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WWDC 2018: The "softest" developer conference, but people can not help but want to upgrade the family bucket

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This year's WWDC did not appear in any of the hardware in the forecast, but a series of software updates is still full of expectations, eager to try.

As Apple's technology conference for developers, hardware never seems to be the focus of the WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference), and software ecosystems such as OS and AR around the hardware are the core content of this conference. This year's WWDC has even taken this tradition to the extreme and released software updates for iOS, macOS, and WatchOS. Fortunately, these softwares are surprising enough and not disappointing.

Once you wake up, take a look at the main points of the WWDC that Geek Park has taken for you. Quickly catch up with you and see what happened last night. What Apple has brought to the world is worth looking forward to.

Watch the conference video in 3 minutes:Https://v.qq.com/iframe/player.html?vid=d0677m35isu&tiny=0&auto=0

Conference Information Lite:

1, iOS 12: speed increase, smarter album search, Siri transform voice Workflow, Animoji increase pinch face function, mobile phone do not interfere strengthen

2. macOS Mojave: New night mode, automatic desktop finishing, redesigned App Store, computer and mobile phone transmission

3. Watches: Add yoga and mountain climbing programs, new incentives, good friends, walkie-talkies, podcasts

4, AR: support for multiple AR, new file format USDZ, LE version of LEGO World

iOS 12: Unlike version iterations, which are mainly updates and enhancements to existing features

There was less news about iOS 12 before the conference and it looks like the update will not be too big. From the press conference, this new system does not change in appearance design, but the update of functions is still very rich. iOS 12 is more about improvements and enhancements to existing features. To be honest, this is not like a large iteration of the version, but more like a follow-up update of iOS 11.

The first is the increase in speed. The iOS 12 application launch speed increased by 40%, keyboard response increased by 50%, and camera startup increased by 70%.


Apple's photo album has been following the footsteps of Google Photos. This time is no exception. Smarter search suggestions, you can search by time, place, things, etc., or even combine multiple search criteria. There is also the For You feature that will automatically display the photos you took last year today, the photos of a certain place, and give sharing suggestions. All of these are pulling closer to Google Photos.


Siri combined with application operations: Voice version of Workflow

Siri has been able to interact with many applications and can also understand the user's voice commands. This time Apple used a combination of applications called Shortcuts to understand them as a voice version of Workflow. For example, you can set the phrase "I lost the key" and Siri automatically activates Tile (a Lost and Found App) to find the key.

In fact, this is similar to the young lover who was updated in MIUI 10 a few days ago. It uses voice commands to control the voice assistant to perform a series of automated operations. You can customize the phrase that triggered the command, and what Siri wants to do. Shortcuts also provide a lot of workflows that have already been set. For example, if you say to Siri, "I'm going home," Siri will automatically help you plan the best route to go home. Shortcuts became a connector between Siri and the application, combining simple voice commands with complex application operations. From this perspective, Siri became even more powerful as a tool.


This is exactly the opposite of what Google wants to do. Apple uses Siri as a tool to pursue its use. Google is trying to make Google Assistant an artificial intelligence that allows the algorithm to do everything for you.

Focus on mobile phone dependence: Do not disturb, notify and use time

Similar to previous speculations, Apple also began to pay attention to people’s dependence on mobile phones. The first is the new Do Not Disturb mode. You can set the Do Not Disturb mode to be turned on or off at a fixed time and place. The screen will dim during Do not Disturb and hide all notifications. Then iOS 12 notifications can finally be collapsed. You can have more ways to manage notifications, group notifications, timed notifications, and more. Finally, iOS 12 also provides a tool for you to see how you use your device, how many games you play each day, how many videos you watch, and how many notifications you receive. Parents can also use Family Sharing to view and manage their children’s mobile usage.


These updates are similar to this year's Google I/O 2018. Everyone is starting to pay attention to digital health. As we analyzed before, the anti-indulgence of mobile phones is a temporary solution. This matter is for Apple and Google. Doing and customizing management from the system level will be more feasible.

