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Read Articles/Friends Circles Change Experience WeChat Latest Features

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The status bar becomes transparent Integrated color change effect

↑↑↑ Old Wechat Status Bar and New Wechat Status Bar

The status bar becomes transparent not only as a circle of friends but also as a sweeping interface. The status bar of third-party web pages has also turned from black to white.

New version of the sweeping interface

Text message double-click to enlarge surprises forward forwarding collections more convenient

When you receive a large piece of text message, do you have to double-click to enlarge them? In the new version of WeChat, this operation can bring you more functions, not only to enlarge the text view, but also to quickly forward, collect, and set reminders in the lower function bar.

The setting reminder function is more practical. For example, if you receive a meeting notice in the group, you can quickly set a reminder for the notification.

However, what is more depressing is that the time setting of the reminder is inflexible. For example, if Xiaobian wants to set a reminder for a half hour, he can only set a one-hour, two-hour reminder, and cannot set a specific time flexibly. .

↑↑↑ Double-click on the text message to have surprises and quick setup reminders

Emotion sorting Recently used finally appeared

Frequently used expressions have to be turned over for a few pages to find. Can't you have a common word prefix like the input method?

In the new version of WeChat, expressions have been improved. If users often use a certain expression, a “recently used” expression category will automatically appear in the list of expressions. There are common expressions used by users, but they seem to only supportTencentYour own native expression. You have to ask why your new version of WeChat does not appear in this category.

↑↑↑ Recently used categories

Take a look at the revision 24 hours news big event tracking

"Look at and see" on the Discovery Channel. Do you know if you have read it? In the new version of WeChat, it has been enhanced. In addition to displaying news on the homepage, there is a search button in the upper right corner. Click on it to search for news.

And there are featured columns on the search page, which currently include "24-hour news," "friends are watching," "has paid attention to the public article," and "people nearby are watching." There is also a selection within the circle, such as the "Food Circle", "Digital Talent" and so on, which allows you to read the news by category.

Let’s take a look at the channel revision

IOS first experience The long-awaited suspension window

Xiao Bian had vowed to read through WeChat. When the user read the article in the WeChat to browse the webpage, he had to quit before reading the message and then he could enter the message interface to reply. This was particularly inconvenient.

In the new version of WeChat for IOS (well, the Android version takes one step slower), you can click on the menu button while reading the article in WeChat, and then a “floating window” option will appear. After clicking, the article (web page) will be reduced to a Suspended button.

Then the user can go back to the chat interface to chat, and the user can quickly return to the previous reading page by clicking the floating button after replying to the message.

浮Floating window option can be selected by sliding the article page to the lower right corner (can also cancel the floating window)


Dynamic map

Scan to upgrade

For the scanning function that is commonly used to scan the QR code, we have also upgraded it in the new version of WeChat. After the upgrade, it is no longer possible to translate only one word. Instead, it can translate entire pages of English into Chinese. How to operate?

Start scanning → Translating → Photographing English objects that need to be translated → Wait a moment to get translated results. Well, this feature is also available to ios users.

In order to realize the translation operation of the entire page, this scan also combines the OCR capabilities of Tencent's Junior Partners and the technology of the WeChat translation team.

Translation effects

The whole process of translation is this:

Through OCR's OCR technology, the recognized characters are reflected in the background. In the background, the text is merged into paragraphs and translated into the translation system according to the layout of the original text and the magic language model. AI completes the translation based on the neural network; finally, the translation appears in the United States and the United States. On everyone's WeChat page!

Is it so long for so much work? No, as long as the user network environment is of good quality, the text of the entire page can be translated in both Chinese and English within 3 seconds.

to sum up

This WeChat update can be said to be a small change, more practical is the floating window and quick set text reminder. Do not know whether it is a case, Xiao Bian after installing the test version of the new version of WeChat, WeChat appeared several times suspended animation phenomenon, you need to kill the process before you can use it again, so want to early adopters can be cautious.

In addition, it is said that in the new version of WeChat will also add "new friends can be synchronized to the micro-view" new features, but Xiao Bian did not find this feature. What features do you want WeChat to add? Please post your opinion in the comments office.


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