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Popular Science: Three Key Points You Didn't Pay Attention to in the "Lenovo 5G Standard Voting" Event

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First, what exactly does the organizer 3GPP come to?

Concept first, first come to Baidu Encyclopedia:

3GPP was established in December 1998 and a number of telecommunications standards organization partners signed the Third Generation Partnership Project Agreement. The scope of work of the 3GPP has since been improved, adding research and standards to the UTRA long-term evolution system. At present, ETSI in Europe, TIA in the United States, TTC in Japan, TTA in Korea, TTA in Korea, and CCSA in China serve as 6 OPs for 3GPP. At present, there are more than 300 independent members. In addition, 3GPP has 13 market partners (MRP) including TD-SCDMA Industry Alliance (TDIA), TD-SCDMA Forum, and CDMA Development Group (CDG).

Explained is that 3GPP is an industry association that has strong influence in the communications field on a global scale; as a result of its early establishment, the scope of membership covers almost the entire industry, and it basically serves as the status of “coordinating member conflicts, designating new regulations and agreements” in the industry. . This influence has continued from the 2G era to the current 4G, and the energy is generally visible.

You understand the origin of the situation

However, after all, netizens said that although the above-mentioned members may be in the monster level in each region, but we do not feel outside the industry. Let us give an example. In the period of 3G to 4G, 3GPP leads the way in supporting UMTS, and the only other association that has the opportunity to shake this association supports CDMA; now that you look at the situation of global telecommunications networks, you will know whether to win or lose.

To give a more superficial example, although all are 3G, 4G, 5G, but the various technologies and advantages are actually not the same. The final decision is to implement the unified plan, or to look at this conference. It's like having a table for dinner, some for sweet foods and some for hot foods, but in the end, Sichuan cuisine is still a dessert, and it depends on this meeting.

Second, the 5G standard vote is how to vote

Now that we understand 3GPP and see the 5G standard, everyone should be able to know the importance of this vote. Then the question came again. How did this vote go? As a matter of fact, such meetings are not the only ones we imagined to use. They are driven by technology and come from consensus-based processes open to all members.

The 3GPP members proposed different solutions and technologies through "proposals", and then the proposals were discussed publicly at the 3GPP meeting. Then, any member can object to a proposal at any time (that is, they can continue to discuss a proposal and alternative proposals outside the 3GPP meeting).

4G history iteration is a good reference

Finally, in the 3GPP technical reports and technical specifications, most of the content is the result of changes made by the 3GPP members on the basis of the original proposal. The process is full of discussions and consultations. For example, we look at various versions of 4G iterations.

Therefore, 5G will also experience iterations of the version, the process of testing and screening the optimal solution of the technology (everyone understands that the evolutionary process that is constantly being absorbed and resolved is more appropriate). In recent meetings, Chinese companies contributed to 3GPP's proposals on 5G, which accounted for 40% of all proposals.

Third, the 5G standard Polar short code program says

In the end, it is the core. Specific to Lenovo's vote: 5G standard Polar short code program vote. Where exactly this technology is used, it is also necessary to understand several classifications under 3GPP for 5G technology. At present, 5G defined by 3GPP is divided into 3 major scenarios:

1, eMBB: 3D/Ultra High DefinitionvideoSuch as high-volume mobile broadband services;

2, mMTC: large-scale Internet of things business;

3, URLLC: Need low delay, highly reliable connection business, such as unmanned vehicles.

The latter two are used in the Internet of Things (IoT) and vehicle networking technologies. In most scenes, including mobile cellular data, eMBBs are used, and the commercial value is even greater. Polar technology is a signal coding mode before data transmission in the eMBB scenario. In order to reduce the average code length and improve communication efficiency, the eMBB transmission coding is divided into long code and short code. That is, Lenovo explained that the "5G standard short code plan has been invested in the Polar, which is dominated by Huawei and other companies." The origin of the code.

The origin of the two specifications of long code and short code

Of course, we said in the previous article that there are natural benefits behind the technology. The details are as follows.

LDPC technology representatives are some American companies including Qualcomm

Polar technology representatives are some Chinese companies including Huawei

Turbo2.0 technology representatives are companies in some European countries including France.

So whoever voted for it basically represents the expression of the position of interest. Therefore, making choices in the formulation of such important industry regulations is particularly sensitive.

Of course, the previous article also stressed that the 3GPP "vote" is ultimately a technical transformation and upgrading, but also consider a single issue. So so far no scheme has been adopted for the transmission and control channels of the 5G standard eMBB. As for the comprehensive review of Lenovo’s “old news,” look at another article:Lenovo responded to the 5G standard vote: Old news in 2016 At that time, Huawei voted in favor

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