should be good at summarizing and summarizing

Ren Zhengfei said to the staff, "now you are given a silk thread, you can't catch the fish." You must make the silk thread into a net. There are dots in the net. Life is through continuous summing up, forming a network point, and then form a large network.

4. realistic design for career design

Emphasize that employees should "love one line and do one line". At the same time, "love one line, do one line" must also be practical and realistic.

After pursuing a realistic career design, employees must strictly target and restrain themselves with design goals, so that they can move towards their goals.

5. cultivate experts, not "universal generals"

Require each person to be engaged in a line of love, mastery, transcendence, in the condition of conditions permit, with plenty of energy, you can learn more about the working conditions and skills of other business related to the work. HUAWEI stressed that people who did not have grass-roots work experience could not be promoted. Education was only a reference factor for selecting cadres, mainly based on actual ability to select cadres. HUAWEI wants employees to "love one line and do one line".

6. employees who want to be tolerant of good and wrong

Ren Zhengfei believes that employees are growing up in making mistakes, and they should be tolerant of those who are wrong because of their lack of experience and encourage them to improve their work.

Thinking is easy to passivate without being tempered. People who are good at thinking are getting smarter. They may try to make small mistakes. Leaders at all levels want to distinguish between the diseases they make to improve their work, or the mistakes that are not strong in their responsibilities? The former, you want to keep your hands down. We should encourage employees to improve their work.

7. employees should love their work

I hope employees will do their work as a kind of love, as a dedication to drive, is a rare opportunity and challenge, we should cherish it. Every employee should do everything carefully, no matter big or small. We must have a broad vision, broaden our mind, and be responsible, regardless of personal gains and losses.

8. employees should begin to care about others from small things

Train employees to begin to care about others from small things. HUAWEI requires employees to respect their parents, help their siblings, and be responsible to their relatives. On this basis, care for others, support for hope project, poor students, candlelight plan... And usually care about colleagues and people around them.

9. to pay attention to the training of the basic level staff

HUAWEI carries out a relatively fixed post policy to the grass-roots supervisors, professionals and operators, and advocates "love one line and do one line". The foundation of "love one line" is to pass the employment examination. The condition that the already employed staff continues the line is to undergo the screening of job assessment.

10. advocate "love one line by doing one line"

HUAWEI allows employees to choose jobs properly, but discourages employees from changing jobs frequently. Encourage employees to "do one thing, love one line", and gradually develop interest in the process of work, eventually grow into an expert.

11. from "lifting stone" to "building a church"

HUAWEI requires employees to understand the big goal of the company's struggle and to draw on the daily work with the big goal of the enterprise development, so the work is different and the quality of the work is higher.

12. employees should insist on self criticism for a long time

Ren Zhengfei believed that young people should be self critical in the long run. Only by persisting in self criticism can a person continue to make progress. In the company, we must lose face.

When most people go to work, they will become more careful. If your careful eyes are not overcome, it is not only a driving force for HUAWEI's development, but a stumbling block. It can not only make the company stronger but also weaken the competitiveness of the company. What really enables HUAWEI to develop faster and bigger is to rely on every employee to open up themselves and strengthen self criticism.

13. do not have a "migrant" mentality

I hope employees do not think "this company has nothing to do with me, I am a part-time worker". If we always think of this concept of "wage earners", we will not establish a concept of fate shared with the company. HUAWEI calls on employees to learn the meticulous and pragmatic spirit of others.

14. strengthen self - training and transcend self

Training is important, but self training is more important. If you really want to become a senior person, you have to train yourself. Only by self training can you surpass yourself. To open yourself, to absorb other people's nutrition, to cherish the time, to cherish the opportunity, to find your own breakthrough point in life, to strengthen self - training and to surpass yourself.

15. more opportunities for a dedicated employee

Conscientiously responsible and effective management of employees is HUAWEI's greatest asset. Respecting knowledge, respecting individuality and working collectively are the inherent requirements for sustainable growth of enterprises.

HUAWEI hopes that every employee should be based on his job and make a difference. Those who want to do great things and do badly in their jobs should be laid off. More opportunities for growth and development for those dedicated employees.

No dumplings in the 16. teapot are equal to dumplings

HUAWEI does not take education and knowledge as the criteria for determining income, but rather pays salaries by contribution and performance. Knowledge without performance is like a dumpling in a teapot, but it doesn't pour out.

When we emphasize the use of a cadre, we should not consider his mark or use his knowledge. We must examine the cadres in accordance with the qualities of responsibility, his ability, his contribution and so on.

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