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Terry Gou: Foxconn's original intention of selecting A shares to go public is to issue shares to employees.

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Titanium Media News

June 6 news: Industrial Fulian (Foxconn listed company name) will be on June 8Listed on Shanghai Stock ExchangeHowever, the chairman of Foxconn Group, Mr. Terry Gou, appeared on the “Real Development of the Real Economy and Digital Economy” development forum held in Shenzhen on June 6th to celebrate Foxconn’s 30th birthday and make it a public listing.

At the forum, Mr. Gou recalled the development of Foxconn over the past 30 years. He came to Shenzhen 30 years ago when it was at a turning point in the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone. In 1996, he went to Longhua Science and Technology Park and began to build his own large industrial park.

"Every gravel and weeds in our Longhua Park, every brick, every steel bar, every underground ditch pipe, and even the drain ditch cover are our own. At that time, we were met with intellectual young people returning to their hometowns for employment. Many educated young people gave us great support. IDG Xiong Shongge was an educated youth returning and specially prepared this PPT for you. ”

He explained that Foxconn has provided a large number of jobs for migrant workers. He taught classes to employees. At that time, he proposed a theory called "Theory of Practice," and it is still very popular. In 1988 and 1990, he advocated learning and learning. important.

"Study is the accumulation of knowledge. The practice is an actual operation. I think that learning is important. An apprentice or a section head and an operator is like an old bird with a small bird. If it is too high, The bird died and was too low. The bird could not fly. So I think learning is important. ”

What is particularly worth mentioning is that in the early establishment of the factory, when the wasteland was not exploited, the spirit of “take the West Gate” was promoted. Without office space, he worked in the container. Thirty years later, Foxconn encountered the deep integration of the Internet with the turning point of the historical opportunity, which is the advent of the era of industrial Internet empowerment.

"Today is both a birthday celebration and a butterfly change in the future. Foxconn will strive to promote smart manufacturing and make every effort to become the leader in promoting Internet, big data and artificial intelligence in China's advanced real economy!" ”

Terry Gou said that the Industrial Internet is a physical manufacturing + digital manufacturing, and its consumer value is 100 times that of the consumer Internet platform. Foxconn will use the big data of manufacturing experience over the past 30 years to move toward the next 30 years of industrial artificial intelligence.

In the context of the Internet platform, the supply side is the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, and artificial intelligence; the demand side is a new approach, a new solution, and a new ecology. From an economic perspective, the industrial Internet platform will create an economic output value of USD 82 trillion worldwide in 2025, accounting for one-half of the global economy.

Foxconn will focus on creating an industrial Internet ecosystem, which can be described in nine words. That is to say, cloud-shifting Dazhe network + robots & mdash; “cloud ” is cloud computing, “ mobile ” mobile messaging, &ldquoquo "Things" is the Internet of Things, "big" is big data, "intellectual" is artificial intelligence, "net" is the industrial Internet, plus robots. Foxconn has accumulated a lot of manufacturing experience, these devices are self-made, master their own core technical capabilities.

Gou is very ambitious. He said that Foxconn has the opportunity to become China's Predix. Titanium media editors learned from the review data that Predix is ​​a GE software platform that can monitor positioning data and can analyze big data and remotely monitor machines. Without this platform, every time the program is written, it must start from scratch.

It's like Google's Android or Apple's iOS platform. Developers can develop new applications based on this platform. They can also download software to surf the Internet, take photos, listen to favorite music, send and receive emails, and send emails.…

Predix is ​​a software platform similar to them, except that it is not installed on a mobile phone. It is hidden behind the door of a huge data center and is connected to more than 3 million flight data stored in the form of "data lake" system. Other forms of stored big data. Like Android and iOS operating systems, Predix is ​​a hard-packed house with a full suite of software services to help developers quickly develop software applications for industrial environments.

Predix can also be put to the cloud to make it work on a wider scale. In addition, Predix's adaptability is excellent. It already has different versions and can be run on different machines such as jet engines, gas turbines and locomotives.

Gou Ming-ming also mentioned that in order to enable employees to produce healthy “rich second generations”, let employees eat eggs every day, eat chicken legs twice a day, the cost of food is higher than the wages of employees, even to give Foxconn employees to eat chicken legs, The chicken legs in Shenzhen and Kunshan are not enough to buy.

