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Micro-blog mobile phone report, fewer and fewer people using iPhone.

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Another new smart phone reported that this time the data was not focused on shipments, but focused on user behavior.


On June 1st, Weibo and market research company Sinon jointly issuedSmart Phone Micro Report 2017(Hereinafter referred to as “Report”), the report results from quantitative analysis of 2017 Weibo users active behavior data.

Therefore, we can also understand that this report covers the "What mobile phones are used by people who play Weibo," not "What mobile phones are everyone using?" Considering that Weibo's monthly active users have reached 411 million and the proportion of mobile accounts for 93%, the actual usage data recorded by Weibo is still very useful.

OV, Huawei, Xiaomi, the status of the four are getting stronger and stronger


Looking at the brand value of active devices, although the iPhone’s share has been declining every year, it is still the bulk, accounting for 30%; OPPO, vivo accounted for 18% and 16%, respectively, among the top two domestic brands, ranked last year In the same period, Huawei accounted for 12%, which was higher than last year.

As a former Android leader, Samsung’s active share has dropped to 3%, lower than Meizu.



In terms of new additions and retention, the iPhone’s new equipment share has decreased, and the retention rate has also decreased by 5% compared to last year. The additions and retention of the four domestic brands have increased, including Huawei’s and Xiaomi’s. Retention rates increased by 9% and 8%, respectively.

Looking at the three sets of data together, it can be found that the iPhone still accounts for the highest percentage of users, but the user's intention to use the new iPhone when changing machines has declined. On the contrary, the number of people buying Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi has become more and more, and the total number of active devices in these four companies has reached 55%, which exceeds the total of other brands.

This conclusion has also been reflected in the data on the flow of replacement in the report.


Regardless of whether it is an Android or iOS user, the percentage of iPhones used in the new machine is decreasing, and according to previous years' data, the proportion of Android users who choose to switch to Apple has declined for three consecutive years. The willingness of iOS users to switch to Huawei, OPPO, vivo, and Xiaomi respectively increased by 3%, 2%, 1%, and 1%, which also reflected the decline in Weibo users' loyalty to iOS.

Is it also possible that Apple users do not like to swipe Weibo?

But in the final analysis, whether it is from the Weibo users active equipment and replacement rate, or from the perspective of shipments, the four major domestic mobile phone brands have caused a lot of impact on Apple.


according toIDC report released in MayIn the first quarter of 2018, Huawei shipped 21.2 million units, accounting for 24.2% of the Chinese market. OPPO, vivo, millet, and apples accounted for 18.9%, 16.3%, 15.1%, and 11.3%, respectively. This is not much different from the Q4 market share ranking in 2017.

In the Android camp, the market positions of OV, Huawei, and Xiaomi have become more and more stable, and the market share of “other” handset makers is not even as high as that of Huawei. Shipments and market share will further affect the voice of various manufacturers in the supply chain and sales channels. Next, “Others” will be more difficult than in previous years. They will not seek to shake up the position of the four brands. In order to survive.

OV users show love, millet Huawei users doge face

The report also sent several sets of small data on the portraits of microblog mobile phone users.


There are more females in the new iPhone users, with ages ranging from 19 to 39 years old, with the majority of first and second-tier cities.



The users of the OPPO and Vivo new machines are similar, with slightly more women, mostly in small and medium-sized cities. It seems that the “factory” hat will take some time to be completely removed.



However, Huawei and Xiaomi have the opposite situation. Huawei's P10, Glory 9, and Xiaomi 6 are mainstream male models, and they mostly live in third-tier cities.


The data on the expression is also very interesting. Vivo, OPPO users like to send love (although this expression will only make me think of the group and sell movies), and millet, Huawei, Samsung, Meizu users love "God trouble dog." The two expressions of “laughing and laughing” and “spreading hands” are also very popular. The Internet can be really helpless.

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