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ASUS ROG gaming experience: This is probably the most perfect hardware game phone.

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Sohu science and technology / Lv Linxuan

This year, the game cell phone has become the focus of all the families, the traditional game gene "lamp factory" Razer pushed the game cell phone, the mobile brand Nubian pushed the game cell phone, and the first product cut into the black shark of the game cell phone, and a game cell phone became the new hot word of the cell phone circle.

How does ROG PHONE break through? After listening to the explanation and picking up the phone, I think the answer is obvious enough.

Using professional game computer thinking to make mobile phones, hardware is invincible.

845? ROG said: not enough!

ROG took the lead in working with Qualcomm to customize the over-frequency Cellon 845 chip with a main frequency of up to 2.96Ghz, which has become one of the most powerful chips in the Qualcomm camp. At the same time, ROG PHONE also uses the memory combination of LPDDR4 8 UFS 2.1 512GB. In the aspect of hardware, the top match is achieved.

ASUS has provided a complete set of running data as a reference, the rabbit rabbit runs 304183 points, 3D Mark, PC Mark, GFXbench 4 scores are more than similar game mobile competition products.

After the hardware stack to the top allocation, how to make heat dissipation become the key. ROG PHONE, for the first time, miniaturized the heat dissipation technology used in professional games computers, 3D Vapor-chamber (3D vacuum chamber hot plate technology), which is 16 times the heat dissipation area of traditional mobile phones.

At the same time, ROG PHONE with carbon cooling board (carbon cooling pad) and copper plate heat dissipation, basically in accordance with the thinking of professional game PC to deal with the heat dissipation of the game cell phone, can improve the efficiency of heat dissipation by 60%. The biggest advantage of this is that it strengthens the use of mobile phones in the most powerful state.

If the cell phone is overheated, it will actively reduce the frequency to protect the mobile phone, thus the game experience will be discounted, and through a series of computer level heat dissipation, ROG PHONE can maximize the peak performance of the mobile phone, which is 5 times higher than the duration of the normal cell phone.

Of course, it is not surprising that ROG PHONE also marks a radiator Extra Cooling Boost, which can further optimize the performance of heat dissipation, and the radiator also supports the "Shen Guang" system of "the eyes of the losing house".

In addition, in the signal aspect, the rog PHONE uses the combination of 2x2 MIMO 4x4 MIMO, and this product supports Bluetooth 5.0 and NFC, which is almost the highest possible in hardware.

Appearance: ROG blood, reappearance of God

ROG PHONE, in appearance, is a very typical game cell phone, using metal elements and angular lines to reflect the style of hard core games, which is abnormally full on the ROG PHONE.

The whole back of the fuselage is silver gray, in the middle of the ROG logo, and the logo still supports the ROG system of the divine light after opening the game mode, which can change a variety of colors.

There are two prism modeling regions, one is 1200w 800w double photo module, the other is fingerprint recognition. The design is very skillful. At the same time, it is separated by the prism line, and can still find the region quickly when blind touch.

On the side, two metal copper plates were exposed. In communication with the ASUS staff, it was found that the area was originally designed as a heat dissipation area, but because of the original position of the hand, the area was simply used to decorate the heat dissipating structure of the internal copper plate.

On the front side, the cell phone has symmetrical designs, with gold speakers at the top and bottom for decoration. What is worth mentioning is this screen, using 6 1080P Ultra-fast AMOLED material, while maintaining the 90Hz refresh rate, the screen speed can be doubled, and support the full scene HDR.

The whole mobile phone holds the hand, but because of the hardware configuration of the whole machine, the mobile phone is more obvious than the ordinary mobile phone.

Special for games? ROG PHONE smashed the pain points of these mobile phones

ROG PHONE also has some more pain killing solutions for gamers.

The first is the connection between the power line and the headphone line. The general mobile phone has a power interface and a 3.5mm interface at the bottom or at the top. The bad thing is that if you play the game horizontally, it can cause a lot of inconvenience to the player. Therefore, the ROG PHONE side to the Extra Cooling Boost interface is also suitable for type-C, in other words, the user can charge directly on the side, without any effect on the operation, and Extra Cooling Boost even has a type-C and 3.5mm interface to ensure that the connection can also be charged and earphone monitor games while connecting Boost.

The second is the use of side pressure operation. This is not the first ASUS ROG PHONE, but in fact, HTC has been selling it for two generations in a row, but ASUS has used it in a more specific and useful scene.

The first is the way to open the game mode. Almost all game phones have such a setting to release all hardware capabilities. On the main screen, by pressing both sides of the fuselage, the whole UI will turn from gray to red, and even the press on the corresponding screen will have red feedback, just as it is really squeezed to the screen.

Side pressure sensing is very important for games. Remember before you use the chewing gum paper to play chicken game.videoIs it? ROG PHONE is almost able to bring its own plug-ins from hardware. In some specific games, pressing ROG PHONE side can achieve the corresponding operation effect. If this function is open to the shootout game, its operation will be further enhanced.

There is also a problem of battery life and charging and heating. Rock PHONE has a large 4000mAh battery and supports QC4 fast charging, but thanks to the application of ROG HYPERCHARGE technology, it does not cause the phone to become hot when charged. Mobile phone can be charged while maintaining peak performance to complete the game.

Ambition is to build an ecology

As a traditional game hardware brand, the emergence of ROG PHONE is not simply to show hard power in the field of mobile phone. ROG PHONE has very rich peripherals, and these peripherals directly make ROG PHONE the core of getting through PC games, host games and mobile games.

First of all, Twinview Dock, as the name suggests, this product will let ROG PHONE have two screens, second screens can be used to present the different content of the game, can also be used to present different information, similar to the AB screen relationship, its product form can be easily reminiscent of Nintendo NDS.

The next is the Mobile Desktop Dock, which is equivalent to a docking station connecting PC, which allows the cell phone to be converted to a PC - side game, which can be operated by a mouse. Such a docking station has already appeared in many friends, such as HUAWEI and Samsung, but ROG PHONE

Finally, WiGig Dock, by connecting the TV, makes the mobile phone become an extension handle, which is more suitable for the living room with TV.

Through the perfect accessories, ROG PHONE embodies more rich playability, and even makes it easy to think of breaking the Switch of the console console's secondary wall. The root of the problem, however, is that the Switch's software and hardware ecology is not fragmented, and ROG PHONE is faced with a fragmented and extremely serious bottom of the Android, how to make the gameDevelopmentTo adapt to the various modes of ROG PHONE is obviously the key to achieving playability.

The final suspense and the problem to be solved

The "black eye" has once again demonstrated its hardware strength, but the price of this mobile phone and its accessories will not be low according to the pricing practice of the ROG computer. At the same time, the more important thing is that if we enter the mainland market, one of the keys to overcome ROG PHONE is software ecology.tencentNetEase, and other domestic game factories do well in relations, but also need to adjust the system level according to the user habits of mainland China.

Compared with the ROG computer era, the Windows system is attracting new attention, and Android's system optimization is obviously another major problem ROG needs to face.

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