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8848 mobile phone and million "monitor" Luo Yonghao subvert what?

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Author/Gu Quanjun

Coincidentally, Beijing, which had not been exposed to precipitation for a long time, ushered in a heavy rainstorm today. Many people called Lao Luo a “person for heaven elections,” and even more ridiculed: “I didn’t intimidate the audience yet, and I first intimidated God.”

Pulling away, let's take a look at what Luo Yonghao's "epic level of innovation" really is. Does it really scare people?

At 19:30, the time has come, and the conference has not yet begun. The daily operation of Hammer Technology: Redefining 7:30.

The conference has not yet begun. Let's talk about something else. Although the products are mixed, the security of Hammer Technology definitely deserves recognition. Until one minute before the start of the conference, there was still no clear-cut key message. Of course, confidentiality couldn’t escape the heart of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. This afternoon, it was suspected that the nuts R1 would be set on the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.websiteLog in.

However, the Hammer Section, which is habitually playing inversion, can play with the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The spy shots flow out for only one hour. On the website of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, “there is no such opportunity”.

19:47, Luo Yonghao finally came to power

"are you ready?"

First of all, Lao Luo expressed gratitude to the audience waiting in the rain and emphasized that "it is worth it because you are here to witness history."

Luo Yonghao first said: "All of China's live broadcast platforms have participated in the live broadcast, except that we do not allow live broadcasts." In this manual @ some evaluation agency...

As for the development of the hammer, Luo Yonghao summed up "modestly": "We think we will be different companies, but we did not expect it to be different."

19:51, first change the name

Luo Yonghao said that we have never called a "hammer phone," but Smartisian is too long, so everyone calls a hammer phone. Later, all our products, the Chinese name is called nut phone, the English name unchanged. ?

It seems that Mavericks such as Luo Yonghao cannot bear such a maverick name.

19:52, Lesser, first look at things

Without lengthy bedding, the nuts R1 debuted directly without "bangs," but was similar to Sharp's "beauty tip." In this regard, Luo Yonghao explained that "it is not the camera down, but the information on both sides." This explanation I give full marks, but in the end, it is not a perfect shaped screen.

The hammer's consistent post logo and fingerprint combo design have also been preserved.

The white version is still there, and Luo Yonghao still does not regret his pride: "Please allow me to speak personally. This must be the best white phone in the world."

For the problem of the border being a bit wide, Luo Yonghao chose to “open the topic” and said: “There are only two manufacturers in the world who don’t cheat on the map. One is Apple and the other is a hammer.”

In terms of appearance design, there are not many bright spots, and even Luo Luo’s sophistry is required to support the field.

19:59, configure the madman's big satisfaction

Xiaolong 845 is not absent, this is the flagship's standard. Luo Yonghao showed his running points with “rare” and scored 270,000+, which was regarded as not disappointing this top chip.

Luo Yonghao, who was in our past impressions, has always been contemptuous of running points. This time he still insists on his own point of view: running points is boring. However, this time there was emboldenedness: "We must be the first to be happy to say running points is boring."

On the screen, it is still the "Almost" full screen, P3 wide color gamut is a bright spot, and support for pressure-sensitive screen. Big Bang and Shin Yang capsules are also combined with pressure-sensitive screens.

It is still the configuration link, R1 supports QC 4.0 fast charge, an hour can be filled with 90% of the power, and the glass body also supports wireless fast charge.

20:05, "I have no female powder

Came to the photo session, Luo Yonghao also admitted that this is a short board in the past hammer mobile phone (now the change to the call nut phone), but after showing a proofs, there is no more introduction.

Come to the front link, is still the main beauty. Luo Yonghao said: “I never take a selfie. I have no female fans. Maybe someone has to ask, Dragon is not a female fan? Look down on people. I am a fan of Long Hao.”

In terms of games, R1 did not say that multi-thread optimization, but support the TV OUT function, you can output the picture to the TV.

