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Interpretation of Alibaba Cloud AI Product Matrix: The goal is to create the strongest cloud computing capabilities in China

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At the recent Yunnan Alibaba Summit in Wuhan, the Alibaba Cloud AI product matrix debuted as the finale. This is the first time Alibaba Cloud has exposed the artificial intelligence product family, the full-scale public AI product system, AI as Alibaba Cloud, and even Ali. An important part of the Baba Group's technology application and market strategy, carrying what Ali think?

AI product matrix full debut

The industry’s current expectations for AI are not the same. Some companies hope that AI can enable robots to explore nature, establish natural and comparable digital nervous systems, or overcome major diseases and other ambitious goals. Although these imaginations are beautiful, they need The continuous massive investment of manufacturers and long-term research will not be completed at this stage.

Aliyun's thinking about AI is different. In the recent Alibaba Cloud Summit Wuhan Summit, Alibaba Cloud Product Director He Yunfei stated that the Alibaba internally verified AI production technology has brought the ability of actual efficiency improvement to the Alibaba Cloud platform. It is the most convenient API way for all companies to easily obtain AI capabilities. This is Alibaba Cloud's strategy and thinking at the AI ​​level.

Lei Fengnet learned that Alibaba Cloud has launched AI products since 2015, including voice recognition, as well as more than 130 subdivided products such as image recognition and visual recognition, which are suitable for over 300 scenarios.

In this conference, Alibaba Cloud released a number of new AI products or enhanced versions. These are: printed word recognition, video AI-retina, face recognition, image recognition, intelligent speech interaction, machine learning PAI, and natural language processing.

  • Printed word recognition: A new function of Alibaba Cloud OCR brings new upgrades to identity cards, business licenses, etc., new document image identification, e-commerce image recognition, video text recognition, and industry solutions. Typical application scenarios include automatic identification and extraction of document information, text recognition in natural scenes, documentation or promotion: text detection and identification in data.

  • AI·Retina: Based on Alibaba Cloud's distributed computing and streaming media processing capabilities, machine learning, pattern recognition, and computer vision are used to recognize faces, celebrities, stars, and other characters. In addition, the retina has many capabilities such as video classification, multi-modality analysis, tag prediction, and video content review, which can effectively improve video distribution and management efficiency. Relying on the retina, the content of the video has been completely structured. When we analyze video, we no longer rely on human resources but rely on artificial intelligence.

  • Face recognition: includes independent service modules such as face detection and location, face attribute recognition, and face matching, which can provide developers and companies with high-performance online API services for face AR, face recognition, and authentication. Large-scale face search, photo management and other scenarios.

  • Image recognition: based on big data and deep learning, it can accurately identify the visual content in the image, including thousands of object tags, dozens of common scenes, etc., and includes online API service modules such as image marking, scene classification, and yellowing. Applied to intelligent photo album management, picture classification and retrieval, picture security monitoring and other scenarios. Widely used in smart image management, video marking and other scenes, can automatically identify dozens of common scenes in the image, such as sky, grass, people, etc., to achieve automatic image management, grouping and search functions, can be large images Library for intelligent management. Accurately identify pornographic content in images, prevent risks associated with pornography, and save labor costs.

  • Multi-modal voice interaction: With multi-modal perception intelligence such as voice, vision, and scene awareness, as well as fluent dialogues, multi-round multi-intent spoken language understanding, and business knowledge map adaptive cognitive intelligence, applicable to AI cashiers and subway voices Ticket machines and other scenes.

  • Machine Learning Platform PAI: A machine learning algorithm platform based on Alibaba Cloud Distributed Computing Engine helps businesses from the BI era into the AI ​​era at a very low cost. The real artificial intelligence is at hand and is now commercially available. Behind Alibaba Cloud's machine learning algorithm platform is Alibaba's algorithmic scientist and Alibaba Cloud's technical support team. Products have many advantages, such as good interaction design, high quality, rich machine learning algorithms, perfect coordination with Ali products, one-stop machine learning experience, support for mainstream deep learning framework, and high-quality technical support.

  • Natural language processing: The core tools for text analysis and excavation provided by various companies and developers have been widely used in many businesses such as e-commerce, culture and entertainment, finance, and logistics. The Natural Language Processing API can help users build smart products such as content search, content recommendation, public opinion recognition and analysis, text structuring, and dialogue robots, and can also customize personalized solutions through cooperation.

It is not once or twice that the AI ​​industry is accused of having a bubble, but it also allows industry professionals to rationally look at the emerging technology of AI. From the perspective of the realization of Alibaba Cloud's products, its early pre-judgment to the development of industry trends, attached great importance to the application of AI industry, also proposed the concept of "industrial AI".

