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Apple, Google and Facebook have stakes. The focus of the three developers conference is here.

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It's not summer yet, and we're already feeling the heat of technology.

  • On the 1-2 day of May, Facebook (Facebook) held the annual F8 conference at the Mike Don Leigh Conference Center in San Jose.
  • On the 8-10 day of May, Google (Google) held a Google I/O conference in mountain view city, California.
  • On the 4-8 th of June, apple (Apple) also held a five day WWDC at the center of the Grand Canal.

The technical trends that the tycoons announce at the developer conference each year have been flocking to technology teams, media, tech investors, and even consumers, because we can find the future of the wind and important business opportunities.


This year's three conferences, Facebook, Google and apple, have clearly locked in different directions according to their own circumstances, and try to win a monopoly on the three runways.

After watching these three releases, I compared the strategy and focus of the tycoons horizontally. This one is actually more like mine.

Facebook: using VR

Core strategy: fully enter the virtual reality social networking era.


  • Release the essence

One Launch the $199 entry-level VR hardware Oculus Go.


Without a computer, cell phone or game console, it can instantly enter the VR world just by wearing it. Oculus Go can be the first head of VR entry.

The domestic version is the millet VR all-in-one machine, priced from 1499 yuan, all available from stock.

First do not say Oculus Go, millet VR machine in the just end of the millet conference after the domestic VR ring of carnival, the same day at night, VR players in the VR group.

Two Release three VR social application scenarios: Oculus TV, Rooms and Venues.


With hardware, you can enjoy the social fun of Facebook's virtual reality scene.

Three Cooperate with RED to develop a 360 degree panoramic VR camera.


In addition to the self research 360 degree VR panoramic camera Surround 360, Facebook began to contact the top photographic equipment manufacturers, co - customize the VR camera, improve the VR content quality, and make your VR more delicate.

Four VR and AR applications are added to the artificial intelligence algorithm.

Introduction of VR and AR applications in Social scene based on artificial Intelligence algorithm

  • Behind strategy

The monthly user volume of the Facebook platform has reached 2 billion 200 million. (the monthly live user of WeChat is 1 billion)

Despite its sheer size, FB is the furthest away from the users of the three giants.

It and the user, at least two layers.

This embarrassment, not so long ago,

This is the biggest nightmare for all Internet Co.

Only in one case can the FB turn over completely: play with a different battlefield! That battlefield is

That's what Facebook did, and in the past few years it had been VR: after buying Oculus with incredible $2 billion, FB started to build its own VR software and hardware Empire, the strategy priority also gave way to VR, waiting for the wind to come.

This reminds me of the imagination of smart phones in the 80-90 century.

Google: use AI to bet on tomorrow

Core strategy: Google I / R O last year's slogan was


  • Release the essence



Google showed us the Google Duplex live.

With Duplex.

By the end of this year, such Google assistants will be serving in 30 different languages in 80 countries around the world

2. Google Lens: understanding the World

Google Lenser based on artificial Intelligence Image Technology, very similar to the present Age

Google lenses can

Still can.


It's still on the map.

3. Waymo AI driverless taxi will be on the way.

Waymo is Google's parent company

By the end of this year, Waymo's self driving taxi service will start in Phoenix, Arizona. Users subscribe to cell phones for unmanned vehicles, which will automatically carry users to their destinations.

4. Android P:AI driven mobile operating system.

Google uses it at developer conferences

Artificial intelligence technology is used to improve cell phone battery life, predict users' daily use of app, automatically color photos in the phone, and allow mobile phone assistants

5. use AI to solve the most needed medical problems.

Google thinks that the most valuable field of AI is medical treatment.

CEO PI CAI has two real application cases: one is a doctor using Google AI tools to predict the probability of a patient's recovery; the other is that Google is working in India and ophthalmology hospital to screen the eyes of patients through machine learning, predict the possibility of cancer, and do early treatment to minimize the risk of the disease.

  • Behind strategy

Several Internet products under Google,Last year, the number of users was over 1 billion.

Just change the name of the group to it.

Whether it's this release,

If you had a technology company, you could break up human beings in the next 10 years.

AI in training is waiting for the day of awakening.

Apple: the hardware is the ultimate moat

Core strategy: make hardware better use, more fun... Good enough to make you inseparable.


  • Release the essence

1. iOS 12: change, in order to change


Apple user satisfaction rate of iOS 11 is 95%, so iOS 12 focuses on improving the speed of iPhone 6 and other old equipment.

The new system also adds a little bit more to use

For example,

Facetime can accommodate 30 people at the same time.

2. Mojave: let Mac have more X lattices


The name of MacOS Mojaveis the Mojave Desert. The loudest.

Apple has also redesigned the look of the App store, adding

3. Apple Watch: a sports partner

WatchOS 5 reinforces

4. experience enhanced augmented reality

Before Apple released the toolkit ARkit for developers of augmented reality (AR), the newly released USDZ can be described as an upgrade of ARkit.

The arrival of ARKit 2 enables you to see virtual objects in real life through mobile phone screens.

The volume of the whole virtual pool can be used to measure height.


Many people play augmented reality games on empty tables at the same time.

5. AppleTV: Audio-visual upgrade

Apple TV 4K will support Dolby Dolby Atmos: with a Atmos stereo, you can enjoy free upgrade to Atmos audio.

  • Behind strategy

Nowadays, more than 800 million Apple mobile phone users and iOS systems have more than 1 billion 300 million live users worldwide.

As the world's largest electronic organ of the human body

The release of this WWDC is focused on the software level, conservative, but very stable, they will only make your mobile phone better, and do not dare to mess up any subversive innovation.

Hardware is closest to the consumer and the strongest moat

So the apple

Three developer conferences show that Silicon Valley's tech Internet is at a similar stage to China's: the big picture is decided, the new

by contrast

Let's see more movies and find inspiration and courage in the movie.

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