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7Nm Navi game cards do not necessarily use HBM 2 memory GDDR6.

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AMD next generation GPU card code Navi (Cassiopeia)

The Taipei computer exhibition AMD shows the 7mm Vega card for the first time, it is the 7Nm transformation of the Vega core, the core area is expected to be reduced by about 40%, the energy efficiency will be greatly improved, and the total capacity of 4 HBM 2 exists, the total capacity reaches 32GB, but this video card is mainly used in the professional market, the consumer market should be lost, AMD will be 2 In the 019 year, Navi GPU was launched, which is aimed at the game market.

David Wang, vice president of AMD RTG department at Taipei computer exhibition, interviewed by the media.

In 2020, AMD will turn to a new generation of architecture, and now there is no code name, and the details are unknown, and Navi will be the last generation of the AMD GCN architecture. There is an explosion before, but we still know little about the Navi architecture, only knowing that it is a 7Nm process production, and it will continue to improve the GCN framework, before it is said that Navi will strengthen computing performance. It is optimized for AI, HPC and so on.

It is expected that the Navi graphics card will integrate more stream processor units in the 7Nm process, with higher frequency, stronger performance, and significantly improved energy efficiency, but what memory will Navi be equipped with? This problem is very important, because the poor performance of RX Vgea has something to do with HBM 2 video storage, and it has been reported that the 8GB HBM 2 used by Vega has a memory cost of up to 160 US dollars.

For this, the AMD RTG department vice president, David Wang, received a media interview at the Taipei computer show that the Navi architecture is flexible and a very Gaming architecture. In the matching of memory, the choice of AMD will be opportunism. HBM 2 and GDDR6 will bet on each side and choose different collocations according to different needs.

What are the key points of these words? Although the conversation of AMD executives is very slippery, one thing is certain - the Navi - generation video card will not be completely tied up on HBM 2, and the GDDR6 memory is a key point.

In fact, it is well understood that the advantages of HBM 2 are high bandwidth, low energy consumption and small area occupancy, still useful in computing market, high-end graphics cards and part of the area requiring minimal space, but the cost of HBM 2 is still not down, now the supplier is three stars, SK Hynix two (Mei Guang before the money. The newspaper mentioned the development of HBM, so the price is too expensive to run. The HBM 2 edition of Navi is estimated to be available only in the high-end market.

GDDR6 is the next generation standard, the goal is to double the bandwidth of GDDR5, the rate can reach 16Gbps, but it will not be so high next year. It is estimated that 12-14Gbps is good, its cost is much lower than HBM 2, it is the mainstream in the future, AMD is certainly not possible to miss, after all, Navi generation AMD needs to upgrade Radeon developing card all over the line. The RX 500 series is originally the vest of RX 400 series. It will be too much to upgrade next year.

Finally, it is said to use GDDR6 more cheap than HBM 2, next year, it is estimated that there will be AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards to use GDDR5 video memory, GDDR6 development will be new next year, and GDDR5 is now a large scale production chip, it will not be eliminated next year, so next year can be the flagship HBM 2 - high-end GDDR6 - - high - end GDDR5 (8-10Gbps) - middle and low - end GDDR5 (6-8Gbps), the entry - level card is not good even GDDR5 will not be used, as long as the price of memory particles will not come back next year.

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