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19987 years of Yang Yuanqing: the most popular foreign company is HP

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(Yang Yuanqing at the 2008 Global Economic Forum Annual Meeting)

This article was written in 1997.

Wen/Liu Ren and Zhang Yongjie

Source: "Knowledge Heroes" / 1998


(published in 1998)

Yang Yuanqing, born on November 12, 1964, from Zhejiang. Lenovo Group Vice President and General Manager of Lenovo Computer Corporation. Experts who enjoy special government allowances.

He graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong University in 1986 and obtained a master's degree in computer science from China University of Science and Technology in 1988. In the same year, he applied to Lenovo.

In 1991, he served as general manager of Lenovo's CAD department. In 1994, he served as general manager of the Lenovo Group Microcomputer Division.

Lenovo PC led by Yang Yuanqing ranked first in 1996. It broke the domestic PC market over the years and was topped by foreign brands, establishing the confidence and determination of Chinese brand PCs to dominate the Chinese market.

Yang Yuanqing has won the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Outstanding Youth Award", "Capital Youth" "Technology Entrepreneur Star" award, the second "China Outstanding Youth Technology Venture Award".

There are fierce differences with many teenage talentsAt the age of 33, he took the position of Yang Yuanqing, vice president of Lenovo Group and General Manager of the Department of Corporate Planning. At the beginning of joining Lenovo, he did not expect to have such an achievement today.

At the beginning of 1989, Yang Yuanqing dedicated to Lenovo because he had to find a job after graduating from a post-graduate student at the China University of Science and Technology, and his experience in doing research at the Institute made him less interested in research in the Institute. It happened to coincide with Lenovo’s first time. Publicly recruiting employees from the society, Yang Yuanqing embraced the company to do R&D, and the idea of ​​waiting for an opportunity to go abroad came to Lenovo. At that time, going abroad was a sign of the most powerful youth.

Sun's workstation is not successful

But what Lenovo needs most at this time is not R&D personnel, but excellent marketing personnel, so Yang Yuanqing is assigned to sell Sun's workstations.

Today (editor's note: 1997), Yang Yuanqing as a winner made it frank: “It is awkward to say, when Sun’s workstations were not sold very successfully. The product we represent is not a good product. It is Sun's only workstation that uses the Intel386 chip. The user is not in a good condition ——either is not applicable or is not enough. Although the product was not ours, it was after all the product that we sold as an agent. Therefore, the mood for selling workstations was both exciting and guilty. After a workstation is sold, it will respond to the customer's various services desperately with a psychological compensation. ”

The first Sun workstation made by Yang Yuanqing as a salesperson was sold to the National Pharmaceutical Administration. “You can imagine my happiness at the time, but I still think that, in fact, this customer should not buy Sun’s at that time.” With this workstation, buying a PC will solve the problem. Of course, we still push this workstation. "Yang Yuanqing's words are very honest. The short-lived sales experience of Sun's workstations was not successful. At least Yang Yuanqing was taught two things: First, we must provide users with the most suitable products. "Sun's workstations are too awkward and too uncomfortable to sell." Second, Service-oriented. These concepts are fully reflected in future Lenovo PCs ——

For example, although Lenovo's PC product line is full, Yang Yuanqing does not want users to buy the most technologically advanced products. He said that due to the fact that the latest products are not rich in software, in fact, there are not many opportunities for you to use them, and the price cuts are still very large, and it is possible to reduce them by 10,000 yuan in 3 months. The price of Intel's CPU was just around $1,700 when it was first launched, and it would drop to around $700 when it was first cut. Therefore, Yang Yuanqing suggested that the user select a commercial machine with a price of around 10,000 yuan and a home computer with a cost of around 12,000 yuan. "Because the computer's CPU price is in the range of 100 to 200 US dollars, its price cuts are not large enough to cause waste." ”

In terms of services, Yang Yuanqing is pursuing practical services. "Industries look for services, focusing on whether the services promised by the manufacturers are feasible," and the "three-year home warranty" does not have to be tested after 3 years. "Yang Yuanqing confidently said that Lenovo's PC service is now the first in the domestic PC field. Therefore, Lenovo's PC services should be aligned with Haier outside the circle. To this end, they specially visited Haier's after-sales service system.