Animoji who can pinch face

The most amazing thing about this time is that Animoji has become more fun. Animoji added tongue detection, as well as new Memoji features, in fact, pinching the face. You can create a custom image of your own, choose skin color, hairstyle, glasses, earrings and other dresses. Then you can use these images in FaceTime chats.


Now, FaceTime can also perform group video like chat software, supporting up to 32 people. You can join video chat with iPhone, iPad, Mac, and even Apple Watch.


Other updates include: Apple Books has been redesigned to make it easier to discover books and audiobooks; Apple News has made it easier to discover new channels and topics; stock applications have come on the iPad and added news features; voice memos are also Can be used on the iPad and iCloud support added.

macOS Mojave: Probably the biggest surprise for this WWDC

As predicted by everyone before the conference, macOS appeared on the big screen as the last item of this WWDC. Continuing the previous naming convention, the next version of macOS still uses the geographical name of the United States as its code name, Mojave (Mojave Desert), which is currently open for beta and will be released in the fall.


The macOS updates include: Adding night mode, redesigning the Mac App Store, adding desktop stacks, adding Gallery View features to the Finder, and enhancing Safari's security.

Many mobile phones now have night mode functionality, but Apple hasn't really introduced it to Macs. This time joining the night mode is undoubtedly a very practical update for users.


As with the overall idea on mobile phones, in the night mode, the entire UI interface will be darkened, and Mac built-in software such as mail, maps, calendars will also be synchronized. It is worth mentioning that the screen content can be displayed normally in this mode, so you do not need to worry about the situation that will affect the use.

Compared to the iOS App Store, the Mac App Store is significantly slower to update. After this update, in addition to changes in the UI interface, it is also more convenient to use (easier to help you find the latest updated application). At the same time, applications such as Microsoft Office 365 and Adobe's Lightroom CC will also be available.


The desktop stack function is more practical for users who do not often take care of the desktop. It can automatically stack files into neat groups based on file types. Of course, you can also customize the stack to pass other files such as dates and tags. Attributes to sort.

The more interesting point is that the new version of macOS has improved the Finder. With the introduction of Gallery View functionality, you can quickly get to know the contents of the file through the preview window. At the same time, it allows users to perform operations such as quickly rotating and cropping images without having to open the application.


May be affected by the Facbook outbreak of the security crisis of confidence, this time Apple has made many changes in security. Under the new version of macOS, when browsing webpages through Safari, it will ask you in the form of a dialog box whether you allow relevant websites to call your personal information such as location or contact, and will not allow it by default.


It is worth mentioning that macOS Mojave provided applications on the Mac for the first time including News, Stocks, Voice Memos and Home. And programs such as news, stocks, voice memos, and home apps were brought to macOS.

Two of them are not big in our opinion, but new features that are very helpful for improving work efficiency appear in macOS Mojave. Among them, the new screenshot function is similar to iOS's operation logic. When you take a screenshot, a “thumbs up” icon will appear. After clicking, some quick-tag icons will appear. The whole operation process is more simple and convenient.


Another very special point is that this time it introduced the Continuity Camera function, which allows Mac users to take photos or scan nearby documents directly on the iPhone or iPad and instantly display them on the Mac, reducing the number of intermediate transfer processes.


On the whole, in addition to the changes brought about by the UI interface in macOS Mojave, we think its more important point is to further emphasize the linkage between mobile phones and computers, which is probably what Apple wants to achieve in the future. Product logic.

Apple Watch: All-round to help you healthier

Cooke was on stage and first introduced that Apple Watch had become the first customer satisfaction product last year, and compared to the previous year, the Apple Watch sales in 2017 increased by 60%, although there was no mention of sales. As early as the first quarter of this year, it was reported that the total sales volume in 2017 exceeded 17.7 million, which is astonishing.


