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Nintendo brings the "evil wind and evil spirit" of the engraving game, but why does it only sell it?

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Think carefully about what you are pursuing.

The video games set off a "gust of wind".

In July 2016, Nintendo sold the NES Classic Edition version of the NES game machine, which had been issued in 1985, and sold out as soon as it was launched. The $60 official, which is officially sold for $60, is almost $300 in the Amazon platform, and can almost buy a 1TB version of Play Station 4, but it still doesn't stop people. Soon after, the Famicom Mini (FC Mini) mainframe engraving machine is also hard to find after sale.


A year later, the classic Super Famicom (SFC) was also engraved by Nintendo, called Super Famicom Mini (for short, SFC Mini), still reduced volume, and built in 21 classic games, and joined the first flight game "star Firefox 2" that had not been officially sold as an egg, causing an old player. Our passion for buying. The prototype was originally priced at $79.99, and the Amazon platform was also sold to $192 at the hottest stage.


In May this year, Nintendo announced again that it would re - sell the mini FC game machine in June 28th, as still as 2016, but this time also launched a JUMP 50th anniversary version of the special mini FC host, attracting many old players' eyeballs.


The so-called "recovery," the popular saying is to copy a brand once the landmark products, retain the taste of the once, and contain new things, and with a wave of Nintendo back to the ancient offensive, a game between the "marathon" between the start of the "marathon".

Can it really make money?

Before Nintendo, few companies were concerned about the game of repeated engraving.

In the changing trend of the game industry, more and more people are pursuing more top-level game functions to experience better game pictures and cooler games, like the general rule of consumer electronics, "buy new and not buy old". Better configuration, update design, and better game performance are all willing to follow up. The latest game machine, play the latest game.

orgsrc=https://images2018.cnblogs.com/news/66372/201805/66372-20180517180605643-2103232560.jpgPlayStation platform, the latest masterpiece, Ares brings enough immersion to the players.

In comparison, the video game machine looks incompatible: it has no excellent 3D, no super immersive game experience, even a lack of Internet warfare, and the sound effect is not good enough to stay in the stage of chip music made by the 8-Bit age emulator. Anyone who listens to his ears can feel the smell of "antique" when he looks at it.


But the strategy of Nintendo's recovery was miraculously successful. In 2016, sales of NES Classic Edition and Famicom Mini sales received a good harvest. In May 2017, Nintendo announced the two.Total global sales reached 1 million 500 thousandIt even exceeded the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One hosts in that month.

This success is further extended to Super Famicom Mini, and only less than half a year, Nintendo Super Famicom Mini global sales breakthrough 4 million, if a success is accidental, then the same strategy for the two successive success, is absolutely a stimulus to other manufacturers, since the old game and the game is taken out The game can make money like that. Why not try it?

So in April 2018, Jadali, a "antique" game maker for years of ancient times, also officially announced the introduction of the classic Atari 2600 version Atari VCS, which came out from 2017 and announced the name on GDC only a year later. It built up 120 old games, carrying wireless retro handles, price Between $249-299, it became a "TV box" in the eyes of fans, coupled with the painful lessons of the yadali decline on the game industry, so game fans and the media did not look at its sales.


Also in April 2018, the game company SNK announced plans to launch the Neo Geo Mini remark host celebration company to set up 40th anniversary, the shape uses the small time played arcade modeling, but the mini, can be operated with rocker and keystroke, also support the use of the game handle convenient operation, although the price is unknown, but because of the unknown price, but because of the built-in color Color screen, the outside speculated that the price is likely to be more expensive than Nintendo re engraving game.


Most typically in April 2018, SEGA, who had been competing with Nintendo, announced the launch of the MD Mega Drive, 15 classic Sega games, and the familiar "sonic child" hedgehog Sonic also included. However, due to the compatibility and delay of the host computer, sales of the game console failed after the official launch of the game.

Since they are all re engraved game players carrying their own old games, why can Nintendo succeed in selling, but other manufacturers are struggling? In other words, why do you only find the tricks of Nintendo when you repeat your product to get the old player to pay?

The remark is not just a feeling

In the case of retro game, Nintendo may be the most accurate manufacturer of the right place, right place and right people.

In 2016, for example, NES Classic Edition, in 2016, Nintendo host Wii U sales were weak, and there were not too many new things on 3DS and 2DS, and Nintendo fans were naturally nostalgic to see such a product. Those who used to play these games machines arrived at the time when they could afford to consume these products, so naturally they could help boost sales.

In the choice of the once NES reprinting, Nintendo has made a big "lean" to the original volume, with the same appearance, but eventually a smaller scale. At the same time, the machine still retains the same look and feel as the 1985 version. This kind of pure reduction attitude enables the old players to be moved. But at the same time, the machine joined the HDMI and Micro-USB interface in accordance with the times, which complied with the needs of the players and made innovations.

orgsrc=https://images2018.cnblogs.com/news/66372/201805/66372-20180517180605912-1280970540.jpgPictures come fromPolygon

But on the most important point, 30 classic games built in the game, from "big diamond" to "Mario brothers", from "two truncated dragon 2: Revenge" to "the legend of Zelda", each of which is almost a game that has brought millions of people to joy in childhood and once again attempts to find a lot of familiar tastes. The official also attaches to the function of instant archiving, making such nostalgia more readily available, which is the right place.


The old generation of players who had been deeply affected saw Nintendo come up with such a good faith video game machine, selling only $60, how not to be excited and excited. Even if he had spent his childhood, not playing games every day, it was a worthwhile collection of products, plus real experience as much as possible to restore the feeling of small times. The volume of natural water is rising.

In addition, because Nintendo has produced many classic first party games in the age of the red and white machine, these games are very playable themselves. You may have already played the super Mario brothers, but can you use the fastest speed clearance? Have you ever tried new ways to increase the difficulty of challenge? All these make the game continue to glow and heat, and make the old gamers willing to spend money.

Not only that, from 2016 to 2018, three years of time to launch the game of repeated engraving machine coincided with the market demand for Nintendo. In 2016, the main engine was preheated to make up for the shortage of new products. In 2017, Nintendo Switch was listed, and the combination of video game machine and new product was appeasing when the output of NS model was insufficient. In 2018, after seeing the praise and ardent demand of the players, the players were reopened so that players could find their feelings again. You will find that every time Nintendo has made good expectations and product planning for the game engraving.


By contrast, other manufacturers may not have seen this. Repetition is their means and their purpose.

Sega introduced the MD retro mainframe, the handle uses the wireless connection mode with the battery, will even cause the delay in the old game, affects the game operation, in some games, the picture occasionally appears the Catton unfavorable situation. The Neo Geo Mini, which makes the gaming experience look small and cute, may have decided that the console won't end up being popular. As for Atari, after announcing that it would have built in the old classic games, Veteran gamers will still recall the large number of shoddy third-party games that led to Yadali's failure, and a further $200 does not seem to be acceptable to many.

In a way, we see that Nintendo's success on reetched consoles depends on reasonable pricing, the right user base, and the right reality. But if we go deeper, the important reason we can see is that in the Western game culture, classic game consoles have an eternal imprint, and it's not just a way of evoking good memories. It's also a way to find fun, like a game culture like cards, which is, in a way, something of a solitaire in Nintendo's retake game.

Technology retro is another kind of cool, in many people's view, the so-called "reetch" is to make money, but without the real hidden in the deeper things, people will not buy.

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