I wrote a novel in college

Just as Yang Yuanqing first came to think that Lenovo wanted to engage in R&D but was divided into sales, it was not an ideal arrangement. Yang Yuanqing's greatest wish in high school was to study liberal arts. Later, the reason why he was first reported to the Computer Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University in the first voluntary college entrance examination, the second was to the Department of Computer Science at Zhejiang University, and the third one was to the Department of Computer Science was to be accepted by her mother at Hefei Gongda University. Friends firmly believe that computers are the influence of future development.

"In our era, self-awareness was not as strong as today's young people. I was always arranged to do work that I was not really interested in. But my character is to do everything seriously and strive to do it well, not just to do things with interest. ”

Until Yang Yuanqing graduated from the Computer Science Department of Shanghai Jiaotong University and was admitted to the graduate student of the Computer Science Department of China University of Science and Technology, Yang Yuanqing still denied that he gradually fell in love with the computer when he was in college. “When I was a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science of HKUST that year, I did not immediately look for a job. It was totally an expression of seeking progress. ”

Yang Yuanqing still loved literature during his intense study at Shanghai Jiao Tong University. He wrote novels in college. When we interviewed Yang Yuanqing, Yang Yuanqing did not seem to jokingly say: "It is entirely possible to write a novel in the future." “We are talking about autobiography. Yang Yuanqing insists that it should be a novel.

At this time, Yang Jie, who accompanied the interview, said: "Yang is always our planning director. When our copywriting is not good, when we need to polish our slogans, Yang always helps." ”

Do not speak for the first time

Some people may think that the fate of Yang Yuanqing has two arrangements that he himself is not very interested in, but rather bluntly fits his own inherent potential, such as marketing has played Yang Yuanqing's excellent management talent and so on.

In fact, this is not the case at all. In 1991, Yang Yuanqing first became a cadre and met for the first time. He did not know how to speak. "" After that meeting, they must think that I am not a good leader. ”

However, Yang Yuanqing's performance in the CAD department for two years from 1991 to 1993 was enough to allow Liu Chuanzhi to promote him as the general manager of the PC department at the most crucial moment.

It can thus be seen that Yang Yuanqing’s true talent lies in doing everything seriously, diligently, good at learning from practice, and learning quickly. Yang Yuanqing had not studied management and hardly looked at the books on public relations and negotiation skills. However, Yang Yuanqing won a "big single" ability. He believes there are two main points of negotiation: one is honesty; the other is designing the content of a good conversation.

Yang Yuanqing believes that there are two people who have the greatest influence on his growth: one is his father and the other is Liu Chuanzhi, president of Lenovo. "My father has cultivated my rigorous and tough character and the habit of diligence and economy. Liu Tsung helped a lot in my ability development and ideological development. In addition, Mr. Liu's ideas on how to stand out and see pictures, rsquo; and ostriches, and how to smoothly achieve the new and old alternatives and so on; have a great impact on me. "Speaking of Liu Chuanzhi's influence and help for himself, Yang Yuanqing seems to feel that he has not enumerated enough.

Establishing trust and credibility is the key to overcoming difficulties

In March 1994, Yang Yuanqing assumed the background of the general manager of the Lenovo Microcomputer Division. In 1993, Lenovo did not complete the set goals for the first time, and Lenovo was greatly shaken. At that time, the domestic computer industry was also experiencing the worst crisis in history. Some people wrote an article worrying about how long Lenovo can sustain.

At this time, Yang Yuanqing, the general manager of the CAD Department, coincided with the opportunity to study abroad as a visiting scholar. Liu Chuanzhi first agreed with Yang Yuanqing to study abroad in order to better serve Lenovo in the future, but the crises at the end of 1993 prompted Liu Chuanzhi to resolve to immediately activate Yang Yuanqing. .

