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"Beauty" and WeChat sell tea? Fraudulent routines

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Among them, four consecutive “Hurricane 5, 10, 13 and 20” attacks were launched to crack down on the “Internet Dating” category of frauds and unification activities. A total of 13 criminal gangs were destroyed and 1,310 criminal suspects were captured.


It is reported that these gangs use model photos to disguise women as men, specifically setting up virtual positioning, searching for “nearby” people to “fish out”, adding WeChat friends, chatting with the victims, gaining the trust of the victims and becoming After the men’s and women’s friends, they swindled the owner’s money by fictional family tragic situations, birthdays, romances, in-hospitalization and the promotion of inferior wine, tea, or the recommendation of the owner to invest in precious metals through a false investment platform.

They often take as long as a few months to commit crimes, and they have special chat repertoire routines, which are then reunited after harvesting. Generally, it operates in a corporatized form and is mainly divided into the "powder-catching" and "business" groups. In fact, the "beauty" head is behind "headless uncle."


"Internet Love" buy red wine was cheated more than 8 million yuan

On February 11, 2018, the victim, Lin, warned that: In early December of 2017, the victim added an unknown woman named “Cai Mouman” to a WeChat friend and took an online relationship with a male and female friend. From January 13th to February 1st of 2018, the other party repeatedly asked the victim for money on the basis of urgent need for money. The victim transferred money to Caiwangman by 87,769.98 yuan through WeChat and bank transfer respectively. When the other party asked for money again for different reasons, the victim realized that he had been cheated and reported the case.

The police investigation revealed that the criminal gang clearly organized the division of labor through a corporatized business model. The membership included: full-time money laundering personnel, cash withdrawal personnel, and traders.

The suspect used a photo of a beautiful model to disguise herself as a woman, set a WeChat virtual positioning, and added a WeChat friend by searching for “near people”. He started to communicate online in a relationship between a male and female friend. Once he became a male and female friend with the victim, he took a birthday. The family or the family is hospitalized or dying for purchasing red wine or asking the owner to help complete the sales of red wine.

After the victim paid, the suspect sent the inferior red wine to the victim in order to obtain money.


Behind the "beauty" is "unclear foot"

The police introduced that the overall cycle of marketing scams for WeChat dating fraud is 60 days. Every day, there are specific steps. They are set at each level: 15 days chatting, 5 days of romance, and 20 days of resigning from the village. During this period, volunteers will be trained to learn tea and take care of them. My grandfather and so on, the last 20 days were a "spot" for the scam. They used a series of reasons to deceive the victim to give generously and buy expensive tea leaves or other items until the victim realized that he was awakened and was then blackened.

The whole storyvideoThe combination of graphics and text, convincing the victim, in fact, is the company's template routines. “What are the people behind the image of beautiful women?” According to the Song police officer of the anti-fraud squadron of the Tianhe Public Security Bureau, these companies have previously hired models with outstanding looks to shoot at homes in Chashan or tea farmers in Yunnan and Wuyishan. Wearing hot pants skirts in summer, wearing cotton jackets and down jackets in winter, video and pictures of beautiful scenes all year round are ready in advance. In fact, most of the gang members are post-90 youths, as long as they can simply type.

"Beauty" powder clerk "talk about love"

The members of the gang mainly include the "powder-picking group" and the "business group." Their goal is to single men, and they package themselves into newly graduated undergraduates or white-collar workers who have just entered the service. They seduce them by saying something.

For example, "Powder Group" searches for "near people" and then sends a request to add friends. The additional message: "Friends recommend, ask questions" will make you mistakenly believe that a friend has introduced it. The common remarks used when I was talking are "Why is there a stranger in my WeChat? Is this the so-called netizen? You are the first netizen in my life." Through mass distribution, one gang was added to more than 1,500 victims each month.

A group of "powdering group" 8 individuals, heads are beautiful models, in fact are all men. After the powder-absorbing team succeeded in approving WeChat, it was transferred to the salesperson for follow-up. The company summed up the means of "falling in love" as a speech and trained the salesperson.

