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Mobile phone traffic is not limited to the package is Tucao: "unlimited" word "speed limit" is hard to find.

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Surging news combing found that most of the local operators online business hall to put the top of the package, only point into the details of the commodity page, can see the speed limit plan with ash or small characters.

In addition, in order to promote the multiple unlimited set of packages, the three major operators will often reduce the monthly fee by giving a complimentary fee in the early period of the use of the set meal, and focus on the price after the preferential treatment, followed by the "more expensive".

Analysts pointed out that operators should adjust the promotion strategy to make clear the flow of no speed limits.

It is worth the user's concern and the APP exclusive traffic free service launched by operators and Internet Co. The reporter found that these free exclusive flows, in fact, include a number of excepted rules, and some operations and services on the APP can not be used and can only pay extra flow charges.

"Unlimited" everywhere, "speed limit" requirement to find small notes.

A user in Haikou, Hainan, said she bought China Mobile's $98 family unlimited package. I usually like to play the jitter, micro-blog and WeChat, because considering the unlimited number of packages, they have used the hot spots for friends, and will use 20G in the middle and late of each month. After the 20G is full, the net speed has been reduced to even WeChat, most of the text, browse pictures also become very difficult, in the consultation service, repurchase 15 yuan 3G domestic traffic acceleration package only after the return to normal.

Another user from Jiangsu said that his China Telecom 99 yuan unlimited package was also limited to the speed limit after 20G. "I usually watch TV plays and national K songs, but the problem is that this product can't be called unlimited".

In view of the speed limit reflected by the netizens, the reporter consulted the web page of China Unicom, China Mobile and China Telecom online, and found that most of the home pages of the business hall were on the top of the unlimited package, including the "unlimited flow", "unlimited flow without limitation", "unlimited sharing", and so on. Any prompt for speed limit.

When you click on a product page, in most cases, the "unlimited" words can be seen everywhere, and the prompt of the speed drop is usually backed up and marked with a small word or ash.

For example, the China Telecom somewhere on the official website of the national unlimited package details page, first reflected in the eye is still a bold language - "live to see, flow and wayward use." In the post tariff table, the national traffic volume only indicates "no limit". The speed limit rules can only be found in the small notes below. It is noted that the 99 yuan -999 Yuan different gear sets have different speed thresholds of 20-80G, and the rate of surfing the Internet is reduced to 1Mbps and the next month.


China Telecom area official website unlimited meal details page

China Mobile's "let me use" 88 yuan nationwide unlimited package description is more complex, distributed in different interfaces. The details page shows that the flow within the package is only 2G, and the 12 month 8G domestic flow is also given.


Details of an unlimited package for China Mobile

Only after clicking into another tariff standard interface, the last rule of tariff rules explains that outflow will reduce the speed of Internet access. According to the rule, if you handle 9 yuan 3G domestic fuel package, you can resume Internet access speed.

As for the total speed of use after reaching 100G, the speed limit can be found at the warm reminder interface - the net speed will fall below 128Kbps.



The speed limit rules of different usage are distributed in two different interfaces.

The homepage interface of China Unicom's network hall is also difficult to find the speed limit regulations. However, a more clear "speed limit" can be seen by clicking on the large and small ice - free package.


China Unicom a region ice cream unlimited set of internal pages, speed limit is more clear, with a rough logo for the offline business hall of the unlimited package promotion, a number of users also reflect, when handling staff have publicized "unlimited" "random use", most of the speed limit regulations will not be mentioned. After the package is successful, the message reminder content is too long, and the speed limit reminder is easy to be ignored by users.

People in the industry: speed limit is wrong, wrong in the way of promotion

In fact, excessive restrictions on unlimited packages have long been an international practice.

According to the people's post and Telegraph newspaper, the consideration of over limit design is to ensure that most users can use the mobile network in a fair and reasonable way. In 2007, when Apple mobile phones became popular in the United States, users' demand for mobile Internet access was greatly stimulated. American telecom operators had opened unlimited package plans, but with no restrictions on the user experience, the user experience declined significantly, and the operators stopped developing unrestricted packages.

Technical experts say that because the total bandwidth of the mobile network shared base station is limited, if many users continue to occupy the mobile network at the same time, it may cause network congestion. According to the "first come first served principle", users who want to go online will not be able to access the Internet and have to wait in line. At the same time, the speed of Internet users who have already been in the network will become "turtle speed", and the sense of experience will be worse. As a result, the current global unlimited packages are staircase design - first to meet the maximum net speed that the vast majority of users promise to reach the speed limit, and the net speed will fall.