The release rhythm is very fast and has now begun to summarize. This is the full feature of R1 as of now:

As for the price, the conference did not say yet, but we have Jingdong teammates: 6+64 GB at 3499 yuan, 6+128 GB at 3999 yuan, 8+128 GB at 4499 yuan, and you are most concerned about: 8+1TB 8848 yuan.

This is the belief that you don't have enough money to look at you.

20:10, the highlight came

"I'm a little excited." Luo Yonghao used this sentence to begin the highlight of today’s conference, which is the legendary “Revolution 1”. Luo Yonghao said that this was a gift presented by Hammer Technology for six years.

Luo Yonghao summed it up as: "Re-define the next decade of personal computers."

This "change the world" device in Luo Yonghao's mouth is an all-in-one PC.

Its real thing is the "kernel":


"We provide a complete interface, not like some companies, you have to pick what you have to buy a bunch of patch cords, this bunch of grandchildren." Continue to manually @ Cook.

Although "not necessary", but still provide a mouse and keyboard, "But I believe we will throw away the mouse and keyboard after we are familiar with, we just want to change the life of the mouse and keyboard."

The game, support mouse keyboard, handle, mobile phone, touch a variety of ways to manipulate.

As for the significance of this device, the first question is why Hammer Technology has to be a computer. Luo Yonghao explained that VR/ARs will take at least a decade. We still need computer equipment. So we decided to lead this decade,


For the current environment of the PC industry, Luo Yonghao concluded: “The reason why it is becoming a sunset industry is that it is still standing still. There is no need for people to change.”

20:24, the interactive mode of the times

"The equipment of the next era will require the interaction of the next era."


This "inter-time interaction" consists of three major functions:

1. TNT: Touch and Talk

For the current artificial intelligence assistant, Luo Yonghao said: "Many people need to make gestures to communicate with each other. Siri and imitators were wrong in the beginning."


"Pointing" is an important part of human interaction, and this is the policy Steve Jobs once firmly believed. Determined to "acquisition" Apple's Hammer Branch, naturally it will also be a long-established skill to control foreigners.

The next step was a live demonstration. Old Luo also had some shortcomings. He told everyone that if it fails, don't get up and there is something shameful and shouting “Long live understanding!”

Well, we all understand.

Demo session begins: face recognition function, success.

Open various apps and succeed. However, Catton appeared on the file manager and Weibo. Lao Luo continued to understand Long live.

The first demonstration of TNT function: "Close the other (press and hold Weibo, close all other applications)" and succeed.

Voice input function, success.

TNT continued to demonstrate that this time it was a demonstration of the office software Excel. At the beginning, it continued to “understand Long live”. After entering two sets of numbers, a bug appeared and the voice input was invalid.

The old Luo of Luo also re-demonstrated again and this time finally succeeded. From the input of speech to the summation operation of “press and hold”, the significance of the TNT function has finally been demonstrated.

Next is the PPT. The old Luo introduced that TNT can dramatically improve work efficiency. Through the scene's demonstration, holding down a group of texts can modify the attributes such as font size, color, and font through voice. In addition to voice, there is a scroll wheel that shows the final result in real time.


The following various demonstrations are also based on the logic of “press and hold”, which can quickly modify animation and other settings.

As for the rationality of TNT, Lao Luo concluded that: “The possibility of voice input instructions is too high, and pointing will greatly reduce this possibility.”

Of course, this demonstration is somewhat awkward. Luo Yonghao also expressed his apologies to the partners.

2. Crystal Ball Crystal Ball

As the name suggests, this function is "predicting the future."

For some repetitive operations, Luo Yonghao said: "Sometimes, artificial intelligence is not required. Software product managers should predict what you want to do."

The crystal ball will help you predict the five kinds of focus operations that you need to do next, list them next, and choose from them.


For example, insert a picture, the system will help you to complete the map and other operations, or create an Excel table, will automatically list the types of content.

