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How to use the sentence pattern of high scores in college entrance examination composition to praise Chinese Internet companies

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When you love your company from the bottom of your heart, you will also hate its opponent. What you may do at this time is to express your love and vent your hatred with a series of majestic, swaying lines.

On June 7th, on the side of disputes between Tencent and today’s headlines, people who already love Tencent have prepared lines for Tencent:

I want to tell you that Tencent is you, not today’s headline, is operating the most outstanding Internet platform to date; it is you, not today’s headline, that are connecting, empowering, and continuously output positive value; it’s you Instead of today’s headlines, we are using technology to benefit all walks of life, men, women and children. Those companies, organizations, and individuals who have benefited from you will thank you. Even a person like me who writes will thank you. You must not be distracted by some cheap flashy ideas.

Do not care about the headlines, ignore them, and ignore other things that are worthless in addition to the bubble. Your business is more important than his. Your time is worth more than his.

Touch it.

Since this is the case, we also prepared ahead of time several other major companies' "Teaching Ceremonies" for your reference.


Today's headline:

I want to tell you that today's headline is you, not Weibo, which is bringing together the largest number of signing authors in the Chinese Internet. It is you, not Tencent News, who are hardworking and diligent to push us with precision. The ad is you, not WeChat, so that we can achieve the ultimate in the fragmentation time. Those who benefit from your users, Red City, and companies will thank you, like I am a writer, will also thank you ——thank you for the team that does not stand giants and created one hundred thousand one after another for us. Select the title. You must not be lost in the direction of some opponents' strength and go silently on the quiet road.

Do not ignore micro-channels, ignore microblogging, ignore the oligarchs of the Chinese Internet. Your vision is broader than theirs. Everyone can find greasy self in your world.



I want to say to you that Baidu is you, not Google, who is only serving hundreds of millions of Chinese keyword search users. They have learned how to retrieve information on the Internet and look for answers; you, not Google, In the creation of China's own self-driving "Android system" —— Apollo; is you, not Google, put forward the Chinese version of "Microsoft Little Ice" vision, also introduced the Chinese version of Echo , copying foreign frontier technical services to make them possible in the Chinese market; you, not Google, have trained so many technical talents, forcing them to resign, creating new companies, and prospering the Chinese artificial intelligence entrepreneurial ecology. .

Those companies, organizations, and individuals who have benefited from you will even thank you for the entire ecosystem of Baidu. Even those who write like us will also thank you. Thank you for contributing to these people who write for us. More material, created so many 100,000 plus topics, led several times today's headline gold byte award.

Do not ignore Google's "do not do evil," and ignore those who come up to spray you have "original sin" of the Internet mob, ignore those who only stay in the talk of yesterday continues to stir the topic of the media. To All In AI, to the current flow of information, the director decided to do something seriously, his will not wrong, but also more important than anything else.



Didi, I want to say to you, is you, not hungry or unfamiliar, comforting every body that was dried out in the work late at night, and in a downwind or downwind journey, to help one soul meet another An interesting soul; it is you, not Wei Lai, who have created a record of the growth rate and amount of financing in the history of the Chinese Internet; it is you, not the American Mission Review, that have created the infrastructure for China’s unmanned and even future travel. Those who benefit from your plant, village flowers, Xidiqi grass, and open Mercedes-Benz will thank you, and even writers like me will thank you: After the Internet and rivers have been set aside, after a certain period of time, some of them will , you are one of the few topics that can excite the tech media.

Don’t care about U.S. and ignore others, and ignore those who discuss your “Peace and Time” arrival. You are simply the Sima Yi of today's Internet world. When you die, eat Uber, defeat countless unknown opponents and come to this day, your vision is bigger than theirs. Your journey is the sea of ​​stars.


US Mission:

US Mission: I would like to say to you: It is you, not Amazon, who are in close proximity to various giants in travel, take-out, group purchase and other fields at the same time. Tell us what is "Amazon for service", what is the success of the delay, What is called no border; it is you, not Wei Wei, that when the outcome of the main game is undifferentiated, it also sets up a Mobi travel field to tell us that there is no cash cow that can also buy madly and then go public; it is you, not China Mobile has let the people of the Royal People's Government understand the "did not want to monopolize" and calls for "the good life of the people needs at least two taxi platforms." You stand in front of the Dripping and Ctrip system and announce loudly: I, U.S. group, your broken person. Those people who have experienced taxi and take-out prices, who have been killed by big data, and who are bundled with sales will be grateful to you. Even a person like me who writes will thank you. How many degrees do you give us these people who make a living by selling them!

Don't care about Ali, ignore Ali who queried you "drinking a pie at any time will burst" & rdquo; voice. Believe in yourself, the U.S. delegation not only has a take-out, but also has a thief.


quick worker:

I want to say to you that the quick hand is you, not a vibrato, so that we do not have to spend a few months visiting the countryside to understand the spiritual outlook of the Chinese countryside; it is you, not the dullness, that enriches the Northeast Folk art, from two people to one person shouting for wheat, has fundamentally improved the production capacity; it is you, not the sound of shaking, giving the folk miracle a stage for display, net red can be abandoned for the first time, relying on the raw large intestine, fried anal The real technology of liquor, big mouth stuffy, jumping cramps, etc. has millions of fans. Those 700 million Chinese users who will benefit from you will thank you. The girl mother will thank you. The Northeastern straight man wearing a Daikin chain will thank you. The funeral family will thank you. Just like I wrote, thank you too. How many cruel and cruel material topics you choose to create, you must maintain your grounding masses, and don't swiftly promote anything.

Don't care for it, really, ignore those who record a good life, you just need to record it, your meaning is much stronger than them. As long as you are based on my Low First attitude and recognize your users, a strong foundation will not easily collapse. Unless you set an example of extreme examples in which I'm on Harvard, you cannot rely on the town. The young people started from a huge quantity of magnitude and wanted to cut the city's white-collar amaranth!



I want to tell you that Alibaba, you, not Amazon AWS, is acting as the largest cloud computing service provider in China; it is you, not Jingdong, that is operating the world’s largest e-commerce trading platform; it’s you, Instead of security Bunny, is engaged in the evaluation of the performance of mobile phones; you, not UnionPay, are trying to let us manage, spend, and make friends. Those entrepreneurial teams that benefit from your icing on the cake will thank you. The graduates who used to be cheap but now are in the high-paying sector will thank you. The staff who are influenced by your internal attitudes and values ​​will thank you, like I am a writer. , And also thank you ——thanks you boss for creating countless chicken soup aphorisms, you must not wake up because of some doubt, become restrained.

Do not challenge, ignore criticism, ignore those who can not see your full of mystery layout. You are more powerful than they are. Your boss's chicken soup is more mellow than them. You just need to keep trying, investing, burning, chasing, transcending, and spoiling.

Is it cool? Take it (you have to pay authorization fee).

Wen: Ms. Ming Yu, Hua Meng, Han Bing, Song Xixuan, Li Xiaobai, Wang Fei

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