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Tencent VS headlines, the last battle of the mobile Internet era?

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Text / three lessons

Author: Huang Can, Zhang Cheng Wing

Starting yesterday, the battle between Tencent and the headlines seems to have officially entered a new phase.

Only yesterday, the tit-for-tat move between the two parties was dizzying.——

At noon, Tencent issued an announcement announcing the formal suing of today’s headlines, claiming 1 yuan and asking both companies to push public apologies in full on their own news media platforms. At the same time announced that it will suspend cooperation with today's headlines and vibrato, such as Tencent in the other party to suspend advertising, Tencent application Po under the headlines today.

On the same day, after testing, today's headlines and chattering button "lost to the circle of friends" has expired or can not be used normally. At the same time, someone broke the news, Tencent has also suspended all advertising on the headline products;


In its official public number, "Shuyin" said that the prosecution may be that of Tencent, a twenty-year-old child, and a gift for Children's Day that is less than two years old. "Blessing micro vision at the same time, I sincerely hope that in this circle of friends without vibrato, micro vision can improve the product, dominate the world. The circle of friends is left to microvision, and the vibrato is also tired. Welcome everyone to continue to record a good life in Shakespeare.

Zhang Yiming responded to Tencent's prosecution in a circle of friends for the first time: Yesterday one day was strange, waiting for more storms.

Tencent’s director of public relations responded in a certain industry group and denied the ban on today’s headline. App shares a circle of friends, saying that it may be an interface issue.

The headline today announced that it has filed a lawsuit against Tencent’s unfair competition.

It seems that the tendency of both sides to come into contact with each other is even fiercer than they thought. Moreover, we can fully believe that this war has only just begun and it is still far from the end of the war.

There are many places worth considering and paying attention to this war that is happening and evolving.


In a sense, the battle between Tencent and the headlines is like the 3Q war 8 years ago.

In September 2010, 360 released the "Privacy Protector" tool for QQ, claiming that it can monitor the exposure of QQ in real time, and claimed that QQ may involve the theft of user privacy. It is an "insecure" software. . Tencent quickly counterattacked this. On October 14, Tencent sued Qihoo Technology for unfair competition on the privacy protection device.

On October 29, 360, the bodyguard buckled up, claiming to prevent QQ from viewing user privacy, and to some extent formed QQ security module "hijacking", downloading exceeded 20 million within 72 hours, Tencent shocked + furious.

On November 3, Tencent released a letter to the majority of QQ users, saying that "We have made a difficult decision" and asked for the user to select one of the QQ software and the 360 ​​software. It must be uninstalled. 360 can continue to use QQ, causing an uproar, known as "3Q Wars".

Eight years ago, Tencent was the dominant player in the industry, 360 was a rising star and a new giant. Today's Tencent is similar to the headline.

Before the 3Q war 8 years ago, Tencent had just suffered an industry torture of “Dog Day” and “Tencent”, and Tencent today has just gone through the challenge of Tencent No Dream.

The war that took place eight years ago took place between the most important products of the two sides. The cause was that one of the two began to be restrained and restrained by the overlord (at the time Tencent began to do "QQ security stewards") and began to fight desperately, eight years later. Today, between Shaken, Headline and WeChat, this is quite the same meaning.

Even the vice president who alleged that headlines are now in charge of PR work is precisely the public relations director of the 360 ​​during the 3Q World War, and the incidents have also rapidly risen to the level of mutual prosecution after mutual rants.

However, if you look at the development of the entire industry, these are all points of view, but they may still not be the most worthy of attention.


The most powerful and well-known conclusion of the 3Q World War 8 years ago is better than the view put forward by Teacher Wu Xiaobo: “3Q World War is the bloodiest last battle in the PC era.”

After this war, there were two major changes in the industry directly.——

After the war, the situation in the PC era settled, and the PC side saw no more dividends and rapid growth. 360 became the last beneficiary of the PC era and was the last giant to grow up rapidly. Since then, under the impetus of technological development, the era of the mobile Internet has come. Everyone has entered the new battlefield and began to compete in a new dimension.

Although Tencent won the lawsuit, it still suffered a great impact and began a comprehensive open strategy. Even Wu Xiaobo still believes that this war has changed the character of Ma Huateng in a certain sense.

