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WWDC 2018 notice: The new products you want to see are all here

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At 1 a.m. on June 5, Beijing time, Apple will hold the annual Global Developer Conference WWDC. According to Apple's past practice, the first day of WWDC will hold a keynote speech and preview new software or related products. I believe that WWDC 2018 will not change this year. It is foreseeable that the new iOS, macOS, watchOS, and tvOS operations will be previewed on the WWDC 2018.

In addition to publishing the future of next-generation operating systems, as WWDC also has a history of releasing new hardware products, Apple is also likely to release new devices at the developer conference. However, the WWDC Developer Conference itself is still focused on software, services, and developers, and Bloomberg recently announced that it is unlikely that a new MacBook or iPad will be released this time. So, at tomorrow morning's WWDC 2018 conference, Apple may release those software and hardware products?

Software and Services

- iOS 12

iOS 12 is bound to be the main theme of the WWDC 2018 conference. According to the past, the preview version of iOS will generally be announced on WWDC. This conference will also focus on previewing some of the major functions of iOS 12, and may also hide some of the features waiting for the next generation of iPhone release in 2018, but each new version of iOS Operating system, Apple will always say that the new system has made a huge leap forward, I believe all people also want to see the continued growth of Apple's iOS system and more possibilities.

However, it has been reported that the iOS 12 update will reduce the scope of update, with only a few new features, because the new version will be more focused on improving security and reliability, BUG repair and improvement, and improve system performance. Initially, Apple had planned to improve the iOS home screen layout, and will also change the core applications, such as cameras, photos, mail, CarPlay interface, etc., but these are postponed until 2019, and iOS 12 will be more focused on the underlying improvements. There will not be too many new features.

Although we do not know what new features iOS 12 will now have, based on the rumor of the first few months of the conference, some small feature updates should be able to guess. For example, to bring more Animoji expressions, Animoji will support FaceTime integration, allowing users to use these animated expressions during video calls. It is said that Apple is developing a multiplayer FaceTime call feature, but it is unclear whether this feature will be unveiled.

iOS 12 may have a major new feature, that is, like the Android P to join a new set of Digital Health digital health tools, so that everyone can get rid of the dependence on the phone, and truly return to real life, enjoy life, promote a more happy life and happy. These functions are similar to the parental control function. Users can check every time they spend on the app on the phone, set how much time is available each day, or completely lock down the use of mobile phones, to ease people’s concerns about smartphone addiction.

At the same time, iOS 12 will enhance the functionality of the Do Not Disturb mode, giving users more options for customizing Do Not Disturb, and perhaps specifying applications or notifications. iOS 12 will also be accompanied by ARKit 2.0. This AR augmented reality tool will open up more AR application experiences, such as support for multi-user AR augmented reality games, allowing virtual objects to have longer persistence in AR scenarios. You can still see etc. at any time.

There is another point that everyone is more concerned about, that is, NFC is more open. Many sources stated that iOS 12's NFC will be further open, allowing third parties to use NFC access and write access, but sensitive information can still only be stored in the Secure Enclave security compartment of the hardware-based crypto engine. Once Apple opens the NFC function, the iPhone will be able to add many new and more useful features, especially based on the two aspects of data transmission and personal authentication. Therefore, in addition to the use of Apple Pay mobile payments, it is possible to brush bus, subway, analog company or hotel access cards, or quickly connect NFC audio peripherals.

According to rumors, iOS 12 will also update some other minor features, such as Face ID support for horizontal orientation recognition, further adjustment of the interface to fit a full screen, stock application redesign, Siri integration into photo search, photos import to iPad interface Modify, improve iBooks applications, and so on, and there are more free iCloud cloud spaces that everyone would expect to see when Apple is generous. As for domestic AI artificial intelligence, iOS 12 will add unique features to the A-chip's neural network engine? With the addition of Google's AI God, will Siri be smarter and capable? These are all unknowns.

In addition, it is alleged that Apple is working hard to implement some new cross-platform features aimed at enabling iOS apps designed for the iPhone and iPad to run on Macs, but according to recent reports, when is this feature actually real? It is still uncertain when it is available. Sources believe that before iOS 13 and macOS 10.15, Apple is unlikely to introduce this feature, so whether it will appear in iOS 12 is still unknown.

Not surprisingly, the beta version of the iOS 12 developer should be available immediately after the conference, and the public beta will be launched soon, at least until the previous iOS arrangement. However, the final official version of iOS 12 will certainly have to wait until after the official release of the new iPhone.

- macOS 10.14

From anecdotal evidence, there are few updates to the currently known macOS 10.14. The cross-platform application support for iOS and macOS mentioned earlier is already uncertain, so we will not repeat it. According to other news, Apple will redesign the Mac App Store application store to make it consistent with the new App Store introduced by iOS 11. At the same time, some applications designed for iOS will also appear on macOS, such as health and family. The app, the new HealthKit and HomeKit are integrated into macOS, paving the way for cross-platform.

