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The first private rocket "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" will be launched tomorrow, aiming to become a space company Huawei.

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Chongqing's Liangjiang Star "is launched tomorrow. Chongqing Morning Post

First flight commemorative badge full of Chongqing elements

At 5 pm on May 15th, after a two-hour flight plus a two-hour drive, the reporter arrived at a media station near a base in northwestern China. It is understood that the resident is about 20 minutes away from the launch site of the "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" rocket.

At the resident, the staff of Zero Space provided special commemorative badges for the first rockets for guests and media reporters who came to the scene. In addition to the rocket's shape, the badge also contains the words "Chongqing Two Rivers Stars First Flight Memorial".

The design of this badge is a 90-year-old Chongqing sister. The 24-year-old Huang Hui is a native of Zhongxian County, Chongqing. He graduated from the Industrial Design Department of Ocean University of China. In March this year, he joined the Chongqing Zero Space team as design work. Huang Hui said that this emblem had her final design completed after a few drafts. “The intersection of the rocket and the planet’s orbit constitutes the X-letter. This is also the model of the first rocket. In addition to the text of Chongqing’s two rivers, the uppermost wall pattern It also symbolizes the mountain city of Chongqing."

The reporter also inquired that there are plans to use the recovered wreckage to design related souvenirs. "This is not only the first flight of the privately-run self-research rocket, but also the Chongqing Rockets' first flight to the sky. It is very memorable."

First rocket memorial badge. Chongqing Morning News

Today will be on the spot to the real face of the rocket

The newspaper previously reported the conceptual map of the "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" rocket. The rocket logo is composed of the "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" alphabet, pinyin abbreviation, and a two-part curve pattern surrounding the text. The Chongqing element is very strong. But what exactly is a real rocket? Today, this mystery is about to be announced.

It is understood that the first flight of the "Chongqing Two Rivers Stars" together with 10 top domestic colleges and universities in the aerospace category, as well as the "flight alliance" logo. According to the itinerary, this morning, representatives from ten colleges and universities will mark the rockets at the launch site, and will also conduct media spotlights in the afternoon. This also means that the true face of the "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" rocket will be exposed for the first time.

The reporter also inquired that the first flight time of the "Chongqing Liangjiang Star" was initially scheduled for the morning of May 17th. "The weather is not bad these days. Visibility is relatively high. If there is no accident, it should be suitable for rocket launch."

Entertainment Circle “Investing in a Brother” Sees the First Flight

The first flight of the space rocket also invited a number of investors to the site to visit and launch. One of the investors was Mr. Ren Quan, a well-known actor who had fashioned classic characters such as "Kung-sun strategy" in "Youth Baoqingtian."

In July 2014, Ren Quan and Li Bingbing and Huang Xiaoming established the Star VC, a venture capital institution. In October 2015, the famous actors Zhang Ziyi and Huang Hao joined Star VC and became new partners. Ren Quan also founded the hot hot pot brand, and the shareholders include Huang Wei, He Wei, Jing Boran and other stars. For a time, Ren Quan was also hailed as the person most likely to invest in the entertainment industry.

In March 2016, Ren Quan officially announced that he had withdrawn from the entertainment industry. Since then, he has focused on the investment field and soon became a well-known investor in the industry. During the year when Star VC was established, it has invested in star projects such as science and technology, Handu clothing, and smart projection of nuts. Most of these projects have become explosion models.

After investing in this space, Ren Quan, an investor with its own traffic attributes, will have an impact on the private aerospace field in Chongqing. The reporter will remain concerned.

Aspect: Zero-size space was also questioned in the early days of its establishment CEO Shu Chang: To be Huawei in the space industry

From the creation of the team to the rocket’s first flight, it took less than three years to complete the space. However, as the “first person to eat crabs” after the liberalization of the market in the civil aerospace field, the zero space was questioned at the beginning of its establishment and was considered to be a daydreaming.

Has been questioned by netizens "daydreaming"

Zero-Space CEO Shu Chang said that after the country opened the space sector market in 2015, he had planned to invest in space companies. However, he did not find a suitable one for a year, so he decided to do it himself.

Shu Chang said that on December 24th of that year, Zero Space had got the first financing, with a scale of more than 10 million yuan, and built a professional team. However, doubts have also surfaced since then. Especially in a well-known online community, more people posted that "10 million want to build a rocket, I am afraid it is a dream day."

"I went to see that post, but did not reply and argue, but rather calm." Shu Chang said that for entrepreneurs, I am afraid that 95% of people say that it is impossible, especially for such a special area of ​​space. "I also know that only 10 million of them cannot make rockets, but everything needs a process."

"At that time, although China's space industry was open, it was also confused. There are many things that can be done. Some people support satellites. Some people want to do rockets." Shu Chang said that at the beginning of his career, he had a big framework. Do rockets, mainly for the launch of microsatellites. After the establishment of the company, the team members had numerous discussions and demonstrations, and finally determined the current direction and positioning: The core of the business is the transportation rocket.

Another way to establish a supply chain system

After determining the core of the business, zero-star space has encountered new challenges. Shu Chang said that to build rockets, it is necessary to build engines and flight control modules. However, these two items were not found in private markets before. Buying them from the “national team” may not be able to buy them. They can only do things themselves, and the “supply chain” has become a big problem.

Shu Chang said that by learning SpaceX's experience, he discovered that SpaceX gradually avoided the traditional suppliers and established its own supply chain system during the engine's R&D process. Therefore, he also determined the supply chain construction goal of zero-defect space - more than 80% must be the supply chain of non-aerospace companies, more than 60% must be private enterprises, only a few products that are very marketable, then 20% will choose Give priority to cooperation with some mature space companies.

"For the question of whether or not the structural product meets the rocket's requirements, it may be OK to do a set of drawings in the mature supply chain system. But we have to do three sets, and two sets are used for testing." At the beginning, this process took a considerable part of the cost. This is undoubtedly very difficult for the newly established company,” recalls Shu Chang.

However, this kind of effort also results in gains. On December 22, 2017, the test drive of the X series rocket engine was successful.

To be a private space company Huawei

The successful commissioning means that Chinese private companies also have mastered one of the core technologies developed by rockets: solid rocket motor technology. It also means that Zero Space has become the first domestic private enterprise to master this technology.

“I’ve been returning to Zhizhi this year to see that post. At that time, the posting person sent another post. The general idea is that if he withdraws back then, he also expressed appreciation and support for our company’s behavior. I hope we will continue to work hard.” Say, many people have changed their attitudes today.

Shu Chang said that zero-night space is now being laid out in Beijing and Chongqing. This is another step for future development. “Beijing is mainly a research and development team, and Chongqing is the main product for production and assembly. It has achieved very good complementarities.” Shu Chang said that the reason for choosing to settle in Chongqing is that, besides a good industrial foundation, the Chongqing government level is more important to the aerospace industry. , Paying attention to their company, “We want to be a company like Huawei, and that is to work hard and do a particularly good job of technology. In some segments, we can become an advantage in China and internationally. enterprise."

(Original title: China's first self-developed commercial rocket researcher? Chongqing Chongqing Morning Post reporter today spot; "Chongqing two rivers" rocket launch tomorrow)

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