However, in spite of this, Liu Qicheng, who is concerned about the development of the domestic communications industry and the general media of the communications world, cannot identify with the current means of promotion by domestic operators.

"(operator should) make clear the flow of unlimited speed, it is best to tell what the 10 G can do and what can be achieved, rather than simply emphasizing the unlimited quantity, weakening the speed of the speed limit, using a small word to mark or with you at will. Liu Qicheng said.

Liu Qicheng, for example, said that the rate of Internet access in the 2G era can only reach 9.6Kb, 3G times can reach 1-2Mb, and today's 4G era, the ideal situation can reach 5-10Mb, generally also can reach 2-4Mb. Therefore, once the speed limit is reached, the user experience will inevitably become worse, not to mention the expectation that the user is expected to be improved indefinitely.


On the front page of the official website of a certain area of the China Telecom, there is a clear "unlimited" package promotion, and the "unlimited" is publicized with the rough font, but it does not mention the "speed limit" and other regulations.

Monthly fees "more expensive", APP unlimited traffic restrictions.

In addition to the speed limit of difficult to find, surging news combing found that the operators launched a part of the unlimited set of packages to provide a large number of preferential prices, will also allow users to feel "more expensive."

For example, China Mobile places a special price of 68 yuan for the unlimited package, its original price of 128 yuan, the new user after the recharge of the maximum monthly fee of up to 60 yuan, 12 months after the decline of 30 yuan, 24 months after the restoration of the original price.

A number of unlimited packages launched by China Telecom also have similar situations. Among them, the monthly value of the premium card is 46 yuan, and the monthly fee will be reduced to 21 yuan every month in the first 12 months, which will be reduced to 21 yuan a year, and the original price will be restored after one year.

In contrast, China Unicom's unlimited packages do not adopt the above long-term preferential way. The "big and small ice card" packages are currently stored at 99 yuan for 100 yuan, and 49 yuan for 50 yuan, respectively.


The unlimited package offered by China Mobile has a large number of telephone charges in the first 24 months, and then the original price is restored.


A super card version of the package launched by China Telecom in the first 12 months of the month was given over half a month, and the price was restored one year later.

Fu Liang, a telecommunications analyst who has long paid attention to the Internet and communications, believes that the one - time preferential method not only gives the new net users preferential, but also avoids the "more expensive" of the set meal. "The best way is to run a user from the start of the user, and make the user feel more and more cheap. The quality of service is better than attracting users with high preferential policies, and then let them go.

In addition to more and more expensive monthly fees, the surging news also found that in the free flow package of operators and Internet Co, its exclusive flow is not applicable to all operations.

For example, China Mobile's "let me see"videoTraffic packet publicity can be in the MICU video,tencentVideo, such as video and other video APP are exclusively used, but the use of these directional traffic is still limited - the flow of online viewing / downloading / caching, such as pictures, text, video, inside, third party advertising, and so on in APP, is not within the scope of exclusive traffic, that is, the user needs to pay extra traffic. Fee.


The usage scope of mobile video in my APP video

China Unicom and Tencent co - launched the Tencent Wang card (including the king card, the king card, the heavenly king card different files) also have similar regulations, although claims that "ultra 100 applications free of traffic" "farewell Wifi, want to use", located at the bottom of the page of the exclusive flow description, the third party provided by the page, video, and so on Services such as mobile news network, Sogou, Baidu, Iqiyi video, Ctrip, Jingdong and other non Tencent businesses are unable to use exclusive traffic. In addition, the free range of a number of live APP is limited to watching live and playing video, and the use of live, uploaded video, the loading of text and pictures in the live broadcast, and the video on demand are not in the exclusive flow range.


Unicom and Tencent launched the exclusive flow portion of the king card exclusive application.

In this regard, some netizens said that because they did not notice the reminder, after a APP directional traffic card was issued, the telephone bill did not drop or increase, and the rules were found only after consultation.

Telecommunications industry analyst Ma Jihua in the interview this year in China and the new network, said that the publicity of directional flow is still relatively vague, mainly to see how APP and basic manufacturers negotiate, but will not show the contract to users, nor the unified standard of publicity.

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