In addition, the new Apple File file system may be reflected in macOS 10.14. There is also news about macOS applications, the new system may be hands-on 32-bit applications, in the best case, according to Apple's requirements 32-bit applications may make "compromise", and in the worst case, 32 Bit applications will be phased out of support, and the former are more likely to be, but if you are using a Mac, you should check to see if your favorite application is 64-bit or 64-bit.

In addition, there are too few things that macOS 10.14 can know. Fixing bugs and performance improvements are essential. More features can only be expected at the conference, including the naming of new systems.

- tvOS 12 and watchOS 5

With the exception of iOS 12 and macOS 10.14, we will certainly see updates to tvOS 12 and watchOS 5, but these two platforms have had very little previous news and have not heard of any new features in these software updates. Because from the past update history, the updates of these two platforms are smaller than macOS and iOS, and have not received much attention.

Of course, the update of watchOS 5 may be even more desirable. In addition to the new rainbow dial that has been revealed, it is hoped that there will be more amazing features, or that the characteristics of the next generation of Apple Watch. As a regular update, taking into account Apple Watch's healthier and healthier smart watches, there is still huge potential for development. I believe Apple will further open up in this area so that developers can continue to follow up and strengthen their health. And fitness features, or make it more sporty.

tvOS 12 new system updates may not bring major changes, but if you are a living room 4K Ultra HD content enthusiasts, certainly want to be able to increase support for Dolby Atmos Dolby Surround sound decoding, but also hope to bring more HomeKit smart home integration. In addition, taking into account Apple's huge investment in original programming, the TV app application will eventually need to undergo a major update. At that time, its size may be like Apple's announcement of Apple Music on WWDC in 2015.


As mentioned at the beginning, WWDC has also had a history of releasing hardware, and even some hardware products that may “change everything”. However, although Apple released a series of hardware products in 2017, including the new iPad Pro, the newly upgraded MacBook, MacBook Pro and iMac, but considering that Apple is paying more attention to software this year, especially software technologies such as digital health and AR augmented reality, we It is very likely that you will not see the new hardware.

- MacBook Pro

The possibility of an oversight or silent update is relatively high. After Apple launched its next-generation MacBook Pro in less than a year after the end of 2016, WWDC 2017 Apple updated the production line and replaced it with new performance hardware. Now it is another year, so it may be updated again. The hardware may be on the 8th generation processor, and the GPU upgrade is more moderate. The butterfly keyboard that may be tempted to be improved will not be improved until next year. As for whether or not everyone expects 32GB models, you can only look at Apple's choices. After all, there are a lot of low-voltage chips that don't exceed 16GB of memory support. On the other hand, Apple has been waiting for Intel to advance. Maybe Apple is also a bit impatient.

- iMac 4K and iMac 5K

The same may be silently updated products, because if according to the annual upgrade cycle, it is indeed time to update, it is entirely possible to use the latest and more powerful chips, iMac 4K can be replaced with more core eighth generation Intel chips, and iMac 5K can even consider providing i9 models, providing more powerful performance, specifically when Apple will make such a decision.

- MacBook

Considering that Intel's new eight-generation Y-Series did not make its appearance, it is impossible to purchase a new MacBook with higher performance and lower power consumption with the same architecture. Intel's incomprehensible route plan can only allow Apple to wait again. So at this point in time MacBook updates may be difficult.

- MacBook Air

MacBook Air hasn't been a big update for a long time, only a quiet update in 2017, hardware performance is a bit faster, but nothing more. There have been rumors this year that the MacBook Air will be upgraded with Retina's retina display, but considering that the MacBook already has a retina display, many analysts believe that Apple may cut off the MacBook Air and replace it with a 13.3-inch MacBook. This product is now a mystery.

- iMac Pro and Mac Pro

The possibility of the appearance of these two professional-level products is very small, first iMac Pro was released for more than seven months, and the Mac Pro Apple has been confirmed to be released in 2019, so this year WWDC is likely to upgrade the two products is very likely small.

- Mac mini

On October 16, 2014, this was Apple's last update of the Mac mini. It has been more than 1300 days ago, which means that it has not been updated in about three and a half years. The current sale of the Mac mini is still equipped with a fourth generation Intel Core processor, to know that Intel has now updated to the eighth generation of the product. If Apple is new and unprecedented, we can only think of it as a surprise.

- iPad Pro

There is only a few possibilities. Before a number of documents submitted by Apple to overseas regulators showed that there will be new iOS tablet devices coming soon. This year is indeed the time for the iPad Pro update to mature, because everyone saw that the 2018 6th generation iPad is closer to the 2017 iPad Pro series in some respects, especially CPU performance, and the A11X for the iPad Pro is coming.

