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Games, education, VR... The little overlord's feelings remain but the competitiveness is worrying.

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Today's International Children's Day, adults seem to be more excited than children, although they have neither holidays nor gifts, but a group of friends after the 8090 as if overnight all young 10 years old, one by one shouting who is not a baby.

Childhood will always be the best time in our memory, and some of the good things in this time have become feelings, and these feelings have become a major selling point for many enterprises, especially those old brands that have returned to the market. For example, in many of the best memories of the 1980s and 90s, Super Mary, Soul, Takahashi celebrities, tank wars and so on will definitely have a place. As a result, some consoles will come back, such as once.

In April of this year, the company announced that it would return to the game market, and to create a game console and game platform that emphasizes player experience. To tell you the truth, I even thought it was a fake news at that time. Who knows for more than a month, the new product of Xiao overlord has news, according to the interface news reports that the long - rumored game machine for the small overlord has been completed and will be open. It is reported that the new machine will play the main role in VR education and Games competition.

Because the news broke out before the 61 children's day, many people were reminded of their childhood thoughts and remembered the time when they sat in front of the TV and rubbed the red and white machine. However, this feeling seems to have been played out and even turned into a derogatory term. Then can a small overlord with numerous aura reborn in the new generation of young people?

Do you remember the cassette in the bag?


As Duan Yongping's first venture, the game console can be said to carry almost all of today's post-80s childhood. In an era when PC games and console games were not widespread, the bully of Shanzhai FC quickly became the most desired gift for every boy with its relatively low prices and excellent publicity.

One of the most important things to go to school every day is to take his own cassette and exchange it with his classmates. Then the first thing to go home is to start turning over the box and finding out the little tyrant who didn't know where the grandparents were hiding in the corner.

However, with the gradual tightening of the domestic video game industry and the rise of PC games, the little overlord was eliminated by the times, and Duan Yongping, the soul who founded it, has already started a new venture (BBK). In addition to a variety of game machines, Xiao overlord has also done a lot of new products, constantly trying diversified operations, doing VCD, re reading machines and a lot of white electricity, but after all, they did not copy their original brilliance.

Despite all the hardships, fortunately, the brand of "little bully" still exists, so that's the return of today.

Back to the high-end game console of this time, as early as 2016, this machine had already been reported. At that time, Xiao hegemon and AMD signed an exclusive cooperation agreement, and the two sides jointly invested more than 400 million yuan in customizing an exclusive AMD authorized chip. To allow the bully to enter the cultural and educational market, this is to inherit the original tyrant learning machine, try again to pass through

In addition, at the time of VR technology, Xiao overlord also tried to lay out the new VR industry by introducing VR hosts and high-end game hosts. The VR host was also exposed recently. According to the news of the interface, the machine was named

At first glance, from the current exposure, the new machine is really strong enough, but the hardware configuration is never a decisive factor in the game market. Software ecology is the most critical part of the success or failure, and it doesn't seem to give us enough surprises.

The new bully is still the same.


Game ecology is the core competitiveness, with enough excellent games is the focus as an independent game console. That's why Microsoft's Xbox series, Sony's PS series and Nintendo's mainstream gaming platforms are spending a lot of money on game development and as many great game studios as possible. So-called decision

What we'd like to see more about the new layout of the software ecology than the brightest hardware configuration, but unfortunately, there seems to be no surprise in the news of the current exposure.

According to the existing news, the system level in the new machine will use a dual system, one is the standard win10 (what is the difference with the traditional PC?) The second is the SUBORVR education platform based on win10 deep customization. Let's start with that standard win 10, the SUBOR VR education platform based on the win10 depth customization (I don't know why it's always reminded of the Android deep custom TNT) that was not just a system built for the game. As a game console, but not a specialized game system, it is hard not to worry about its future game adaptation.


In fact, similar problems have been committed earlier, many domestic game manufacturers are in the game ecological construction, which is more famous is the former ax game host, the same is the cool appearance, the same is a bad system, the axe game host is ultimately not recognized by the market. As it happens, Wu Song is the head of the project to push the small overlord games, and Wu Songzheng is the founder and CSO of the original axe Technology (now blue port technology).

We understand that it is very difficult to build a perfect game ecology, but we also know that it is the soul of a game host, without the soul, and the cool appearance, and the strong configuration is the castle in the air. After all, as a game console, even the game experience is not excellent enough.

In addition, as a VR education platform, what kind of height can the technology be achieved?

As we all know, after two years of development, VR is no longer the original hot tuyere. Apart from giants, few companies still insist. One of the important reasons is that the VR technology at the present stage is not yet mature enough, and the degree of commercialization is still at a relatively low level. At the same time, VR is a field that needs capital investment and technical support very much, so a big investment, long cycle, and the test of players' capital and technical strength is obviously not a small enterprise. The industry can afford it.

Obviously, Xiao overlord is not such a company with strong funds and technical support, so it can finally come up with what kind of VR products, the market is still full of doubts.

Concluding remarks

We really miss the little bully, but more of it is to miss the feeling of playing games with a child with her childhood friends, and not really miss the machine itself. Feelings are indeed good things that can evoke users, but feelings also need a good enough and perfect work to support them. Otherwise, I'm afraid I will only smash my signboard. Now, the feeling of little bully is such a feeling of full score, but not enough strength.

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