The so-called: In history, we can know that the rise and fall. We may wish to use today's possibilities under all kinds of control today.

First of all, today's mobile Internet industry landscape is similar to the PC-side configuration of 8 years ago. The traffic growth space has peaked, the industry structure has stabilized, and emerging products are difficult to handle.

In 2018, the Internet "second half" has become a consensus in the industry. At the beginning of the same year, WeChat announced that its monthly activity has exceeded 1 billion, and it was revealed in the Internet Queen’s report just released the day before yesterday that China Mobile had only 753 million Internet users. This means that every Chinese who owns a smart phone already has a WeChat in their cell phone.


Correspondingly, the red line of China's mobile Internet users has been falling all the way, only 8% this year, setting a new record low.

8 years ago, QQ had a large number of active users and huge traffic, and never imagined that 360 actually had a bloody way out of such a particularly inconspicuous corner. Today’s WeChat is even worse than the QQ of that year. Today’s headline is similar to the temperament and circumstances of the year 360. It is also an unexpectedly rapid development in the near future when the development of the industry is approaching. Rise, also for Tencent's "flow access" status quickly threatened, but also has the ultimate execution and combat effectiveness.

The most important thing is that the vibrato is the same as the 360 ​​of the year. In the face of WeChat and QQ, it is a status of “weak”, not to mention this year's headline is unfavorable. A series of misfortunes is more likely to trigger sympathy in the industry.

Therefore, if the two sides really openly fight with your life and death, the headline will be the same 360 ​​as in the previous year's ——though losing the case, but can use the "hegemony challenge" weak posture to win the user and the industry's huge support and Support, so as to completely lay their own giant status?

Our feeling is that it is not impossible.

In addition, will the era of mobile Internet really be the same as the PC Internet of that year, and after this war, it will quickly come to an end?

At least from the current status quo in the industry, everyone is expecting and calling for the emergence of some new changes. The Internet, which has been particularly stable, and several big overlords and latecomers have no chance, is not sexy and is not worth looking forward to. of.

Therefore, if the industry really ushered in some breakthroughs in new technologies and new applications, the focus of the entire industry will be led to a new battlefield, and it will be a high probability.

However, the war eight years ago completely changed the direction of Tencent’s development of the company. Will it be the same today?


Tencent, which was 8 years ago, is a Tencent that is famous for “plagiarism” and “hegemony”.

In that era, all products, as long as they had just emerged, Tencent would re-engrave with its strong product capabilities, and then optimize, and finally rely on the huge flow of QQ to quickly occupy the market and completely defeat the opponent. Even if the United States Mission Wang Xing, when he heard that Tencent to do group purchase, there will still be "hearing thunder, such as sit on the felt" performance.

The huge public pressure brought about by the 3Q war led Ma to start rethinking Tencent's platform strategy and public attributes, and since then he has begun to fully implement the "open strategy" and started to open his own traffic and platform to more Internet companies. To achieve symbiosis and win-win results. In a sense, this strategy, together with the rise of WeChat, has completely reshaped Tencent's vitality in the mobile Internet era and enabled Tencent to achieve even more dazzling success in the mobile Internet era.

Today, eight years later, although it is not as intense as it was eight years ago, there are signs that Tencent's "hegemonism" once again begins to rise.

Pan chaos mentioned in the article "Tencent Has No Dreams" that Tencent has transformed itself from an internet company into an investment company — — has the largest APP in China, back-end data can see almost all industry information For Tencent, it is wise to look at which industry and buy the entire track directly. No plagiarism is required.

If you want analogy, then QQ's competitive development strategy is to copy all the software that can be copied on the market, and today's Tencent buys all the circuits that can be invested, and then provides its own traffic to the partners. ; & mdash; As for the lack of supply of Tencent traffic products may be pessimistic and anxious.

Therefore, if this war really makes Tencent back to "Backs of Hegemony," "Monopoly" and the "Monopoly," the name of Ten Thousand, Tencent can still self-evolution? If so, where will it go this time?

This is an interesting but unanswered question.


The above talks are all about the outlook. Next, you may wish to return to the center of the battlefield.

