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Corporate WeChat and WeChat fully interoperate. What to worry about? | Microscopic

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Unfortunately, the collaborative office market once again evolved into a partial competition between ATs.

Last year, after nailed nails announced the launch of smart hardware and the “Intelligent Personnel” function on the line, the trend changed dramatically. The offensive momentum of corporate WeChat is extremely fierce. The most important capability update is corporate WeChat and WeChat. The message exchanges open the closed beta.

At the same time, corporate WeChat, which appeared later than its predecessors, also announced its core data for the first time on the occasion of its 2nd anniversary: ​​The number of enterprises registered by WeChat reached 1.5 million, and the number of active users was 30 million, which has already penetrated 50. In many industries, 80% of China Top 500 companies have already opened WeChat.


Picture from: Corporate WeChat "2018 Smart Enterprise Data Report"

Although WeChat is still in a catch-up position in terms of the number of connected companies and users, it is clear that corporate WeChat is accelerating. According to the “2018 Smart Enterprise Data Report” issued by WeChat, the number of registered companies in WeChat increased by 180% this year, and the number of users increased by 500%. With the interoperability of corporate WeChat and WeChat, the difference between the two around user data may be further reduced. In particular, behind this function, corporate WeChat also hides a secret weapon for passing cars.

Corporate Social, Temptation and Fault Lines

The relationship between WeChat and WeChat has been opened up. This is an annual big trick for corporate WeChat.

However, this ability has been more interpreted by the outside world as three major roles: 1. Mobile office and cross-border communication; 2. Corporate image management; 3. Protection of corporate relationship assets.orgsrc=https://images2018.cnblogs.com/news/66372/201805/66372-20180509154555089-1749378646.png

In other words, after the interworking, the company's WeChat contacts can directly add WeChat friends. Both parties are on different platforms and can cross-border communication, and the ability to achieve mobile office upgrade; At the same time, when the enterprise side uses the company WeChat and WeChat customer exchange , will help employees to provide more formal services for customer partners, help companies to manage the internal and external communications and customer relations. It can also avoid the loss of customers due to employee turnover.

However, it should be noted that corporate image management and relational asset protection are still relatively hidden for companies. For the work communication, the WeChat-based users of WeChat will import the WeChat relationship chain, which really opens up a new path for corporate social networking.

However, in fact, no matter how nails and corporate WeChat affect the decision-makers of the company and implement the de-emphasizing of communication tools in the office scene, they cannot fundamentally change the habit of users using WeChat to work. Corporate social networking is still the area of ​​WeChat.


Work communication is divided into internal communication and external communication. Internal communication is part of corporate collaboration, and external communication is social to the company. Corporate coordination and efficiency, corporate social re-convenience.

Realizing the high efficiency of internal communication is the basic problem that collaborative office tools need to solve. However, enterprises also have an objective demand for external communication. Therefore, when the function of internal communication is gradually established, corporate socialization has become the temptation of enterprise collaborative software. However, it is actually a fault line that is extremely difficult to break through.


For example, before nailing, there was a huge imagination in this respect. At one time, he wanted to reversely extend his life into social life. He developed the product as a product to mark WeChat and eventually had to give up.

The company’s WeChat access to WeChat will be smoother and smoother because of its natural advantage of relying on WeChat, but it will also focus on corporate social networking focused on customer service to form a refinement of WeChat information; on the other hand, WeChat is actually in the WeChat business. In the interworking, it is not just simple communication and intercommunication, but it is trying to build deeper connections, which will directly help companies and business activities.

Data Integration, Deep Wealth of Corporate WeChat

In terms of communication and collaboration within the company, the key to achieving work efficiency and execution is the key.

Efficiency refers to both the immediate response of the person and the efficiency of the tool. People's efficiency is more often designed as a powerful message reach and feedback mechanism in IM (instant messaging tools), such as the "receipt message" of corporate Wechat, adding "to be done", "DING task", etc. Features.


The tool's efficiency is not only the IM tool itself, but also the addition of collaborative office-assisted tools. Last year, at the corporate WeChat Partners Conference, we announced that WeChat will be fully open, including the full introduction of office software of major partners in the "Third-Party Application" platform, thus greatly enriching corporate office tools and satisfying different enterprises. Personalized needs.


From the perspective of communication and communication tools, as well as the promotion of efficiency at the tool level, and the interoperability of corporate WeChat and WeChat, the addition of corporate social functions should be interpreted as a complete matrix of communication within and outside the company.

But these are still not the most important. What is the true goal of WeChat?

In fact, the answer is also hidden in the corporate WeChat and WeChat interworking. In fact, what WeChat really wants to do is a comprehensive "Connect WeChat." Through interworking with Wechat, all information originally accumulated in WeChat and having corporate/commercial value is aggregated into WeChat.

On May 8th, in the "Wechat Wechat" section of the newly added new version of the company's WeChat, it has taken the lead in launching the four basic capabilities of "message interoperability," "small programs," "corporate payments," and "micro-workbench." Since then, we have not ruled out WeChat's full information access to WeChat.


