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We must pay attention to the misunderstandings of mobile phone oil drain.

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There is a lot of bacteria and dirt attached to mobile phones through laboratory culture. Therefore, we are increasingly concerned about the relationship between mobile phones and other commonly used terminals and human health. Now basically, the phone contains eye protection mode, and many mobile phone screen glass has thinning oil layer to reduce stains stick on the phone.

Even because of the problem of thinning layer, there has been a dispute. So what is the thin oil reservoir and what is the effect of this thinning oil layer? Today we are going to talk about mobile phone oil drain.

What is a thinning oil layer?

The so-called oil layer is actually a commercial method, of course, it should be called hydrophobic coating or hydrophobic coating. As its name implies, it is a composite coating, which is often coated with nano silica as the raw material or nano scale fluorine containing materials. This coating takes into account the characteristics of light transmittance.

In the field of mobile phones, this coating is mainly intended to be used on a mobile phone screen, and it is true that the screen needs a good transmittance, so to be as thin as possible without affecting the screen. Its role is to make mobile screen easier to clean up and not easy to leave fingerprints and sweat stains. At the same time, some handset makers will improve the screen slipping experience when they choose the coating, making the screen more smooth and natural after the screen is coated, not as sour as the inferior glass or the sticker.

Its principle is not complex, and the contact area of the layer with oil or water is small (compared with the simple glass layer), derived from a special nanostructure, so the water droplets are as if they are on the blade, which is not easy to attach to the screen, that is, the "cleaning effect" of the plant leaves.

Cellphone glass with a thinning oil layer

The screen after the wear of the coating

As you can see from the picture, the new mobile phones with thinning oil layers are quite different from those that have been used for a long time to wipe out the thinning oil layer. The water droplets will spread.

A misconception in the oil layer

There has been a great deal of controversy about the thinning layer. The focus of the debate is that a heavyweight mobile phone is not exposed to heavy oil. In fact, this function is not necessary, and there are no regulations and mandatory requirements. Mobile phone manufacturers use oil drain on high-end products in order to provide better handle and feel.

This configuration is not absolute, not necessarily good. It is true that thinning layer can make glass better, but this performance is not lasting. Because the coating is very thin, it will gradually wear out the loss in the daily use, usually after a few months left nothing, the high rate of users even within a month will lose a large amount of coating.

So you just started to have a good experience. After a while, you will find that mobile phones are more and more likely to stain the screen. With the normal wear and tear of the mobile phone screen, there are many subtle delimits and friction marks that can not be seen in the naked eye, which will lead to the abscission of the oil layer.

Therefore, the mobile phone manufacturers should not carry on the pot for the problem of oil reservoirs. They were originally dispensable designs, and there was no need to push them too hard.

In addition, many large mobile phones now have their own films. The quality of the film is very good, so the presence of thin oil layers is even more ripen.

How to use mobile phone more insurance

First of all, if the cell phone factory does not have a sticker and owns the oil layer, the user can use it safely, until the oil layer is worn out to protect the screen clean. If the cell phone has a film, it is best not to remove the film directly, unless you are not used to the feel of the film. Nowadays, high quality films often have some effect of thinning oil layer. They even adhere to the coating. At the same time, they can protect the phone screen from scratching.

If you feel the use of the mobile phone experience is affected, you can also use the current popular steel film or high quality sticker, as long as the usual attention to the cell phone screen is not scratched, not with the key and other hard objects together, in fact, no sticker is not much hindering, pay attention to regular cleaning of the hand machine screen and use alcohol and other cleaners wiping To ensure the cleanliness and safety of the mobile phone.

Please pay attention to this thing!

If you search for the oil layer on Taobao, there will be a lot of mobile phone spray product sales, and the price is not expensive, from the business introduction, the operation is very simple, spray can achieve a very good effect, if a few months after the layer is erased, the use is not beautiful, so you can ensure a durable mobile phone as new as new. Now!

But this idea is too naive, and does not say that online products are true or false, and the effect can not be unified. The actual effect is not reliable, because there are users who have already said, bought a similar product spray, just started as a businessman showed some effect, but the time is not used for a long time, how long is this time? Half a day, yes, half a day, or even half a day.

The reason is very simple. The coating of the oil layer is attached to the screen in an industrial way. In the harsh environment, the complex process is attached, not a simple spray can be done. In general, it needs to be carried out in a strict dustless workshop. The glass is just the state when it comes out. It can not use the wear and use marks to carry out multiple spraying and adhesion to ensure the uniformity of the layer. At the same time, it will be carried out at a higher temperature, and the layer and glass are not only physical attachment and even a certain chemical reaction. This layer can be relatively stable and evenly coated on the phone.

Although the spray on the network is temporarily effective, but it can not adhere steadily, it is very easy to wear and tear, so it is of little significance, only psychological comfort.

Therefore, for the use of a cell phone for a period of time do not care too much about the oil layer, if there is a need, not as good as the sticker, can play a better protection.

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