Yang Yuanqing, who had never had a PC experience before reaching the age of 30, suddenly had to take over a department that was anxious to return to life. The burden on his shoulders was undeniable, and the pressure he shouldered was also predictable. Recall that Yang Yuanqing said: "I am a person who is not afraid of stress, likes to challenge and like to compete." I have confidence in myself. In addition, I like to do things like traveling lightly, never looking forward, and suffering. Although Yang Yuanqing can now be very cool and so generous, we believe that Yang Yuanqing's mood at that time must not be easy at this moment.

At the beginning of his term, Yang Yuanqing first set about establishing trust and credibility. This includes building trust and credibility with leaders and employees, as well as building trust and credibility with customers and agents. "Before 1994, we did not establish trust and credibility well and did not establish the credibility of Lenovo's brand in the eyes of users. Not only us, at that time, the entire domestic microcomputer was not considered by many users. The success of Lenovo's PC today is not only reflected in its current sales, but more importantly, it has earned the trust and credibility of its customers among the state-owned PC brands. ”

“ Lenovo PC previously did both distribution and direct sales. At that time, the agents did not trust us. "In this regard, Yang Yuanqing traveled all regions of the country in 1994 to rationalize the distribution channels.

Internally, when Yang Yuanqing reorganized the large-scale PC division, he carefully selected elite players and selected 150 from the original 230. Immediately afterwards, the wages of employees were raised. In the first quarter, rewards and penalties were redeemed for one time, changing the situation in which past rewards and penalties were lagging behind. Raising the wages of employees and honoring and reimbursing the first quarter have been persisted until now. Yang Yuanqing said: "Lenovo's wages are leading among domestic enterprises. In 3 to 5 years, we must be competitive in the domestic talent market and we can dig people from foreign companies. ”

The greatest contribution is to establish the trust and credibility of Lenovo's older pioneers for young people.

What is your biggest contribution to Lenovo? It is an extremely sensitive and difficult question to answer. Yang Yuanqing’s response shows his alertness and his rhetoric.

Such an answer conveys at least two levels of meaning: The first level means that Yang Yuanqing has established confidence for Lenovo's older generation of pioneers to boldly use young people, or at least strengthen their confidence in turning young people into more use. This creates a good atmosphere for Lenovo's more young people to come to the fore; the second means that Yang Yuanqing is an example. Young people in Lenovo can achieve such achievements as Yang Yuanqing as long as they work hard. Yang Yuanqing’s growth marks Lenovo’s willingness to make more use of young people.

"I will never say that Lenovo's PC was made by Yang Yuanqing. "However, if Yang Yuanqing gave Lenovo a mandate to use young people or strengthen the mechanism and atmosphere for appointing young people, then this may be far more important and far-reaching than selling more PCs.

In the ever-changing computer industry, the waves of the Yangtze River push forward, and the feelings of Jiangshan generation of talented people may be stronger than other industries. On the one hand, "pressure" forces Yang Yuanqing's progress. "On the other hand, Yang Yuanqing said frankly:" For Lenovo, enterprise development provides more and more opportunities, and Lenovo is not at the stage of talent enrichment. As long as it is talented people, Lenovo can create opportunities for him to display his talent. For example, we now make notebooks and servers that need to be the same leaders as PCs. Within at least three to five years, Lenovo is not afraid of losing his appointment if he is talented. ”

When we read this speech, it is understood that today's association needs 10 leading Yang Yuanqing leaders to charge forward instead of a young man replacing Yang Yuanqing. Yang Yuanqing said in a row, "This is what it means."