The combination of crystal ball and flash capsules, if you need to create a slide, then the crystal ball will recognize the words in Flash Capsule, and search for pictures on the Internet in advance to save it for your choice. Luo Yonghao said this can increase the efficiency of 1400% slide production. How did this number come from?

"Risked with life, we also have to demonstrate a wave of live demonstrations." Luo Yonghao has gone from guilty conscience to self-deprecation.


According to the results of the live demonstration, the crystal ball will recognize the text in the Flash Capsule, and then automatically generate a set of slides according to the theme. Although simple, the overall style is simple and uniform. Of course, you can also continue to use the prediction function of the crystal ball to modify it.

Although this demonstration is relatively smooth, but the audience may not understand the usefulness of it a bit, on-site response in general, applause is also sparse.

Nuts also launched its own Office suite. Yongzhong Software is a partner. Of course, it is not yet completed and the final version will take time.

3. Poker Dealer Dealer

This time is the life of the browser and search engine. Luo Yonghao still describes it as a "dramatic increase."

In a word, when you search for a keyword, it will directly open a variety of search engines, which you need to click. And the search engine corresponds to the content, such as a search book, Jingdong,AmazonA song will appear QQ music, cool dog music.

Of course, PC is after all an "out of date" device. Luo Yonghao also said that someone reminded him: "The era of Luo Ge has changed. Now we do not use PCs, we use WeChat, nails, and you are late."

And Luo Yonghao's answer is a "sub-era" communication software: Bullet Messager, Luo Yonghao is particularly excited to say: "If the demonstration does not fail, you will collapse."

Do not need to install the other party, voice input, click on the contact to send.

The scene was too smooth. Luo Yonghao was not used to it. "If you show off again, I will not believe it."


Next is the combination of TNT and Bullet Messanger. Unread information will be listed in full and “press and hold” to locate and reply.

The application of group chat will list the group chat itself and all the people in the group, as well as "hold and speak" to locate and reply. There are also functions to select specific people to reply, and to “settle” the avatar together to build a group.

At this point, this "revolutionary" device was introduced.

Oh yeah, remind me: This device is actually a docking station and needs to be connected to the phone for use.

Luo Yonghao’s confidence is undiminished: “These three systematic interactive solutions will guide the design of human computing platforms in the next decade or even decades. Even if the transition to the AR/VR era occurs within a decade, its interaction remains. It will become the basic interaction.” Luo Yonghao also compared it with Watt's steam engine, which leads the advancement of human civilization.

21:25, look at the price and sit tight

"I always hope that science and technology will change the world rather than earn a few stinky money." Putting on both sides of the propaganda film, Lao Luo returned to the stage. First of all, he still paid tribute to Jobs.

"The hammer has not been done for six years. Where does the superiority of your hammer powder come from?" Lao Luo said that since he started business, the most distressing thing is hammer powder.

As for Hammer Technology, a small company, why should such "adventure" be done instead of seeking steady profits? Luo Yonghao quoted the story of the inventor of the aircraft. "A little sacrifice is necessary."

By the time the price was announced (of course, the work had already been said), Luo Yonghao first threw out a 1TB version. At this point, the significance of this huge capacity has finally become clear. It is actually a desktop device.

For the TNT workstation equipment, the price is enough for the workstation: the price of a single dock is 9999 yuan, and the two-in-one version launched at the end of the year is 14,999 yuan.

However, only reservations are accepted today and they will not be released until three months later.

Finally, Luo Yonghao also painted a pie. One of the partners of Hammerco.com is an eye tracking technology company. This technology will be launched on the workstation next year.

And, Luo Yonghao announced that the site was full of people, which is the world's largest number of participants in a technology conference, smoothly breaking the Guinness Book of Records.

Here, this conference, which claims to be able to "witness history and lead the world revolution," is all over. Luo Yonghao's leather has not blown? In the end can Hammer Section become? Let the actual sales tell us the answer.

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