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US Department of Commerce reached a settlement agreement with ZTE: $1 billion fine

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As one of the world's major integrated communications solutions providers, ZTE has maintained a good partnership with a large number of American suppliers, providing support for nearly 130 thousand high-tech jobs in the United States. Experts point out that, as ZTE is working closely with a number of American companies, the US government's export control measures for ZTE will cause losses to high Qualcomm and Intel and other US suppliers.

International Review: ZTE and the United States finally signed an agreement. It's hard to come, and it's worth thinking and cherishing

After nearly two months of negotiation, the ZTE event finally got the latest results. This result is hard won and deserves our deep consideration and cherishing. Among them, the Zhongxing company finally escaped the disaster and saved the life. Of course, from the content of the agreement signed with the US side, the heavy fines, the board of directors and management adjustment, accept the US's supervision at any time. The cost of ZTE can be quite painful. However, it is objective, this is a transnational enterprise because of the spirit of breach of contract and must buy the list, because of the law and laws and regulations must bear the consequences, it is worth the Chinese enterprises and even all the transnational enterprises to take the warning.

In retrospect, from April, the US side announced the 7 year export ban on ZTE, to the May Beijing consultations and Washington consultations, and then to the June Beijing consultations between China and the United States, and the ZTE event was undulating, and the game negotiation behind it was more complex and thrilling. It is not easy for us and China to reach a settlement agreement. The information conveyed by this incident is more thought-provoking and enlightening.

First of all, the ZTE event is only a case of a violation of the enterprise, but the Chinese government, out of the people - based consideration, invested a lot of resources with the United States, and finally returned a new way to ZTE.

ZTE made mistakes in 2010, because it was driven by commercial interests, and was punished by commercial rules and laws and regulations, in violation of the basic rules of cooperation with the United States, in violation of the laws and regulations of the United States. On the same day, on the day of the American ban on ZTE in April 16th, the Ministry of Commerce of China made a statement: "China has always asked Chinese enterprises to comply with the host country's legal policies in the process of overseas operation, and to carry out the operation of legal compliance."

However, as China's largest telecommunications equipment listed company, ZTE's life and death is related to the livelihood of the 80 thousand workers and 20 thousand families, as well as the future and destiny of thousands of enterprises and hundreds of thousands of workers on the industrial chain, which can be said to have a great relationship. The starting point and the foothold of the work of the Chinese government are for the people, and the mistake of a company's decision can not involve the vast number of innocent employees and families. It is on this point that the Chinese government has invested a lot of resources, from Beijing to Washington, to Beijing, and has been involved with the United States, and finally brought ZTE back. . This also shows that a strong and confident government is the most solid backing for the people.

Secondly, information technology is the most open industry in the world, and the industrial chain is released worldwide. ZTE has worked closely with many US companies to save ZTE, and in fact has safeguarded the interests of American enterprises. This is an important consideration of the Trump administration's decision to let go of ZTE.

At present, all countries in the world are developing information technology. Although the United States is leading the world in some fields, it can not be completed independently. According to statistics, nearly 130 thousand hi-tech jobs in the United States are related to the cooperation between ZTE and US businesses. If the US government's export control measures to ZTE go into effect, such as Qualcomm, Intel and other ZTE suppliers in the United States will surely suffer losses. In fact, after ZTE's resumption of operation, the major suppliers in the United States are happy and the stock is rising in different degrees in 6 days. This is the market data state: the release of Zhongxing, the cooperation between China and the United States, the improvement of the global information technology industry chain and the development of technology, is a choice that is in line with the interests of all parties. .

Third, international enterprises must have international norms, not to be "giant babies", and not to coerce the government with commercial interests.

It is mentioned above that the Chinese government, for the sake of the public, helps the ZTE to come back from the life and death line, but it does not mean that the Chinese enterprises have come to the government to carry out the things that have come to the end of the Chinese enterprises. Business in the international market is about contract spirit and rules, rather than administrative intervention by the government. More and more Chinese enterprises have gone out of the country in the past few years, but out of the door, the key is to understand the laws of the international rules and give themselves a solid umbrella. International enterprises must have an international norm. They must not be "big babies" when they go out. The motherland is strong enough to do their own things and carry them on their own.

Fourth, the Zhongxing incident does not represent the overall appearance of Chinese enterprises, but it is a mirror for Chinese enterprises. Chinese enterprises must further wake up the necessity and urgency of innovation. We must firmly grasp the core technology of our life as soon as possible.

In the past 40 years of reform and opening up, China has gone out of a road of independent innovation with its own characteristics. At the Congress of the two academicians in May 28th, President Xi Jinping affirmed the importance of this road. At the same time, he pointed out that "the situation is realistic, the challenge is forced and the mission is forced". It is pointed out that China's "key core technology is not a fundamental change", and we must vigorously develop science and technology to become the main world. The center of science and the innovation of the highland. I believe every Chinese enterprise and every Chinese have a deeper understanding of the occurrence of the Zhongxing incident.

"Self strength is the health of the world". On the basis of self-reliance and the active use of international innovation resources, the Chinese people must go on unswervingly, concentrate their efforts to do great things, and break through the difficulties of the core technology as soon as possible. On the whole, if Zhongxing incident is in danger, it may be the biggest inspiration and the biggest turning point for China. Source: Sheng Yuhong, international online commentator of Central Radio and TV station, revised in the evening of June 7th.

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