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From mobile phone to computer, can Luo Yonghao lead the technology of hammer into a bright future?

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Wen / mailin Michael

In May 15, 2018, in the majestic heavy rain, Luo Yonghao opened the hammer technology conference to the Beijing bird's nest. In addition to the release of the flagship nut R1 of the high pass 845 processor, it was released before the launch.

Three years after the launch of the first iphone, Apple launched the landmark iPhone 4 in 2010, the peak of Apple's innovation that brought the iphone to the altar and the fourth year after the hammer's T1 release. Smartisan has also launched an innovative nut TNT workstation. In my opinion, the Nut TNT voice touch model, even though it is a bit too popular to call it a second-generation computer, is called

First, nuts TNT workstation brings hammer products and financing opportunities.

Innovation is a particularly difficult task. It is easy to be ahead of the list, and only the first half can succeed. The soil for innovation in China is even poorer. The huge population market makes entrepreneurs crave for models and products just like sharks in the sea yearn for blood donation. Once they find open markets and models, entrepreneurs flock. So half step of functional innovation may not be suitable in China, we can see that the mobile phone industry is mostly software and hardware integration innovation, only in this way can resist the fierce competition in the industry.

It was in this context that the nut TNT workstation was born, and we can see that nut TNT is not like a Smartisan OS just an update to the details of software. But with the aid of hardware innovation, software innovation as a whole subversive innovative solutions. In order to liberate hands and improve working efficiency by using highly sensitive touch control speech recognition, nut TNT workstation is a soft and hard solution in nature, which can be combined with nut TNT workstation hardware at the same time. This is the current PC PC office or mobile phone / pad office can not do an upgrade operation.

In terms of R & D concept, nut TNT workstation and Surface Studio have the same idea, that is, to solve the problem of improving the efficiency of market segments. The difference is that nut TNT workstations focus on young white-collar workers who have more tube meals, rather than Surface Studio just focusing on more subdivided users, such as creative artists and artists.


From the point of view of machine development, the release of nuts TNT workstation has two important opportunities and possibilities for hammer technology.

Product level

At the product level, Nut TNT workstations offer very different solutions to different PC computers, and voice tactile modes of operation have brought about a new upgrade in the way computers interact. This has given PC computers a slightly different direction of evolution, and nut TNT workstations are certainly one of the best options for users eager to improve their productivity.

The price of 9999 yuan from the price is no doubt more cost-effective than the Surface Studio price of more than 30, 000 yuan. At the press conference, I was very excited to see Luo Yonghao demonstrate the product. The operating mode of voice touch enabled me to see a new choice in addition to the handmade PC and the handmade PC.

At the same time, the nut TNT workstation allows the hammer technology to open a new blue sea market outside the mobile phone industry. In addition to surface studio, IMAC and other international enterprises, there are almost no competition from domestic companies, and the hammer technology has been able to work in a new market and have a chance to gain more. Ability. No matter the cheer of the users or the reaction of the media after the meeting, the nut TNT workstation is undoubtedly a successful work.

Financing level

For hammer technology, the hammer is currently only financing 1 billion 400 million yuan, while millet has now financing 1 billion 581 million dollars, the amount of financing is 7.14 times the hammer technology. Hammer technology has also been issued many times capital chain tension, so for hammer technology, financing needs to continue.

And Smartisan in the mobile phone industry has been difficult to change the pattern, can only hope in the new industry, this is what Luo Yonghao said

Two, the potential risk of a nut TNT workstation

For all highly innovative new products, both opportunities and risks are coexistence, and the greater the opportunity, the greater the risk. We told the TNT workstation on the new product level of the hammer technology, and the risk of nut TNT is also not small.

1, short time sales may not be too high. Nutty TNT workstation is destined to sell only one piece of cell phone. First of all, the market is more subdivided. Only users with great efficiency will choose to buy. In addition, the price of up to 9999 yuan is still an alternative in China's Diao silk market, and the more important product is not yet to be produced. The product will be sold in real market from August 15th. Our sales of Surface Studio may be more intuitive, Microsoft's same type of product in 2017 Q1 sales of 10 thousand units per month, so the nut TNT workstation is doomed not to be the amount of victory.

2, whether can change the consumer habit of the user. Nut TNT workstations are controlled by tactile voice to maximize productivity, but this is a reversal of the traditional keyboard input mode. Changing users' habits is extremely difficult. The iPad has invented new devices with minimal touch control, but for nut TNT workstations, the cost of learning is undoubtedly higher than pure touch or pure voice, and needs to be nurtured and formed. Otherwise, it will affect the development of products. Of course, such touch products are attractive to older users and may be a breakthrough for segments of the population.

3, whether we can build suitable scenarios for users. The work mode of the nut TNT workstation is doomed to not be used in the existing work situation, which requires setting up the use scene for the user, only in this way can we excavate the user's use habits and use the scene, as WeChat pays with the aid of the Spring Festival red packet scene, the use of the scene is the nut TNT workstation. The key to the type of product burst. For example, in a more private environment or in an independent office environment.