At the same time, in the video recorded in advance, he also mentioned Foxconn’s listing plan. The original intention of choosing the A shares to be listed was to issue shares to employees. It could be said that listing was for employees, especially mainland employees now buying Taiwanese stocks. not very convenient. After the industrial wealth alliance is listed, it will immediately launch an employee stock ownership incentive plan to motivate talents. Terry Gou also said that in the future Foxconn may consider the partner system. (Titanium media editor Cao Tianpeng finishing)

The following is the full text of the speech by Mr. Gou Ting, President of Foxconn, titled "Foxconn in the Turn of History":

Thirty years ago, we were in the Shenzhen turning point in Shenzhen's history.

On April 12, 2000, the then deputy secretary of Fujian Provincial Party Committee and Governor Xi Jinping and his party visited the Fuji Kang Longhua Park.

In 2009, when he was the Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, Secretary of the Secretariat and Vice President Xi Jinping came to Foxconn Shanxi Taiyuan Science Park to visit and investigate.

On May 25, 1988, I visited Shenzhen at the time. This was a photo taken at the Luohu Port. When I was visiting the Shenzhen site, my ex-wife was still with me.

In 1996, we went to Longhua Science and Technology Park and started to build our own large industrial park. This was the piling site on January 15.

Advocacy learning is important. I am a supporter of "Theory of Practice."

Inspecting the construction site, I wore rain boots because I had given me a piece of wasteland. There was no "five links" and there was no "seven connections and one leveling". Every gravel and weed we had in Longhua Park was A brick, each steel bar, every underground ditch pipeline, even the ditch cover of the drainage ditch are our own. At that time, we were met with intellectual young people returning to their hometowns for employment. Many educated young people gave us great support. IDG Xiong Shongge was an educated youth returning and specially prepared this PPT for you.

Foxconn has provided a large number of jobs for migrant workers. In December 2008, I personally gave them food.

For example, migrant workers or educated youth returning to their hometowns. I gave them classes to allow them to learn. Our love, carefulness, determination, and confidence were above. At that time, I proposed a theory called “Theory of Practice,” and it is still very Popular, I'm a supporter of "Language Theory" because I think that learning is the accumulation of knowledge and practice is the actual operation. I think that learning is important. An apprentice or a section leader brings in an operator. He is like an old man. Birds are flying with small birds. If it is too high, the bird will die and the bird will die. The bird will not fly. Therefore, I think that learning is important. In 1988 and 1990, I advocated learning more important than learning. I am a supporter of “Theory of Practice.”

This is Yang Feifei, a migrant worker recruiting our company to make precision molds. This year, he had the opportunity to be elected as a NPC from the labor model. Not only when he was a member of the National People's Congress, but also a representative of the Han nationality, he said that in addition to his mind and strength in the factory work, our Foxconn colleagues are also not in appearance. Lose to others.

In 1995, I communicated with employees in the company’s monthly “Hong Qiao”. When I started the publication, I wrote a sentence: The 21st century is the century of the Chinese people. Please keep in mind that opportunities are for people who are prepared to work, study at work, and work after study. "This is the "theory of learning", with thousands of miles of mind, incisive. This publication has now been issued several hundred.

To carry forward the spirit of Shanxi's "Go West" ”

When we built the factory early and did not pioneer wasteland, we carried forward the spirit of Shanxi people's "going west exit" and did not have an office. I worked in the container.

In 1997, we gave the employees a collective wedding ceremony in Shenzhen. At that time, the Shenzhen Municipal Government and the Director of Science and Technology gave us a marriage certificate. We provided employees with opportunities not only to work, to eat, drink, and sleep, but also to organize all his belongings, including marriage, and we really returned. During the People's Commune, we learned a lot. In 2006, she took an egg every morning and gave birth to “rich second generations.” Early on, they laid down healthy DNA for them. Now they have “three generations of wealthy generations.” "Wealth Generation II" employees at the time not only stipulated that they should not only eat one egg each day. Why are Americans physically healthier than Chinese? Because American children get up and eat two eggs every morning. At the time, our food cost was higher than the salary, the salary was 180 yuan, and the food cost was 240 yuan. I would like to ask the secretary of Weizhong how much was your salary in 1988? It may not be that number. In order to eat chicken legs, I bought a large refrigerator and my colleagues asked why you want to buy a refrigerator? I said that I had to buy a Friday on Saturday and we could only share one chicken leg on Saturday. It was not enough to buy the chicken legs in Shenzhen and Kunshan, and we had to buy ice.

In 2001, the first bonded factory in China was formally listed. This is the first test license in the bonded processing export zone. Now the governor of Shandong Province has worked with us during his term of office.