As a successful person, Yang Yuanqing's assessment of his younger youth is: "They are more individual, but because of the times, their hard-working spirit and resilience are worse. Easy to float, eager to achieve. His advice to them is: "Positioning your own position, upright and honest, doing things in a down-to-earth manner." ”

Yang Yuanqing’s leadership style is practice. He believes that it is necessary to understand the work of subordinates and give them guidance when they encounter problems. "Only in this way can we have a correct assessment of subordinates' work. Otherwise, when subordinates encounter problems, they can do nothing but do anything but severely criticize them." ”

As Yang Yuanqing advocated practicing himself, he had almost no hobbies other than his early work in greed and darkness. When his deputy Yang Jie told him that he should cultivate some elegant tastes, this is related to Lenovo’s image. Yang’s interpretation is : During the company's startup period, everyone did not have experience in the company. Therefore, it was necessary to pay more labor and it was impossible to take time to play golf as handsomely as a foreign boss.

The most promising foreign company is HP. At present, I haven’t thought about it yet.

Yang Yuanqing is optimistic about HP, and he once represented HP's CAD, and learned a lot from HP during the two years. Yang Yuanqing admitted that the two years he represented HPCAD were two years of growth and maturity. Although Yang Yuanqing said that the study at that time was to see a little bit of learning, it was not systematic. But he still learns from HP: how to market, how to manage channels, and how to handle business orders.

"The reason that I haven't thought of a good situation in China at the moment is probably because Lenovo is now the first reason." Yang Yuanqing's advice on the influx of many companies into the PC market since the beginning of this year is: First, you cannot think that if you ever succeed in one product, you will succeed in any product in the future. Second, there must be no obvious weakness in PCs. His increasing evaluation of branded PCs is: The expansion of orderly markets is more conducive to Lenovo's larger PC brands.

Yang Yuanqing seems more willing to find his own gap from within. He often hangs on the "barrel theory" is based on a clear understanding of the gap between reality. Yang Yuanqing said that I know very well that there are many gaps between us, but our top priority is to make up for the shortest plank to hold more water. In 1994, there was an urgent need to sell more machines. For this reason, we traveled to every province in the country and established our reputation as an agent. In 1995, with the increase in sales volume, there was a problem of inventories and supply shortages. Therefore, we have also strengthened the PMC (logistics control) work; in 1996, the product became the key to a breakthrough, and we specifically set up the product department. This year is our management year.

Interview notes

The impression of Yang Yuanqing is always associated with Su Shi’s “Chibi nostalgic ancient times” in the sentence “Looking back to public money when he was thinking of the public, the fantasies and towels, talking and laughing, and ignoring each other”.

The first interview with Yang Yuanqing was at the end of 1996, when he was excited about the Lenovo PC's first appearance on the China PC Ranking. At the time of eating, everyone drinks liquor. Yang Yuanqing and the reporters toasted each other. It made me a little worried and whether my special interview after dinner can be carried out smoothly. Who knows, Yang Yuanqing after toasting frequently did not have a problem, and he still had clear-cut thinking and good manners. At that time, Yang Yuanqing was known to be massive.

Not only at the wine table, but at any time Yang Yuanqing is good at bringing people closer. There is no shelf. Zhang Yongjie and I interviewed Yang Yuanqing in Zhoushan. Just sitting down, he found common ground with us and Zhoushan. He is the same age as Zhang Yongjie, and I am a fellow from Anhui, and his ancestral home is in Zhoushan. After climbing out together to climb the mountain, Yang Yuanqing’s 1.81-meter tall man easily climbed up to a beautiful stone and took photos with the journalists one by one. When he finally jumped from the rock, he was almost fall.

The last time, Lenovo met in Yanqi Lake, and I went up to say hello to Yang Yuanqing. He said to me: "I haven't seen you today." "It's hard for him to actually know that reporters not only need to write good articles, but also need to behave."

Yang Yuanqing said that the discourse is not fast, and the feeling is that he always thinks aside. While he speaks, he often speaks halfway in one sentence. He hasn’t thought about it in the second half. This is about talking with Yang Yuanqing and likes to use long sentences, for rigorous language. For example, he used a very long sentence when answering about his biggest contribution to Lenovo. After he finished speaking, when he tried to repeat the sentence, he could not remember. He said: "You still listen to the recording, whichever is what I said just now. ”

Yang Yuanqing made some words that we were unexpectedly honest. This is not easy.