For nut TNT workstations, continuous product iterations are needed, and product iterations are more dependent on user and frequency. If the amount of users is concentrated in a very subdivided area, the iteration of the follow-up product will undoubtedly be affected by the hammer technology. After all, hammer technology is still a small manufacturer, and it is not as good as apple. Big manufacturers like Guo and Microsoft can do more and more long-term strategic layout.

Three, the possibility of Luo Yonghao's iteration is the key to the development of hammer technology.

17 years ago, 17 years ago, Luo Yonghao, a young man from Yanbian in Jilin in 2001, became an English teacher in New Orient with his own English and a cover letter, and then quickly became a highly influential red man. Whether it becomes a red man or a famous teacher, or the birth of hammer technology is in essence the aid of Luo Yonghao's expressive power. Although Luo Yonghao had a multifaceted accumulation of product design and marketing in the creation of hammer technology, the most fundamental was his ability to speak, and the adherence and integrity of an idealist that he conveyed.

At the beginning of Smartisan, due to the lack of resources and the low expectations of the mobile phone industry threshold, Luo Yonghao took

Also let Luo Yonghao's comments and releases of any of the products become highly controversial and subject, and let the hammer technology brand become a highly controversial existence, and the hammer technology M series and pro series products, despite the great improvement compared to the T1, still fail to produce enough amazes or subverts. Sex products, so the storm brought by Luo Yonghao will continue.

At the same time, from the marketing point of view, the marketing of hammer technology is a company that is comparable to apple in the mobile phone industry, but there is no good management user expectation in marketing. The high expectations of the hammer technology marketing give the user high expectations for the product, and the expectation of the actual product release will also be expected. Higher, it is difficult to achieve super expected user perception, naturally will make some senior users do not buy it. It's like if you tell the user to drink Moutai to him, it's actually also for Moutai users, but if you tell users to drink water and actually give users Moutai, users will have a far more than expected experience to trigger the broadcast. The management of user expectations is far more important than producing a good product.

But from the new product of the nut TNT workstation, we have seen that hammer technology is different from other mobile manufacturer's product innovation. This innovation really caters to the increasingly lazy habits of the users, but it is still not enough for Luo Yonghao and hammer technology, and the hammer technology needs to continue to continue. It is possible for the generation to get better development.


1, Luo Yonghao from the aesthetic to the realization of the product to the ground. The hammer technology product iteration itself is based on Luo Yonghao's personal beauty, so we can see whether the T series or nuts pro, nut R1, nut TNT are essentially the embodiment of Luo Yonghao's aesthetic, and we can also see the surprise appearance from T1 and T2, and we can also see the soft from the nut TNT. Hard and integrated innovation, but this is not enough, the hammer urgently needs a product that is really similar to iPhone4 in terms of Luo Yonghao's aesthetic products to the ground, aesthetic is a thousand people, but business is just the result, nut TNT will be the hammer's iPhone4?

2, Luo Yonghao's iteration from marketing to growth. Luo Yonghao is the strongest marketing person in the mobile phone industry in China, even the marketing of the hammer is comparable to that of apple, but because of the high marketing expectations that lead to sales and business growth not as significant as the marketing value, Luo Yonghao needs to carry out the balance between the two, even in the marketing. On the other hand, the quality of the product is much higher than that of the user, and it is more helpful to the growth of the product. However, the hammer technology marketing has been successful, and it also sells the expectation of marketing in the hammer technology.

3, fans from spiritual identity to product iteration. Hammer technology from the beginning of development is Luo powder to the present a large part of hammer powder has a certain foundation in product identification, but this is not enough. Luo Yonghao has 14 million 640 thousand fans, all of which are highly recognized by Luo Yonghao's idealism, because he has something that quite a few people want but can't do or can't do. This spiritual identity is a very terrible religion, but now the hammer of the hammer has only transformed the 1/10. (with two micro-blog fans roughly synchronized).

Luo Yonghao is the most important asset of the hammer technology, built hammer technology with his own power, and then introduced a number of senior executives such as Wu Dezhou and Miao Ying, but the possibility of hammer technology should not be the way it appears at present.


In the early morning of May 15th, in the bird's nest in Beijing, Luo Yonghao asked his colleagues to project the completed Keynote on a large screen. Every copy, the shade of the picture, the saturation of color, the light of the scene, and so on were tested. From the point of view, Luo Yonghao and Jobs were all the same to the press conference. Product research and development newspaper has strong paranoia and has a strong perception of products. But hammer technology has only just crossed the line of life and death. For an outstanding team under the leadership of an extremely bigoted leader, the development of hammer technology is only a matter of time.

Still remember what Luo Yonghao once said: it is possible to make clean money by making clean money. I haven't seen so many companies at present. I hope hammer technology can be one of them.

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