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Beauty WeChat Selling Wine Routine Upgrade: Hiring a Model to Meet the Victim Video Requirements

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Female models selling wine pictures (left) and captured pictures (right)

Fraud gang upgrades

Business Department (responsible for romance)

Use photos of model groups orvideo, disguised as a woman, after adding WeChat friends by searching for “near people”, about 10 days as a cycle, according to the layers of the script: initial acquaintance - deep communication - entrepreneurial illness - selling wine to kill, defraud The trust and goodwill of the victim ultimately led the deceiver to spend a premium on red wine.

Model group (responsible for showing off)

The 95-year-old beauty model hired with high salaries provides life photographs, work photos, and videos of his true identity in the script.

The female model also works in the winery opened by the gang and accepts arrangements to meet the victim.

The “keyboarder” responsible for the chat defrauded the owner of the trust and successfully sold the wine


Beauty WeChat Han Hantong video

Crazy heart beat eight thousand to buy wine

One day in March, the owner of Mr. He’s WeChat received a verification message from a stranger’s head and a stranger’s friend. The content was “Added by the other party through the phone contact list.” He mistakenly thought the other person was a friend in the phone's address book, and Mr. He passed the verification. . "I am Hemou. In Guangzhou, I can call Xiaoqing." Looking at the photo of the other party's portrait and friends, it was a beautiful woman in his early 20s. He discovered that he was not a friend in the address book, and he recognized the wrong person.

In the next 3 to 5 days, Xiaoqing met with Mr. He from time to time to talk about life-related topics. Through the exchange of online chats, they have deepened their impressions.

When chatting for about six to seven days, Xiao Qing said that she is opening a winery in Guangzhou, and also distributed some pre-opening work photos to Mr. He. The inspiring, sunny-looking beauty image of Mr. Ho made her feel good about her. In the meantime, out of curiosity, Mr. He requested to meet through the video chat function, Xiaoqing also readily agreed. Gradually, Xiaoqing received Mr. He’s trust. According to Mr. He’s own words, “She captured my heart.”

When chatting for about eight to nine days, that is, the day before the winery was “opened,” Xiaoqing was “sick” because of too much “work”. Mr. Ho seized the opportunity to boldly express his concern and encouragement and wanted to take this opportunity to draw closer to each other.

On the tenth day, Xiaoqing's winery opened on schedule and operated imported high-end red wine. Xiaoqing sent the video of opening the winery to Mr. He through WeChat. "The first day of business, buy one get one free, a lot of discount." In order to express himself in front of the women he likes, Mr. He has spent thousands of dollars and bought a total of 8,000 yuan of expensive red wine.

The victim clearly noticed that she still confided to the beauty

Secret: “The keyboard player” talks about tenderness

In fact, what Mr. He never imagined was that he and his WeChat chattered were not Xiaoqing but the people behind Xiaoqing. They are a dozen or even dozens of “keyboarders.” Their daily job is to disguise themselves as Xiaoqing, chat with the victim and then sell the red wine.

"Isn't it verified with Xiaoqing's video chat?" This is actually a routine. When asked by the victim, Xiaoqing will receive the information provided by the “keyboarder” and use a “keyboard player” to chat with the victim on a mobile phone that is usually chatted with the victim’s WeChat.

After gaining the trust of the victim, the “keyboarders” began to “harvest”—a bottle of red wine costs only 30 to 50 yuan but is sold to the victim at a price of 200 to 1,000 yuan. Just when the “Xiaoqing” were making a fortune, they were already targeted by the Zengcheng police.

After a period of time and persuasion, the police found that the fraudulent gang used a corporatized operating model. The company’s internal promotion department (responsible for adding friends “powder collection”), business department (responsible for “talking powder”), delivery department and models Group and so on. "Keyboarder" uses the photos or videos of the model group's He Mou et al. to disguise themselves as women. After adding WeChat friends by searching for "near people", they use pre-prepared script, photos, and videos for about 10 days. For a cycle, there are specific steps every day. They are set at each level of the script: initial acquaintance - in-depth communication - entrepreneurial illness - selling cooked wine, defrauding the victim of trust and goodwill, and ultimately allowing the owner to spend high prices to buy wine.

The police investigating the case described that in order to make the fraud trick lifelike, the rhetorical tactics are not easily punctured, the fraud gang has painstakingly worked, and specially hired a beautiful model after 95 years, and implanted the female model’s real life photos and work photos in the script. And video.

At the same time, in order to allow the victim to have the illusion of dialogue with the female model himself, the fraud gang also specifically allowed the female model to work in the winery opened by the gang and agreed to arrange for the victim to meet the female model at the winery. This allowed Mr. Ho and Mr. Ho to work together. After the victim was deceived, he was still convinced. Until the police came to the door to tell the fraud tricks of fraudsters, many victims only wake up.

Closing the Net: Fraudulent gangs were criminally detained by a pot of 67 people

At 11 o'clock on May 10th, the Zengcheng police carried out an operation to collect nets. At the five-story office area and one storey of the first floor of a office building on Zhuji Road in Tianhe District, they arrested a certain number of online fraud suspects, such as sales of red wine, et al. In the name, a large number of computers with more than 200 computers, more than 300 mobile phones and cell phone cards, script scripts, and wines, and one mobile hard disk with 30G citizens' personal information were seized at the scene. According to preliminary statistics, more than 3,000 people were involved in the case, covering more than 20 provinces and cities across the country, involving more than 500 million yuan.

After interrogation, the main member of the fraudulent gang told Foxmou to confess that the other members of the gang gangs added fakes to the victim, using fraudulent scripts, and imaginary facts, in the form of beauty, model portrait fake status, and “adding nearby people” via WeChat. , tricking the victim to buy wine at a high price. At present, 67 criminal suspects have been arrested by the police for criminal detention. The case is still under investigation.

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