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Micro envelope kill "Amoy password", Taobao business go from here

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Isn’t the electricity merchants going to sleep? Late at night, Xiaomi also found that some friends were discussing things and seemed very anxious.

Under the same question, I realized that it was WeChat that severely blocked Amoy passwords. What happened to this?

WeChat publishes strict management specifications

After sending some inquiries, Xiaomi discovered the newly released new rules on the WeChat official website, which is the "Wechat external link content management specification."

Moreover, this specification was officially put into effect on May 29, which is today.

Remarkably, one of the key points of the new regulations is "standardizing special identifiers and password information dissemination."

In other words, as long as it is an identification code or password generated by a third party, it will induce the user to be immediately blocked by Tencent and permanently block its account number, domain name, IP address, or share an interface. Go on.

The electric trader saw that he would understand that the most used passwords in Wechat are non-peeping passwords. Here, WeChat does not explicitly say that there are no pictures of passwords used on the map, perhaps to prevent the public from thinking that WeChat is too Taobao.

WeChat is not easy to say for Taobao, but what is certain is that WeChat blocked the Tao password really has a big impact on Taobao sellers.

Let's take a look at the specific blockade.

Pro-test micro-envelope killing password strength

We know that sellers copy Tao passwords from Taobao to WeChat. There are three places where you can send out passwords, send them to your friends, send them to WeChat group, and make friends.

The generation of Xiaomi personally tested:

Test one: send WeChat group and friends

The test results above show that WeChat did not block the passwords of WeChat groups and friends.

Test 2: Friends Circle

When I sent my password to a circle of friends, I found that even if I specified a friend, I could not see my password.

This has caused a problem. Since the seller can't see the friends in the circle of friends, the private information is sent to the customer every day. The customer will certainly feel harassed. The final result is that the customer is overwhelmed and the matter is blackened.

Therefore, the circle of friends cannot directly send out passwords, which is a real blow to the seller.

However, fortunately, WeChat still left a living for the seller.

When we send a normal picture to a circle of friends and leave a password in the comment area, we find that friends can indeed see the password in the comment area.

This proves that Amoy passwords cannot be directly sent to the circle of friends, but they can be sent in the comment area.

It must be said that there are really countermeasures and the power of the masses is strong.

However, what worries us is so that our sellers are safe? This is not the case. Ali and Tencent's "killing" on the WeChat battlefield has become the norm.

WeChat and Taobao traffic dispute

WeChat and Taobao have been killing each other for five years. On November 22, 2013, Taobao officially blocked visits from WeChat.

WeChat also quickly recovered from the shock, which in turn shields Taobao's link visits.

Since then opened the road to love each other. Love is the flow of each other, killing each other's invasion.

In the Spring Festival of 2015, Alipay launched a password red envelope, which broke the circle of friends in the form of pictures and was immediately killed by a micro envelope.

In 2017, micro-enveloping Taobao customers, the WeChat ecosystem of the Amoy overnight was almost destroyed. We must understand that each year Taobao customers on WeChat contribute 6% of the transaction to Ali. According to Alibaba's 3.6 trillion transactions in 2016, that is 200 billion yuan.

After mourning and mourning, many small Amoy customers have transformed "King East" and some have disappeared from this industry.

In 2018, the act of blocking Tao’s password was another critique of Taobao. It was also a warning to Taobao’s small and medium businesses. WeChat also tells us that "WeChat users are the most important, and we should not let commercialization destroy user experience. This is also to protect user privacy and security." ”

It can be imagined that in order to optimize the WeChat ecosystem, WeChat will only become more and more rigorous and sellers will not have the imaginary security.

Although some netizens said that if the order was sealed and the latest WeChat skipping method had been developed, it could be imagined that this was an endless war of attack and defense.

Where do Taobao merchants go

Ali's password was hit by the secret front. Ali also tried to find new growth points under the online retail sale.

And we businessmen must not wait for these things to happen and accept them passively.

The essence of a naughty password is similar to the distribution, which can be spread out in WeChat by copying a naughty password, which means that the order is very dependent on social networking.

Social networking is the main means of obtaining traffic, and the electricity supplier is one of the ways to reallocate traffic. Therefore, the combination of them is a common combination.

And social networking can not rely solely on WeChat and QQ. Nowadays, many social platforms have sprung up.

Here, Xiaomi does not carry out in-depth analysis, just a bit of chatting platform recently talked with friends, a businessman that nobody has noticed yet.

Your colleagues are abandoning you

Most people know about the marketing of jigsaw businesses. They only stay on piggy page. I thought so before.

However, after I talked with my friends in the electricity business, I found out that when you were crying for the lost cheese, someone else got cheese cake elsewhere.

This friend told me a number on the jitter, what I did not say, to prevent someone from saying that I was advertising.

The short video of the jitter is simple. It is accompanied by some music from T. The content of the video is a fashionable woman walking and walking.

Almost every video is moving, and the scene is changing.

However, it is such a simple short video that averages 5 million points per video.

You know, there are a lot of fire up videos on the jitter, reaching millions of points. However, there is only a few hundred points to watch their next video.

This means that those sudden flare ups do not produce the ability to produce content continuously, and the content of output can not attract a specific group of people.

And her thousands of videos show that she has the ability to continue to absorb certain groups of people.

The businessman may not be aware of the amount of praise. Let's convert it. We can only praise the tune once a minute, and many people do not appreciate it.

To approximate it as Taobao baby's traffic, there are 5000 flows per video, and these flows are all precise push of jitter. If a baby in Taobao store achieves 5000 traffic, it will cost a lot.

When these precise crowd, these female users are attracted by her style many times, will take the initiative to add her micro signal, active consultation, you can complete the transaction.

According to Mr. Tang Dedeng, who does not want to be named, the monthly profit of his family may be as high as two million.

You know, it's not a famous brand store, it's not a dress shop, and the woman is not as beautiful as Sydney. She knows how to create a style that draws a particular crowd through the video and then completes the deal.

My friend told me,

Unlike Taobao, because the traffic of Taobao is a public domain, there is a need for continuous competition between businesses to grab traffic in a pool, either you win or I win.

The message to me is that her fan group is her private flow, the flow is her own attraction, and she only likes her style, which others can't take.

This case is not to tell you to imitate her, but to say that when you meet a bottleneck, you think it's not a good thing to do, but actually, some of the businesses are really rich. We should jump out of our cognitive scope and broaden our thinking.

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