Alibaba Cloud President Hu Xiaoming called on the industry to precipitate AI technology into the industry and not to become a marketing vocabulary for hype stock prices. Whether it is coffee ordering or subway ticketing, Alibaba Cloud makes AI play a valuable role in real industrial scenarios. This is more meaningful and more vital than those AI in the lab.


According to Lei Feng network, in addition to the solution, Alibaba Cloud also introduced the ET brain, including the ET city brain, the ET industrial brain, and the ET medical brain. At present, the industrial brain of ET has helped industrial manufacturing companies to create billions of profits. The brains of ET cities have landed in cities such as Hangzhou, Macau and Kuala Lumpur, and have assumed responsibilities such as traffic optimization and safe cities.

Cloud +AI landing

Goldman Sachs puts forward the four drivers of AI's value creation: talent, data, infrastructure, and computing power. He Yunfei stated at the scene that the three core boosters of AI are: the capabilities of the AI ​​platform, the capabilities of the AI ​​ecosystem, and the capabilities of AI computing.

In fact, the two have the same logic, but the perspective is different, the core is how to promote cloud + AI integration through various factors. Cloud computing provides powerful elastic computing and storage capabilities, resulting in a huge amount of data. AI is capable of providing fast and accurate processing of large amounts of data. With the continuous advancement of machine learning and deep learning applications, the value of data explosion can be created. . Of course, strong cloud computing power is the basis of all this.

Actually, it is not just Aliyun. Other vendors are implementing the strategic integration of Cloud+AI. "The change brought by cloud + artificial intelligence is just like the innovation brought by electric + computer." Ma Huateng once said so; "The concept of artificial intelligence is more and more generalized, the key is still in use, and AI is in the enterprise's industry." Landing is the company's intelligence. “Huawei Cloud CEO Zheng Ye Lai also emphasized.

According to IDC's "Guidelines for expenditures on global semi-annual cognition and artificial intelligence systems", during the 2016-2021 forecast period, the CAGR of cognitive and artificial intelligence system expenditure is expected to reach 50.1%. By 2021, global cognitive and artificial intelligence (AI) system spending is expected to reach US$ 57.6 billion. At the same time, some data indicate that the scale of China's cloud computing industry will increase to RMB430 billion in 2019.

What cloud computing brings about is the innovation of IT infrastructure capabilities. AI is like the Internet providing unlimited imagination. Eventually it will burst out in a variety of real-world application scenarios. In the overall industry chain, Alibaba Cloud plays more of it. The basic role of the technology provider is upwardly larger number of application companies.

Alibaba Cloud provides developers with multiple AI development platforms, including Robot Factory Platform, Machine Learning PAI Platform, ALiIE Platform, NUI Natural Interaction Platform, NLP Platform, ALiGenie Voice Open Platform, Alibaba Translation Platform, Visual Intelligent Diagnosis “ & rdquo; Platform. ALiGenie AR open platform.


At the same time, Alibaba Cloud and nearly 100 eco-partners jointly developed AI intelligence, involving software and hardware companies. Alibaba Cloud also officially released the Tianchi Developer Program at this conference, allowing developers to learn AI for free and form Positive and positive closed loop of knowledge realization and technology upgrading.

Left-handed ET brain and right-handed AI solution, based on cloud computing, Alibaba Cloud provides an open platform that supports innovation, open cloud computing products and AI technology, and maintains an open mind to allow other companies to do innovative applications. Among them, Alibaba Cloud should lay a solid foundation for data fusion and management. In particular, it is necessary to do a good job in the integration of public resources. The government and industry provide data resources that are maximizing the value. Alibaba Cloud is only a data processor. It is a processing tool that is a variety of platforms and technical services, and ultimately with the upstream partners of the industry chain to achieve the proper use of public data resources, development and application to improve efficiency innovation industry.

At the end of the conference, He Yunfei proposed the power of Alibaba Cloud to open ACID+S Five-in-one products. A stands for AI, C stands for cloud computing, I stands for IoT, D stands for data platform, and S stands for security. Lei Feng network thinks that although He Yunfei mentions a bit more casually, it is not hard to imagine that when implementing the five-in-one capability matrix, based on the current cloud computing capabilities and AI layout of Alibaba Cloud, AI as the attribute of common technology is maximized in cloud computing. In addition to the collaborative expansion of the Internet of Things, data platforms, and security capabilities at different levels, Alibaba Cloud's goal of “building the strongest cloud computing in China” will not be difficult.

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