The A11X has not yet had a chance to show its face, and the chip is said to have the same general architecture as the A11 chip in the iPhone 8 and iPhone X, but with more cores. The A11 used in the iPhone has 2 high-performance CPU cores, 4 high-efficiency CPU cores, and 3 GPU cores, while the A11X may add an extra high-performance CPU core, 1 to 2 high-efficiency cores, and 2 or more. 3 GPU cores. However, the A11X can also be improved at the highest frequency, making its performance even more crazy.

There have been previous analysis and rumors that the original camera system will appear in the iPad Pro, which supports Face ID's face recognition function. Also, although the appearance of the new iPad Pro hasn't changed much, the borders are narrower, and the original 10.5 and 12.9 inches may be larger thanks to the narrow border, which is more like the full screen feature of the large iPhone X. However, the new iPad Pro is not only leaked by rumors, and it is not surprising that it will not be updated. It should also look forward to the September or October launch.

- HomePod

HomePod is a hardware product that does not require Apple to update every year. Of course, does not rule out Apple's decision to publish a smaller or cheaper version. At present, the HomePod is not selling well on the Internet. Now that it has not reached the holiday shopping season that can drive sales, it is hard to imagine Apple's early release of other versions of this product. I believe that Apple will focus more on HomePod software updates at WWDC, especially smarter Siri, and tell developers how to make HomePod better.

However, there is some domestic news that Apple will launch Beats brand "HomePod", integrated Siri function, as an alternative to the cheap version of HomePod, because the function is almost similar, but only cheaper. There is also news that this product is just a Beats by Dre match product, but the news is unclear, and has not heard of rumors Siri will be integrated into the Beats brand products.

- iPhone SE 2

This year, the iPhone SE 2 news is very popular, no less than the new generation of iPhone in 2018, and so far its rumors continue to ferment. From the perspective of the latest rumors, the so-called iPhone SE 2 design language is similar to the high-end flagship iPhone X, which is equivalent to the "iPhone 5s + X" fit, removing the HOME key and having the same "bangs" on the forehead. It is not small, it may have original camera system, and the back is replaced with a glass backboard, adding wireless charging technology. At the same time, thanks to the ultra-narrow frame design, although the size of its body is comparable to the iPhone SE, it has a larger full-screen view.

It should be noted that the iPhone SE 2 rumors, spy photos, and breaking news, these are basically from China, many are "start a picture" approach, there is not much reliable evidence, and many are more welcome Like the 6.1-inch LCD version of the iPhone prepared by Apple in 2018. So, we can currently hear two different voices. One is that it will surely be released soon. From March to June, this statement is firmly established by many people. Another way to say is that iPhone SE 2 is difficult to debut because Apple has 3 new models in the second half of the year, which consumes a large amount of internal development resources and does not allow the iPhone X to postpone the shipping delay. Therefore, Apple may not have the time to prepare another new iPhone SE 2.

-AirPower and New AirPods Wireless Charging Box

Since September of last year, Apple has been testing the AirPower wireless charging pillow. At the beginning of the year, there was a lot of news that this product will be officially shipped at some point in March. However, this is counterproductive. In the end, the WWDC will meet in June. Will not see AirPower's announcement of IPO? . At the same time, if AirPower comes, the new AirPods wireless charging box may also follow. In addition, there have been reports that Apple has also prepared a new version of AirPods. This version upgrades the wireless chip and supports the activation of “Siri”. If it is ready, it should be available soon.

stay tuned

In any case, with respect to WWDC 2018, the only thing that can be determined is that the software system will definitely preview the new version. As for the hardware products, to be honest, Apple will still be "logical" even if it does not release any new products at the WWDC conference. because

WWDC is focused on developers, usually not as hardware-based conferences, but in 2017 Apple turned it into an accidental hardware feast. In fact, in addition to last year, many years have not been so focused on hardware.

The front-line friend who truly pays attention to the hardware, I believe that more concerned about is the September after the WWDC developer conference, this is a conference focused on the iPhone, and in the past there is also a history of new hardware conference in October. So is there really no explosion in software? Will Apple announce the version of macOS operating system based on ARM processor? Or is it specifically for the iOS version of the laptop?

As we have already answered, no one can tell the exact answer. But according to Apple's ambitions, this seems inevitable, just as Apple suddenly announced in 2006 that it was migrating from a PowerPC like the Intel platform, but this date is up to Apple to decide. If Apple thinks it necessary to reveal some exciting content to developers, then Apple may tell developers that the migration tool is being prepared or is about to be ready for developers to test it.

In short, WWDC 2018 will officially be held tomorrow morning. I believe that at the developer conference focused on "software", Apple will definitely clearly describe the new features or features of iOS, watchOS, tvOS, macOS and other software. Just stay focused. In addition, through the new software, perhaps we can also dig a few new highlights on the whole new generation of iPhone or other hardware devices.

Finally, what are you most looking forward to this WWDC 2018 Apple Developers Conference? Do you think you can hear the word "One More Thing"?

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