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Mobile QQ is also down, a cool server to the server

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Whose server is the most terrible?

On the evening of May 7th, QQ suffered a large flashback. The main affected users were QQ users using Apple mobile phones. Tencent quickly repaired the problem. However, according to many netizens, although the flashback problem has been solved, many chat records and files have been lost. There are also many people who “talk about” under the mobile QQ official micromany: There are no chats with the previous four years, the newly written paper is gone, and tens of millions of contracts are gone... This little time Unrest affects many people's lives.

Unfortunately, I am one of the QQ users of Apple's mobile phone. However, the "good news" is that I haven't used QQ for a long time. The social relationship has been transferred to WeChat. The reason why QQ is only used to log in to certain websites is used. Therefore, this downtime incident has no effect on me.

Unexpectedly, on the evening of May 9, the mobile phone QQ encountered a bug again. After some users sent QQ messages, a red exclamation mark appeared and the message was actually sent successfully. The official explanation is that individual servers have experienced volatility, but netizens can't sit still. Various speculations have appeared and even the rumors that "QQ is going to close" have spread. The government conducted an emergency rumor, but the discussion on the matter did not end. After all, it was "QQ Tencent".


The situation of website server downtime occurs from time to time. When things are small, everyone vomits and the official apology passes. However, heavyweight products such as QQ are not so simple. Engineers are busy repairing bugs and public relations are busy arguing. In addition, they have started to work overtime (technical media editors have to stay up late writing).

The server downtime that could have caused such a big "panic" last time was still Baidu's search last year. The downtime lasted for half an hour and became the headline the next day. There is also Luhan’s love announcement on Weibo, which directly leads to hot search on Weibo. These common web sites have encountered downtime and indeed have an impact on our lives.

Let's talk about it today. Whose server is the worst?

Baidu search

No Jay found, thought he was blocked

On the evening of February 28, 2017, Baidu’s mobile search service experienced a half-hour failure, and several hundred million users responded in several ways: the speed was not good, the phone owed money, the phone was broken, and Baidu wanted other search engines. What is the URL of ...


This incident accurately demonstrated the sentence: Wait until you lose it before you know how to cherish it. During that time, Baidu was facing a lot of controversy. Many people shouted "Uninstall Baidu" and "Stay away from Baidu." But it was only half an hour that the Internet users in China realized that there was no Baidu. Have such a big impact.

The most tense, of course, hundreds of people, programmers emergency repairs, public relations fire. The reaction of other “friends” was also very interesting. Sogou took the opportunity to market and called on everyone to “try Sogou” 360 and talked about the security of search engines. The online leader also began to create: "No Jay Chou was found, thought he was banned," "I don't want Baidu to think about Baidu," and "I was searching for him, but he wasn't in the service area."... .


This actually reflects a problem: we still cannot leave the search engine.

The only problem this time was Baidu’s mobile search. According to Baidu's official response, it was hundreds of millions of searches that were missed in half an hour. We must know that in the mobile era, in fact, we have already transferred many activities to the App. The search engine's centralization has faded a lot, but even this has caused such a large social impact. Baidu is the largest Chinese search engine, and changing to other search engines may not necessarily cause such great attention. This matter is placed abroad, probably equivalent to Google search can not be used.

We are accustomed to what we do to search, no one will seriously note a few web sites. If the search engine cannot be used, it will almost return to the "classical Internet" era. Without a convenient entrance, the efficiency of browsing the web will be greatly reduced. For Internet users, search engine downtime is equivalent to a lack of information in all directions.


Feeling lost in the world

A Baidu search engine, there are other alternatives can be used, I am most afraid of is actually WeChat, because it has no alternatives. Similar fears I thought about the conflicts between Apple and WeChat. The conclusion is that I will not hesitate to abandon Apple and choose WeChat. Without Apple, I can still choose Android, and this is just a change in personal habits, and WeChat is related to a complex social relationship chain, I can not give up, but can not convince others to give up.

Has WeChat's service been downtime? Yes, more than once. In July 2013, domestic WeChat had a seven-hour downtime, which was allegedly caused by the construction team cutting off the cable. In the Spring Festival of 2014, WeChat launched the grabbing red envelope feature. Too many users also led to a small-scale downtime. In July 2016, WeChat appeared to be unable to login, unable to refresh messages and circle of friends, and could not open public articles.


To say that the influence of WeChat before may only be chat, we still have QQ to use, and then there is no phone. But now WeChat has gathered too many services, social networking, payment, news, shopping, games... WeChat has already had 1 billion monthly mobile users around the world, and has penetrated into every aspect of life in China. WeChat This opportunity will surely affect the normal life of many people.