When we told Yang Yuanqing that some PC makers were waiting for the leading Lenovo PC to make mistakes, Yang Yuanqing said: "If they are good-will reminders, then thank them; if he is a challenge, then they have not yet had a chance to see Yang Yuanqing made mistakes. ” This is the nature of Marshal.

Yang Yuanqing is rigorous and serious, and he has strict requirements on his subordinates. He himself also said that although they did a good job, Yang Jie received far more criticisms from him than praise. This kind of character about him and his parents are about serious surgeons.

Yang Yuanqing opposed waste, which was evident from his proposed purchase of a commercial machine with a cost of RMB 100 million, a home machine with a cost of RMB 12,000, and efforts to reduce the management costs of operating a PC. This style of his work comes from the fact that he was not well-off since his childhood. In the beginning of the month, his parents gave pocket money. At the end of the month, he was taken back to buy food.

Shanghai Jiaotong University and China University of Science and Technology are all schools with a strong international atmosphere. Yang Yuanqing’s classmates are more foreign than they are at home. Yang Yuanqing said that among his classmates, as long as he wants to go abroad, he can't make ends meet. When working at Lenovo, Yang Yuanqing also had two opportunities to go abroad. One time he contacted himself, and once he was associated with Lenovo, but in the end he failed to make it for various reasons.

Yang Yuanqing now believes that business management is a real major event. In foreign countries, Chinese people have little chance to do business, and they can only do research and development. It seems that Yang Yuanqing not only regretted that he did not go abroad, but also had a good fortune at home.

Finding Bole and Finding Thousands of Lima

In a certain sense, there is no Yang Yuanqing's success today without Liu Zhizhi's eye-catching knowledge. According to Li Qin, Lenovo's executive vice president, at the beginning, only Yang Yuanqing's reorganization of the big PC department was free to “pick people”. No one in Lenovo's older generation of leaders supported the prestige they had accumulated over the years, and there was no older generation leader. It will be very difficult to do patient and meticulous work. Liu Chuanzhi dared to use Yang Yuanqing as a blessing to Lenovo and was a blessing to Yang Yuanqing.

Han Yu sighed: "Chapri often happens, and Bole doesn't often have," I think, Han Yu's approach is not desirable. He always passively stands in a position and complains that there is no Bole instead of actively seeking Bole, of course. "Chorima often has, and Bole does not often have". In fact, "Chapma often, and Bole often have", the key is to find, but can not wait. Han Yu's misfortune was that he had not waited for Bole, who knew Ma.

It is a contradiction to seek for thirst and lack of talent. There are many people in IT who are thirsty, and there are no shortages of talents, but there is little exchange between the two. Now, in the IT field, the "high turnover" rate of replacing jobs once a year can be seen as a reflection of "looking for Bole", but we also unfortunately see such frequent "job-hopping". Among them, not all churning is Maxima. And, unfortunately, the true Maxima is still rarely willing to make a leap by changing the environment and finding Bó Lè. This is probably because Chollima is the Chollima that does things. They don't have the time and energy to figure out who is Bó Lè. Also because the eastern Maximas are implicitly Maximas, they never make a long ring from nowhere. They think this is a swagger. Therefore, such a Maxima like Han Yu is always in secret, lamenting the metaphor of "brothers do not often have". Therefore, Maximas are always expecting Boler to find himself.

Whether Bole was looking for Maxima or Maxima found Bole. It is a blessing for both parties. Therefore, it is worthwhile for both parties to spend more time and energy on what they are looking for. They are not looking for "infrequently". Bole should be condescending, "three cares", and Chollima should not avoid the suspect to "Mao Xun self-recommended."

The reason why I wrote this essay was because of the many CEOs of the companies that we interviewed. There is hardly a Maxima who jumped from the same company. A large part of the reason for these people’s success is that they are fortunate enough to be entrusted with the responsibility of the company’s Bole. This is everyone’s fortune, but it’s true that Chollima is unfortunately undiscovered.

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