At present, purely on the strength and the two sides move out, the headlines are undoubtedly in an absolute weakness, and people have blocked your circle of friends to share and undoubtedly cut off a huge flow of traffic. Conversely, in terms of vibrato, it seems that apart from issuing two statements, there is no concrete tactical measure that can substantially influence and hit each other.

However, headlines are by no means a complete opportunity.

Generally speaking, in a dispute, unless the strong has a very tenable moral position, in most cases people will sympathize with the weaker, and the strong ones will have a little more “hegemonic-oriented” actions. Easily exposed.

Taking into account products such as headlines, chatter, etc., in the Internet industry in the past two years, all in the context of no background and dryness, they have achieved market recognition and rapid growth with the ability of the products themselves. WeChat for headlines Measures such as vibrato, etc. are more likely to be seen as the market leader's suppression of the latecomers for the protection of their own commercial interests.

Against this background, it may be that the headline achieves a “combination” with a series of industry allies forming the best opportunity for Tencent to launch a full-scale attack.

Previously, some mobile phone manufacturers have already formed a "fast program" alliance for small programs, and in the near future, they have accused Tencent of various content companies and social companies (such as unfamiliarity), and may also have the opportunity to become headlines. “ Alliance object ”.

Of all potential allies, the fighting power is the most powerful, and there is no better target for Tencent than Ali.

Yesterday, Tencent sued the headline after the incident, the first time, Wang Shuai, Chairman of the Public Relations Committee of Ali Group immediately in the microblogging headline, can not help but imagination.


And then linked to the industry some time ago, "Ali shares headlines", the space that can be associated with this matter will become more & mdash;— to extremes, we do not rule out its behind, may help headlines All the way to the Ali camp. In this context, the headline battle with Tencent will in fact become a new continuation of the battle of AT for many years.

If so, the mobile Internet era may indeed be announced completely.


Look back at the two focus products in the storm.

We have a great deal of sympathy and support for Treble and other headline products that have been blocked.

Even if we don't like the recommendation algorithm and content orientation of some headline products, and how disagreement has caused the chatter and headline products, as a latecomer, Chatter won today in just two years. The results are still impressive. Considering that vibrato has encountered Weibo and WeChat in the course of its development, it can still become a new entry-level product, which is even more commendable.

The rapid growth of a series of APPs such as headlines, chattering sounds, watermelon video, volcano videos, and the understanding of Chedi, which was launched today by the headline team, have shown to the market that the headline has developed a highly reproducible and highly applicable The product growth strategy of today's Internet in China is truly admirable.

A dead pool of water that completely lost new possibilities and competition is doomed to be boring. From this perspective, we feel that the Internet needs to be brought up with new possibilities. We also need to continue to see the emergence of such products as chatter.

On the other side, micro viewing is full of pressure.

In the reply article of the chatter, there is such a paragraph:

"The seven-year-old WeChat has already shouldered too much of Tencent's expectations. It is not easy to keep open and connect. The little brothers in the Penguin family hope he can pull one and send one. After all, WeChat or Tencent's site still needs to give obedient youngsters "ecology," "connected." ”

In fact, this also reflects the position of micro vision.

In the previous struggle, WeChat has always been strongly supporting micro-vision, and vibrato is the place that has been under pressure. This makes Microview naturally stand in a relatively negative position.

“3 Billion Subsidy ” & ldquo;Friend Circle Videos Directly Introduced to Micro Views ”, “Comprehensively Blocked Major Website Video Sharing “……

Tencent can't be ignored for microvision, but looking back at the Internet industry in the past ten years, when a giant company wants to set the power of the whole company to do a high-flying task in the short term, it really There is a precedent for success.

For example, you may be able to quickly think of the past year, Yi Xin, Yi Xun, and even Alipay's social module.

From this perspective, the development path of micro vision is doomed to be rugged and not going too well.


In the end, Tencent and headline battles are clearly just beginning to unveil the most fierce curtain. They are also destined to have more unpredictable backhands.

Even the war may run through 2018.

After all, behind it, there is still a dispute over traffic entry.

As practitioners and spectators who have expectations of the industry, what we want to express most is still that sentence: Thanks to the Internet in 2018, although the waves of entrepreneurship have passed, we can still see similar US missions. , Tencent VS headlines are so uproarious and worthy of a long-lasting war.

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