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There are too many pits on SAP? The first six reasons for Hua Weiyun

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SAP is the world's number one ERP software. It represents the most advanced management ideas and the best software design. More than 80% of the world's top 500 companies use SAP, and 90% of China's large state-owned and private enterprises. Use SAP. In the era of full-on cloud era, SAP Shangyun gradually put on the agenda of many large and medium-sized companies.

The company's IT decision makers hope that cloudization can bring efficiency and business transformation in real terms, but it also faces doubts during the transition process. After the Shangyun Cloud will face some new problems, the company must do a good job of overall thinking, the most worried is that if there is a failure, the impact on the business, Shangyun will not be worth the candle, so choose a reliable cloud vendor is essential.

Huawei, as SAP's first global technology partner in China, inherits the profound technology accumulation in the traditional server field and is an ideal choice for many cloud companies in SAP business. There are five reasons why SAP Shangyun has chosen Huawei Cloud:

First, the host performance is better

Huawei Cloud SAP is the only cloud vendor to use its own servers. To provide the latest performance of SAP HANA, customers are provided with Huawei's latest E7 CPU HANA server. The official SAP Performance Test Tool (HWCCT) metrics far exceed those of other vendors' HANA servers. The performance of customers deploying SAP applications on Huawei Cloud is 4-5 times that of SAP's official requirements, 2-3 times that of other friendly companies, and it is the only vendor in the industry that can truly take advantage of SAP applications and HANA databases. Huawei Cloud SAP HANA has the largest specifications and supports 4TB VM provisioning, up to 16TB bare metal provisioning, and cluster support for up to 16 nodes.

Second, business security is more reliable

Huawei is the earliest and largest SAP partner in China. Both companies have been working closely together since SAP HANA was first released in 2012. In 2013, both parties jointly launched HANA all-in-one servers. In 2015, Huawei and Huawei founded Huawei-SAP in both Waldorf. The Joint Innovation Center has a lot of SAP and Huawei R&D teams doing joint innovation solutions every day. In January 2018, the two parties formally announced full-scale cloud cooperation at the Greater China Partner Summit. Huawei, as the only company in China, and SAP, together established the PAC Joint Innovation Center at SAP Shanghai Research Institute, and the two sides jointly carried out joint solution innovation on the cloud. .

Huawei has established the company-level SAP Strategic Alliances Department, which is responsible for the joint innovation with SAP's global R&D cooperation and solutions. The senior directors of both parties meet regularly to discuss detailed cooperation issues. Due to the importance of the SAP system to corporate customers, SAP's Strategic Alliances Division has formed a separate SAP service team responsible for client-to-end environment delivery/problem rapid positioning resolution, and provides dedicated service delivery manager, 24*7 professional service guarantee (all Question Guaranteed to respond within 1 hour).

Third, corporate data is more secure

Huawei Cloud has the technology, the future, and the trustworthiness. Respect user data sovereignty, and do not make data commercial business. In addition, Huawei's equipment room is the highest-level data center in China (Tier 3+). Through all the safety certifications required by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the security level of the equipment room or rental equipment room of the company is more than 95%.

In terms of basic resources, Huawei cloud provides SAP with exclusive computing, storage, network, and other resources for the concerns of large-scale enterprises on public cloud security. The enterprise also enjoys all the services on Huawei Cloud, enabling the enterprise to truly take into account the public cloud. Convenience and private cloud security. At the same time, Huawei Cloud's SAP solution specifically tailors a security solution for enterprises to ensure the highest level of data/communication/transmission security. Since Huawei Clouds has conducted checks and checks for SAP business security, after a rigorous review and review, a large pharmaceutical company in China decided to deploy all SAP systems on Huawei Cloud.

Fourth, service and maintenance more peace of mind

Enterprises put all the underlying hardware/security/network operations into Huawei's professional team, which can maximize the release of the IT department and allow them to focus on the needs of the business itself.

(1) To help customers take advantage of the cloud - Maximize the efficiency of operation and maintenance management, Huawei has invested a lot of research and development, self-developed SAP operation and maintenance management platform (formally released for free in 2018), to help corporate customers through SAP operation and maintenance The management platform can uniformly monitor and manage all SAP application systems and HANA databases on Huawei Cloud. The functions include: system automation installation and deployment, network unified management, configuration management, system unified monitoring & alarming, one-click system backup & recovery, etc. (industry only).

(2) For enterprise's SAP day-to-day tedious system configuration, such as HAE configuration, Huawei Cloud provides customers with automated configuration scripts that do not require manual configuration and automatic script configuration. These have greatly liberated the enterprise's energy and manpower in SAP application and database operation and maintenance.

Fifth, comprehensive benefits are more cost-effective

Using Huawei Cloud to deploy SAP services can help companies reduce their TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) to more than 60% in 3 years. First of all, the time cost is greatly reduced, and the environment can be delivered on the cloud in the same day without affecting the customer's project implementation and delivery. Second, reduce the cost of cloud server purchases: You can purchase a smaller specification at first, and gradually expand capacity as your business volume grows. In addition, the cloud server can be purchased in a flexible way: it can be purchased on an hourly basis (for the SAP training system, the SAP Business Temporary Test System), or it can be purchased on a monthly/year basis. Third, greatly reduce the operation and maintenance of labor costs: through Huawei's upcoming SAP operation and maintenance management platform, can greatly reduce the company's system operation and maintenance costs, the maximum efficiency of operation and maintenance management. Companies can really spend their time on business transformation and innovation. Fourth, in addition to the same specifications of SAP servers, Huawei's cloud performance is better than that of its competitors, but its price is about 20% lower than that of its competitors.

Sixth, customer practice is more abundant

Huawei Cloud SAP HANA Server has already provided services to more than 50% of enterprises in China, and SAP Cloud Services has also seen an outbreak. Huawei Cloud's SAP solution went live at the end of August 2017. Over the past few months, more than 10 medium- and large-sized enterprises have been online. Among SAP SAP’s largest companies in domestic software sales, SAP selected SAP SAP development/test/production. The system is deployed on Huawei Cloud, and the overall growth rate and total sales amount are even more than the sum of other cloud vendors.

Currently, Huawei Cloud has launched an online promotion experience:Https://activity.huaweicloud.com/sap_promotion/index.html

This activity mainly promotes Huawei Cloud IDS Mirror Package. This package is a full simulation of the SAP production process based on Huawei SAP HANA high-end cloud server. It can meet the needs of SAP beginners, SAP consultant company business presentations, SAP trials and business of large companies. Promotion needs. This activity features:

· IDES function is mainly for training presentations, especially for pre-cloud testing and business presentation of SAP business;

· Huawei Cloud comes with an IDES image, customers only need to apply for a license to the SAP official website;

· SAP IDES system automatically issued, only 3 hours;

· uses ultra-high-profile configuration: large-memory cloud host, ultra-high IO cloud disk, 1 fixed IP, 10M bandwidth;

· 70% discount, single month discount of at least 1600 yuan, and a small amount of free resources (free use of a set of 15 days).

Please participate!


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