In December 2007, it actively responded to the implementation of the "Labor Contract Law." The number of people who signed up at one time was nearly 100,000, and a contract was signed on one site. Our outstanding staff can travel to Taiwan. Secretary Wei Zhong visited on August 12 last year.

From 1984 till now, Chinese companies have applied for global patent accumulation first and approved first

Our Group's 30-year export situation, from 2010 to 2017, exports accounted for 3.9% of China's total exports, and imports accounted for 3.6%. The Group's accumulated foreign exchange in the past 30 years was US$240 billion, accounting for 7.8% of China’s foreign exchange reserves at US$3 trillion. We have been deeply pursuing intellectual property rights. The Group’s first mainland patent application was July 16, 1992. From 1998 to 2000, we were the first Chinese company to apply for a mainland patent for three consecutive years. From 2002 to 2010, we applied for a mainland Chinese patent application for nine consecutive years. In the top three, 1984-present Chinese companies’ global patent accumulative applications first and approval first.

The Industrial Internet Academy was established this year. We have 5 doctoral students in Tsinghua University, 1,947 master students, 935 undergraduates, 30,000 specialties, 11900 technical secondary schools, and a total of 53,000 people. We participate in various skill examinations and mold technicians. Train tens of thousands of people.

We donated 135 million in 30 years in Shenzhen.

Foxconn has a great chance to be a Chinese Predix

Thirty years later, Foxconn meets the real economy + digital economy = the deep integration of the Internet into the transition period of historical opportunities, the real economy + digital economy, and the era of industrial internet empowerment.

General Secretary, May 28, 2018 and December 18, 2017, in particular, promoted the deep integration of a new generation of information technology and the real economy to build a manufacturing powerhouse and an online powerhouse. Today, our theme is the integration of the real economy and the digital economy. We emphasize +Internet, not Internet+, virtual economy is Internet+, and real economy is+Internet.

The three major characteristics of the industrial Internet are network effects.The value of industrial internet consumption is 100 times that of the consumer internet platform.

Matthew Effect, who is China's Predix (GE's "GE&rdquo" software platform for monitoring positioning data)? Foxconn has great opportunities, substitution effects, and the four-phase progressive development theory of fusion and integration is being subverted.

In the background of the Internet platform, the supply side is the Internet of Things, cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and I just reported with the secretary. We are preparing to engage in industrial Internet universities here. This is the real economy + digital economy. The demand side is new means, new solutions, new ecology. From an economic perspective, the industrial Internet platform will create an economic output value of USD 82 trillion worldwide in 2025, accounting for one-half of the global economy.Foxconn Takes Big Data on Its Manufacturing Experience in the Past 30 Years and Moves to the Next 30 Years of Industrial Artificial IntelligenceAfter completing this event, we have three forums devoted to the Industrial Internet Forum.

This is the internet light factory.

This is how I use 8K in the industrial field. We can read the grading tolerance. We used 8K soldering, which we couldn't see in the past. Now we can see it. This guarantees all the equipment we do. Microscopic nanometer data can now be captured.

Industrial Internet is physical manufacturing + digital manufacturingThe entire ecosystem has a core layer, Foxconn cloud network layer, Foxconn platform layer, Foxconn application layer, limited time, not one by one report.

Foxconn Industrial Internet ecosystem can be described by nine words, namely, cloud migration, Dazhi Net + robot, "cloud" is cloud computing, "moving" is mobile messaging, "material" is the Internet of Things, "" Large "data" is "big data," "intellectual" is artificial intelligence, "net" is the industrial Internet, plus robots, these hardware devices from the core layer to the IaaS layer, to the PaaS layer, SaaS layer, Foxconn has accumulated With a lot of manufacturing experience, these equipments are all self-manufactured and have their own core technical capabilities.

Finally, we are AI Landing. We are manufacturing from the traditional real economy to the manufacturing of science and technology. Now we have to use artificial intelligence to empower us because we have the Internet of Things, big data, and artificial intelligence. We use artificial intelligence to empower the advanced real economy. . Foxconn fully promotes intelligent manufacturing, and strives to serve as a leader in the promotion of Internet, big data, and artificial intelligence in China’s advanced real economy. Based on 30 years of experience in innovation, R&D, and precision manufacturing, industrial broadband is used as a carrier to convert industrial big data into labor. Smart, a new chapter in the Industrial Internet for the third industrial revolution.

Finally, the leaders instructed Foxconn Industrial Internet to provide empowerment services to SMEs.

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