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HUAWEI Watch 22018 lightweight experience: or is the closest Apple Watch smart watch.

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Smart watch, is it worth buying?

Now, smartwatches are not as trendy as they were a few years ago, but more and more people are asking me if they want to buy them


Data can reflect the signs of the smart watch market rejuvenation, according to the Research Institute IDC released earlier this year.Report showsIn 2017, the smart watches with 33 million 300 thousand shipments will reach 43 million 600 thousand in 2018.This numberIt may rise to 84 million 100 thousand in 2022.

At the same time, IDC analysts also believe that in the future, users will be more inclined to purchase smart watches rather than single function smart bracelets.

Although users are becoming more and more interested in smart watches, in fact, in addition to Apple Watch, many smart watches based on Wear OS may not be as beautiful as imagined.


For example, a lot of times, it is easy to disconnect the connection with the mobile phone without any reason, easy to conflict with the Bluetooth headset and cause the music playback without sound and suddenly no hint of information, which make some users in the use process, some of the heart.


As a long-standing media watch for smart watches, the new Wear OS smart watch, which is newly released at the present stage, has improved the details of these experiences. So this time, we have recently sold HUAWEI Watch 22018 sports smart watches as an experience to see the experience of Wear OS in this area.

To understand the basic information

To put it this way, the product line of HUAWEI Watch is still a bit confusing for ordinary consumers. After all, this is just 2018 HUAWEI Watch 2 with suffix name, which is almost identical with the HUAWEI Watch 2 released in 2017.


The difference is that the color of the HUAWEI Watch 22018 turns into a black green color collision design; the function is more "eSIM one double terminal"; the system kernel is upgraded to Android 8 and supports the latest Wear OS; meanwhile, the endurance performance has been significantly improved.

These improvements have made HUAWEI Watch 2 closer to Apple Watch experience.


First, let's first learn the basic parameters of HUAWEI Watch 2:

  • Screen: a circular 1.2 inch screen with a resolution of 390*390.
  • Chip: high pass 2100 four core Soc
  • Material: surface Corelle gorilla glass, plastic strap, watch ring ceramic.
  • Bluetooth: 2.4 GHz BT4.1 BLE BR-EDR
  • Battery: 420 mAh
  • Protection: IP68 protection grade
  • Storage: 768MB
  • Storage: 4GB
  • Other: sensor heart rate sensor (PPG), pressure sensor, CAP capacitance sensor, ALS / ambient light sensor, dual microphone, support eSIM one double terminal

Among them, "eSIM double terminal" is the most important function of HUAWEI Watch 22018.


That is to say, HUAWEI Watch 22018 can be like the Apple Watch 3 cellular version, support one card dual terminal eSIM card service, even out of the mobile phone, can also independently carry the call, the Internet and other functions. In addition, it also supports the function of eSIM independent number to facilitate users who want to open an independent number on the watch.

But it is regrettable that, as HUAWEI Watch 22018 only support the Shanghai, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Tianjin, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Changsha Unicom users, as well as Tianjin, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, etc. mobile users.


The author's number belongs to the list of support, so "eSIM" is not the focus of this article. We will focus on the experience of the 22018 HUAWEI Watch in the basic functional experience.

Wear comfortably, fit for exercise

In fact, in addition to Apple Watch, there are few smart watches that keep me comfortable for a long time, and the 22018 HUAWEI Watch is one of these products.


Originally, HUAWEI Watch 22018 full size plastic strap, coupled with a heavy watch body, once made me hesitate for a while before wearing it. But after wearing it, it felt more comfortable than I expected. This is probably a sense of "no feeling" when using smart caliber manufacturers' usual propaganda caliber.


Thanks to the surface of the watch and watch the body has a more smooth arc design, contact the wrist part of the plastic material and the metal bottom of the watch back, and did not wear, more split sense, but brought more comfortable comfort.

At the same time, a number of limit holes on the strap also play a role, whether it is daily wear, or sports, the limited area of these areas can allow the watch to have better permeability and perspiration.


With the built-in motion function, HUAWEI Watch 22018 overall is more suitable for sports. For example, in the functions of HUAWEI Watch 22018, a standing, walking and heart rate detection function similar to Apple Watch was added.

In addition to bringing more detailed sports data than ordinary smart watches, HUAWEI Watch 22018 also added more professional oxygen uptake data to sports enthusiasts to help users quantify their sports performance.


In addition, HUAWEI Watch 22018 is also equipped with a sports guidance function to help users set up a more scientific exercise plan.

A stable functional experience is its obvious advantage

For some smartwatch users using the Android Wear program, the device's connection stability and functional experience are often short boards.


But in this regard, HUAWEI Watch 22018 has improved a lot. In addition to the pairing App still needs to be set up in the background, the stability of the HUAWEI Watch 22018 is much better than the ordinary smart watch.

In the two weeks of experience, HUAWEI Watch 22018 has broken off without any reason.

But because of the problem of Android ecology, even if HUAWEI Watch 22018, which is based on Wear OS, is still far away from the mobile phone and opens the flight mode (which will automatically turn off Bluetooth) and others, it is still unable to automatically connect devices like Apple Watch after the disconnection.


To put it this way, this is one of the most stable products in my smart watches.

Although HUAWEI Watch's 22018 smart watches are carrying a long - long high pass 2100 - four - core Soc, and only 768MB storage, the overall fluency has not been affected.


According to its performance, it is opening WeChat and loading chat records a little faster than Apple Watch 3, and the daily application can almost be done. The whole experience process is also rare, such as crashes, Caton and abnormal networking.

In addition to stability and fluency, this HUAWEI Watch 22018 has also improved significantly. In most cases, the performance of HUAWEI Watch 22018 can reach 2 and a half days.


Such a performance is already closer to the performance of Apple Watch 3 than that of ordinary smart watches.

Of course, the above endurance performance is the result of not opening the cellular network and Wi-Fi. If you turn on the cellular network, you won't be able to achieve such a strong performance.

In general

If from the point of view of the purchase proposal, the HUAWEI Watch 22018 approach to Apple Watch's continuation performance, as well as the more excellent stability and fluency in the Wear OS camp, and the function given to the movement, have made such a Wear OS based smart watch have a more full reason to buy.


Moreover, to be honest, the price of Huawei's Watch 2 2018 eSIM version of 1988 yuan, it is still quite competitive in a number of smart watches.

But then again, compared to the Apple Watch, Huawei Watch 2 2018 models due to part of the Android system mechanism, the experience is still still a little distance with the Apple Watch. For example, it does not have an automatic reconnection mechanism after disconnection, and if it connects one more Bluetooth headset to the phone, it sometimes causes a Bluetooth device communication failure and causes the Bluetooth headset to output sounds and so on. This is actually a common problem with Wear OS smart watches.


Back to the purchase proposal, if you are a user using an Android phone and you need a smart watch that can help you better quantify your movements, then I think Huawei Watch 2 2018 is a worthwhile choice. But if you are an iPhone user, I think there is actually no better choice than Apple Watch.

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