I remembered a “false earthquake” incident that I experienced before. At that time, there was no WeChat. During the Spring Festival in 2010, there was a sudden online rumors that "Shanxi was going to quake." Many people did not sleep in the middle of the night and took their luggage and drove out to "escape." Afterwards, it was, of course, proven to be a rumor, and the stigmatizers were punished. However, it was actually very interesting to think about it. When false quake rumors appeared, the fastest-growing channel was the QQ at that time. In turn, on the occasion of everyone’s “danger,” instant messaging tools such as QQ gave us the most. warm. After talking about peace with their friends and relatives, the news in the QQ group can make our nervous hearts return to peace.

Imagine if the quake is true and the flight is true, it will be a terrible night.


Photo source: People's Network

The emergence of social tools has brought us convenience, but some events that have taken place over the years have made us start to watch out for the tremendous impact it has brought. The rumors just said, Facebook's user data breaches happened a few days ago and they all prove one thing: we are too dependent on social media. But like the “false earthquake” incident I experienced, this kind of dependence has both advantages and disadvantages. For users, choosing a social platform is not necessarily controllable by themselves. The overall direction must be a shift to a larger platform. As the platform itself, it needs to be known that "the greater the capacity, the greater the responsibility."

From small to big, big data leaks, social tools are not affordable for us.


Touchstone to measure popularity

Several times of Weibo are related to entertainment stars. One of the most influential moments is Luyi and Guan Xiaoyu's love affair. In addition to being riddled with melons, it is even more interesting to have a microblogging programmer fired by the incident. Because of the suddenness of the incident, microblogging programmer Ding Zhenkai had to take out his computer to work overtime at his wedding. While he was getting married, he was able to expand Weibo and could be said to be very dedicated.


Weibo is considered relatively easy. Because Weibo is an open content sharing platform, the ability to handle news hotspots is already prepared. For example, before the Spring Festival Gala started, there were already special people on Weibo and some bloggers who might publish fake songs. They communicated with each other. Everyone had nothing to do with it, but they only had one less platform for them to eat. Similar things happen too much and users are used to it.

Shared bike

Reason for getting late get

Isn't it important to share a bike? This is also an example of how to lose before you know how to cherish it. In the hottest period of sharing bicycles, it is indeed exposed a lot of problems, invaded the public areas, bad cars everywhere, waste of resources. Later, supervision began to strengthen, and restrictions on the number of places to put in, and the area to be put in, may make the overall industry condition more healthy. However, as an ordinary user, the sharing of bicycles is much less convenient. Take the 798 campus where our unit is located as an example. All shared bicycles are forbidden to enter and leave, leading people who ride bikes to commute to and from work must go a few hundred meters more each day. Well, if you're not careful, you'll be late.


Once shared in the 798 park

In addition to the strengthening of supervision, shared bicycles often suffer from downtime. For example, there were many problems sharing bicycle crashes last year. It was said that it was related to the design of smart locks and the stability of cloud services, leaving everyone with a reason to be late for a flight.……

However, compared to MTR, the impact of shared bicycle crashes is still much smaller. After all, there are more platforms to choose from, or you can choose other modes of transportation. From another point of view, however, the short-term opportunity may really undermine everyone's impression of a platform, and even “farewell to this”.

Take-away platform

Fatal moments for lazy cancer patients

Similar to the shared bicycle industry, the take-away platform is also often seen as a server downtime during the hottest period of development. The reason is nothing but a large increase in users, and the corresponding technology has not kept pace. Fortunately, this is only a take-away platform, and it will not affect the user's dining problems. The affected are those who are "lazy cancer patients."

To say the most terrible thing is that the server of the takeout platform has a problem on the weekend. Let me describe what happened at that time: In the morning, I went to bed at ten o'clock. I did not wash my face or brush my teeth. The original habit was to order a take-out, and then I happily got up, washed my face, played cell phones, and waited for a take-out. If the server of the takeout platform crashed at this time, The decision to go out to eat and hungry was a painful process. For lazy cancer patients, they do not want to see which company is monopolized by the take-away platform, or whether multiple options are better.


Image Source: Vision China

The deeper the impact of network services on us, the more we are afraid of server downtime. People's dependence on one thing sometimes exceeds their own imagination. Considering that there was not even a take-away App and shared bikes a few years ago, everyone could live a normal life, but if we suddenly let these services disappear, the impact on us is undoubtedly great. It is a law of natural development to enlarge and strengthen enterprises, but it is necessary to pay attention to improving the level of technology and responsibility accordingly. As an ordinary user, we'd better try new things and choose more than one way, so as not to be helpless when we encounter server downtime.

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