In addition to social information such as personal WeChat, business cards, and WeChat groups, it also includes all support for WeChat wallets, applets, WeChat payment, card coupons, and electronic invoices.

These commercialized tools will bring together a large number of companies such as e-commerce, O2O, smart retail, and life services that they have connected to WeChat, so as to achieve information integration, collaborative management, and management efficiency.

In particular, we support WeChat's "small programs" linking to corporate WeChat. When corporate employees communicate with customers, they can forward the goods or service applets page to customers, and customers can use Microtel to purchase or use them.

The “Enterprise Payment” supports enterprises that have opened the WeChat zone in the WeChat payment merchant platform to obtain all WeChat payment functions, and realize the collection and payment of internal employees and the collection of funds from external customers and partners.


In other words, to a large extent, corporate WeChat will become the informatization background of each business and become the management background of WeChat. At the end of the WeChat, one billion people enjoy wonderful shopping and services every day. Each company's way of connecting with them and establishing customer service will be gradually implemented through the company's WeChat; and through small programs, WeChat payment data acquisition, analysis. The user's data behavior, and the development of intelligent and accurate marketing strategies to optimize sales and marketing effectiveness.


Of course, the digitization of the front desk is still just the beginning. After all, smart retailing actually includes "digital goods, digital customers, and digital operations." Among the three elements of "people, goods, and farms," ​​"people" is not only customers, but also the clerk in the business. , transporters and managers; "goods" are both goods after delivery, goods under production, transportation, and storage; "fields" cover various sub-segmentation scenes online and offline during sales, and should also be taken into consideration. The scene of business people and goods in different shopping scenes matches.


Therefore, this requires corporate WeChat to make efforts in back-end integration. Next, based on the integration of WeChat's “public” data, WeChat will connect with corporate/business employee management, order management, CRM, ERP and other systems to form an integration of all information inside and outside the enterprise, and to realize enterprise management and information. The full opening up of resources. Ultimately, companies in the endless big data environment, form the resonance effect after the information integration connection, forming data cloud computing and management intelligence.

Therefore, this year, the company's WeChat proposes to be a “smart brain” for the company, with deeper ambitions here. In fact, there are information islands within the company, there are also information islands outside the company, and the interior and exterior of the company are isolated from each other.


Only the islands outside the company have been connected by WeChat. The company's WeChat needs to move from an information island to an information link, which will bring disruptive changes to the company's production, management, manufacturing, and sales.

Nails to the left, corporate WeChat to the right

Of course, the difficulty of corporate WeChat to fully integrate data can be imagined. In particular, in the fortified enterprise market, the access to personal user data in WeChat alone is still insufficient, just through the potential energy of the tool itself.

For WeChat, there are three issues that may need to be solved in business promotion: value identification, access cost, and information risk.


The first is value recognition. For business owners, the value of data intelligence and the need for information integration appear to require processes. Therefore, this value needs convincing. The most troublesome for corporate managers lies in the rejection of the original tools, and even in the full embrace of the impact of data, the reconstruction of corporate structure, management methods.

The second is access costs. It means that the original information system of the enterprise needs to be migrated, accessed or abandoned. Therefore, corporate WeChat is best to use a platform-based, open interface approach, so that all enterprises can smoothly access the original OA and CRM systems. Of course, besides the platformization, service providers of WeChat companies will inevitably need to do one-by-one access work, but the workload will be greatly reduced.


In the end, information risks are also concerns of business owners. After the enterprise has put all the information on the cloud, can the company's privacy and information security be protected? Although from a technical point of view, such concerns may be a little redundant, but it is an obstacle that the business side really needs to overcome.

From the corporate information integration of WeChat to corporate information, it can be seen that by entering 2018, corporate WeChat and its services have formed two distinctly different strategies.

If we say that WeChat is ready to help companies move toward efficient intelligent management of back-end data, then at this stage, they are more desirous of helping companies to do front-office assistance and assistance.


It is believed that there is still a large number of scenes that require machine assistance in enterprise management; and the company’s WeChat software is going back-end to data, it is based on WeChat having a large number of users, I believe. More customer communication is actually happening online.

We need to strengthen corporate synergy by extending the need for administrative, personnel, hospitality, etc. Wechat, from the aspects of business assistants, performance assistants, etc., is particularly suitable for the integration of information from the e-commerce retail sector.


Firmly cut internal services under common scenarios; WeChat currently looks attractive for external service scenarios.

It is believed that the initiators and short-term urgent needs of corporate collaboration come from the human executive department; the company's WeChat believes that it is the sales and customer service department.

The competition surrounding WeChat and nailing is still far from the end. Although, both want to do service tools for the entire enterprise scenario. However, at least from the current point of view, nailing people's understanding of the superior, and corporate WeChat's mastery of the customer is even more three-dimensional and complete.

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