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Dismantling report: HUAWEI active noise reduction headset 3

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First, HUAWEI active noise earphone 3 open box

Packaging is the consistent style of HUAWEI, the white box with the product picture, the lower left corner has the noise reduction technology, the windproof silicon wheat and the USB Type-C interface diagram, the lower right corner "Hi-Res" small gold mark is obvious.

The product model: CM-Q3, the rated power of the horn is 10: 10mW, the maximum power of the horn is: 40mW, the impedance is 32 euros, the sensitivity of the speaker is 10: 101dB 1.5 / -3.5, the sensitivity of the microphone is: -42dB / -3dB, the working voltage is 3.3-5V, the working current is less than 100mA. only the Huawei Unicorn 970 platform mobile phone uses this product. Huawei Technology Co., Ltd.

Open the package. The position of the headset and the product diagram on the front side of the box are symmetrical. All the accessories inside are randomly distributed four sets of ear braces and three sets of earplugs.

The left and right headphones have the same line length. There is a wind noise microphone on the line connecting the right earphone (R), and the headset adopts the USB Type-C interface.

The front part is the volume button and the multi-function button.

The line control side is a noise reduction switch.

The back is simple, only "HUAWEI" LOGO.

Windproof Speech Microphone close-up.

Earphone close-up. There is a ANC Mic hole behind each headset.

The headphone audio tube is oval and has a metal dust screen.

One side of the headset has a pressure relief hole, which can release a certain amount of ear pressure and sound in the ear.

The back of the earphone is processed by circular wire drawing process.

The relief holes on the sides of the headphones can also be used to improve the low frequency effect of earphones.

Two, HUAWEI active noise reduction headset 3 disassembly

From the side of the key, you can see the three keys on the board, and the three buttons on the shell.

A conductive sponge underneath the board is just opposite to the location of the main chip to prevent electrostatic interference.

The outgoing line is tied by knotting and bunching. The chip on the side of the board is covered with metal shield.

One end of the plate connected to the USB Type-C interface is welded with 5 threads and sealed with glue.

One end of the two headphones is a wire harness made up of 12 wires, and the knot is sealed with glue.

The volume control button on the line control.

Jiangsu long power technology CJX3439K, double MOS tube.

Jiangsu Changdian science and technology CJX3439K detailed information.

Apart from the larger metal shield, a BES3101 immediately came into view.

I love the audio network to understand that the BES3101 series is the main control chip of the active noise reduction headset of Heng Xuan technology. It supports audio decoding of Hi-Res, and supports active noise reduction and USB Type-C digital audio input.

BES3101S detailed information.

Continue to disintegrate the earplugs. I love audio network comparison, found earplugs smaller than one yuan coins.

Open the back cover, each side has a noise reduction microphone.

HUAWEI active noise reduction headset 3 model CM-03's PCB version of the noise reduction microphone.

Next to the noise reduction microphone version, there is a group of woven damping materials.

The 13mm moving coil is a large moving coil in the earphone. I believe it can bring a strong bass effect.

Next, disassemble the USB Type-C plug section.

Sealed with hard glue, you can see that there is no PCB version, and 5 lines are connected directly to the wire terminal.

HUAWEI initiatively de-noising headphones 3 dismantling all family fortune.

Three. I love the summary of the audio network

1, the HUAWEI active noise reduction earphone 3 has a higher level of work in the mobile phone headset at the same price level. The wire is delicate, the texture is soft and it is not easy to knot.

2, HUAWEI active noise reduction headset 3 uses USB Type-C to transmit digital signals directly and decodes them by BES3101. It can play Hi-Res audio with high sampling rate, and the dynamic audio effect can be brought with the moving coil of 13mm.

3, the noise reduction function uses the USB Type-C interface to directly supply power, and eliminates the built-in battery, making the earphone lighter and more convenient.

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