The salesman can speak with the operator and chat with the target customer. A person gets a few mobile phones at work, can operate multiple accounts, and many even chat with hundreds of people at the same time. They are ready to follow up on the day to follow up the chat content, chat to the computer version of WeChat, through copy and paste unified words, sent to different objects, and even take notes, afraid to get confused.

Build feelings "Killing and killing"

Step by step to build feelings and gain sympathy, to the final "burst" stage, we must begin "harvesting." Most of the teas they sell are of high quality. Some teas add spices, and some even used teas that have been dried are repacked after drying. Payments for buying and selling tea are convenient. WeChat red envelopes, Alipay, etc. can all be transferred. Once the victim confirms the transfer and receipt of the goods, they are “cooked and killed”.

The police investigating the case said that with the network extending in all directions, fraudulent means have emerged in an endless stream. A similar scam is not just selling tea, but also tobacco and alcohol, oil paintings and health products. The large-scale development of fraud gangs and repeated successes have captured the psychology of many men and faced beauty's "destructive power," and the ability to identify and reduce vanity, vanity, and refusal.

If you say "beauty," you must be careful

Annoyingly, can you talk to you? But I don't know how to tell you...

Whether it is not a remote relationship has no result, would like to ask your opinion.

There is something in my heart, I always feel like I want to talk with people, but I don't know who to look for. Maybe because we are friends I haven’t seen, I’m not afraid to be a joke. In short, thank you for listening. I'm confused now...

- From the words "beauty" bedding


"Beauty" Please enter the trilogy

Pretending to be a "beauty" chat

Role positioning: sunshine, loving, beautiful youth, a little petty bourgeoisie, cheerful, joke and pure beauty such as:

Date of birth: 1994

Birthplace: Zhuhai (now settled in Guangzhou)

Education: Bachelor

Graduated institutions: South China Normal University

marital status: Single

Major: Personnel Administration

Hobbies: tourism, painting, dance

Current job: father company office

Business work: Volunteer (caregiver care for the elderly, school donation care for children)

Places visited: Hong Kong, Macau, next year to the Songkran Festival in Yunnan

The first step: take a nap


B: Hello

A: What are you doing?

B: I'm at work.

A: What kind of job do you do and you can chat at work?

B: Personnel administration, work is sometimes idle

A: What is your name?

A: How can I not have my address book?

B: You are not Hua Ge (If you have a name, talk about how my address book has you)

A: No, you added the wrong girl

B: Excuse me, if you add it wrong, then delete it.

A: Since it is added, it is fate

B: handshake (Figure)

Step 2: Guide the topic

A: What do you like to do at ordinary times?

B: Tourism, painting, shopping

A: Are you a circle of friends?

B: Yes

A: Send a video

B: It is not convenient to go to work

A: When is the video convenient?

B: This daddy doesn't allow Oh!

A: Can you come to Guangzhou for dinner?

B: Yes, you have to ask me in advance. I'm scared to have other arrangements or to travel.

A: Do you like small pets?

B: I like it, but my mother is not allowed to raise

A: You don't go to work, where do you like to play?

B: I like going to the gym, drawing, shopping

The third step: Bo sympathy deceives trust

"Funny Talk" (Delivering imaginary "boyfriend" to the victim and defrauding sympathy with his own screenshot)

For example, "I feel annoyed. Can I talk to you? But I don't know how to tell you..." "I always feel like I want to talk with people, but I don't know who to look for. Maybe because we haven't seen it." Friends who are friends are not afraid of being jokes..."

“Father’s tea speculation” (says he returned to the tea garden in Wuyishan, Fujian, asking the owner to buy tea at a high price)

For example: Qianqian just wants to open mind outside, if you really like the grandfather's tea, take a pound to try, if you want to do it does not matter, do not force yourself. My grandfather is a veteran of decades. It is a good tea. You have to drink it alone. If a grandfather knows Qianqian has a friend who appreciates his tea, he will surely be happy (naughty expression).


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