Considering that Apple Watch has joined operators and launched eSIM functions in many countries and regions, the practicality of Apple Watch has been further enhanced. It's no wonder that Cooke talked about Apple Watch saving a lot of users. When physical health is at risk, they use a watch to call Siri and ask for emergency help. This is naturally a great feature. For Apple, this updated watchOS 5 has more changes in the two levels of health and connectivity:


The first is the new health function. watchOS 5 has added many new sports programs, including Yoga and Hiking. It also provides new motivational mechanisms for sports, such as adding new achievements badges, daily and weekly different achievements, etc. The most interesting thing is to let you and other friends perform exercise competitions to see who is more active.


Second, watchOS 5 made a better design for outdoor sports. The data is more detailed and can remind you to turn on the sport tracking function (when you forget) after you start running, and when you finish the exercise, it will remind you to end in time.


Siri Watch Face is similar to the Siri upgrade on iOS 12. This is a dial, but it not only shows the time, it also gathers your day's itinerary. It's all about planning your daily itinerary after associating with Siri, so that you can understand the planned life, oh yes, If you ask questions on a watch from now on, you don’t need to say “Hey Siri” any more. Ask questions directly.


The walkie-talkie (Walkie-Talkie) allows the two watches to talk directly over Wi-Fi or cellular networks. The feature is similar to a walkie-talkie. After pressing, it can be spoken and sent to the other party. It is quick and direct, especially the communication between family members is more convenient and fun, and the action of taking out the mobile phone is also saved.


In addition to listening to songs on the watch online, watchOS 5 has added podcasting capabilities. You can listen to your watch on the cellular network or listen to it, and use Siri to search for favorite shows.

watchOS 5 also supports the function of serving as a student card. In the United States campus, students only need to wear an Apple Watch to complete various operations such as eating, laundry, and borrowing books. From this fall, they will support Duke University and the University of Alabama. More schools will be deployed by the end of this year.


In addition to the system upgrade, Apple Watch has added a new rainbow strap and dial image to celebrate the arrival of Pride Day (Gay Rights Day) on the last Sunday in June, and three solid sports straps have been added to the new strap set. .

AR: Apple launches ARKit 2, a more powerful experience

AR has always been one of the areas of software ecology that Apple is currently concerned about. ARkit has long been the world’s largest AR developer platform. Today, Apple officially launched the ARKit 2 platform, which supports sharing of AR experiences (multiple people AR). Many companies will support USDZ, including: Adobe, Autodesk, Sketchfab, ptc, Quixel.


Thanks to ARKit2's support, the sharing experience makes AR more interesting and appealing on iPhones and iPads. Developers can also add viewer mode to get friends and family to get the best view of AR games from different iOS devices.


ARKit 2 also extends support for image detection and tracking, which allows AR to experience a more realistic mixed experience of the virtual world and the real world. According to this function, an app named Measure was introduced. It can use the AR technology to quickly measure the length of a real-world object through a camera.


At the same time, Apple and Pixar together released a new open file format for the AR: USDZ, which aims to allow AR to integrate deeper into the iOS system. This format is optimized for applications such as messaging, Safari, mail, documents, and news, while retaining powerful graphics and animation capabilities. Using USDZ also allows users to put 3D objects into the real world to see how something in a space works.


In the conference, the most eye-catching is the live demonstration of the cooperation between Apple and Lego. In the demo, after identifying the LEGO toys on the desktop through the iPad's camera, an AR world of LEGO will be created. Users can use the iPad to control their AR virtual characters in this LEGO world for a variety of operations, including Walking, shopping, talking …… and so on are like playing an RPG game. More importantly, you can play with your peers, and this multi-player AR game can save progress and continue playing afterwards. It doesn't have to start every time you open it.

In addition, on tvOS, Apple also made some minor upgrades, supporting Dolby Panorama sound and more beautiful picture wallpapers, but the overall change was minor.

A WWDC with no hardware release will inevitably make the day and night fruit powder disappoint. However, what really deserves attention is perhaps Apple's drastic improvement and balance of its own ecosystem. From the in-depth adjustment of each platform, Apple will undoubtedly lay a new foundation for the upgrading of many hardware, and will not go too fast and lose balance. This gives us more reason to look forward to the conference in September this year, and wait and see it together .

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