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Google Ventures Partner Tucao Apple Developers Conference: Drowsy, Better Than Nothing

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Editor's note: WWDC this year have seen it? What do you think of it? Let's take a look at how M.G. Siegler, the general partner of Google Ventures, spoke about this WWDC! originalA Glass of Ice Water in the Desert.


The good news is that I didn’t sleep when I watched this year’s WWDC. The bad news is that I probably should have slept in: This WWDC actually lasted more than two hours and it was only so bright. To be honest, I thought the keynote was an hour. You can finish it.

Remember that Apple would put all the content it didn't have time for on the scene into several demos? This time Apple only put one, and it is far from enough to explain all the new features. Talking about Apple TV can be very verbose, and Apple Watch is the same problem. Well, I know that Apple is going to show every "core" system. Obviously, tvOS and watchOS are not as important as iOS and macOS. If you have to show it all over again, I'd rather cut it out of the demo.

However, this year's situation is similar to what I had expected: the emphasis is on improving system stability, followed by new features that will increase the availability of devices, and again there will be some niche features (such as basic development for programmers). Patterns & rdquo; they are happy to be broken). All this is quite good, but it is not worth two hours.

Here are some of my other thoughts:

iOS 12


  • Improve system stability: The first highlight of Apple's focus on iOS 12 is very interesting. It's Apple's focus on the performance of iOS 12 running on older devices. We also mentioned this WWDC“ focus on improving system stability ”, but it is also surprising to see it as first place!

  • An idea: When will Apple change the name of iOS? MacOS is named after cats and California names. Apple's Vice President Craig Federighi looks like these interesting names. He is also in charge of iOS. Do you think he will change the naming of iOS? After all, the next number is the unfortunate number 13 .

  • AR file format: Apple released AR (Augmented Reality) file format USDZ's approach is very smart.

  • Measurement Application Measure: Absolutely awesome ——“Apple reinvents the ruler”, this is an excellent case and demonstration of AR applications, people should use it as often as possible.

  • Siri: Apple claims that Siri is the most used personal digital assistant. However, Apple must be careful that Alexa is attacking cities.

  • Shortcuts: After Apple acquired Workflow, people were worried that it would be small, but it was deeply integrated into iOS and renamed as Shortcuts. Take a look. The authentic native experience is fantastic!

  • Application of Shortcuts: It's also very smart for Apple to use Siri with Shortcuts. I really hope that Apple can launch a lot of tutorials and actions (because ordinary users may be more difficult to use)

  • Apple books: It's not clear why Apple changed the name of iBooks to Apple Books. Do they want to use iBook as a new product? Is this new product the iBook? ! ! I'm kidding, but it's still possible! Because there are so many "I" applications that have not been renamed, such as iTunes, it is actually the one that needs to be renamed.

  • CarPlay: Support for third-party app navigation is great, and it is absolutely good news for Google Maps and Waze.

  • “Do Not Disturb”: Better than before! I always think: When I concentrate on work, those notices do not interfere with me, but I always fail because they always pop up when I work with my mobile phone. It's good now!

  • Notice group: It was too late!

  • Anti-addiction: Specifying the time of use for an application seems to be useful for controlling the time the children use the phone. Of course, you can limit yourself. This is a bit saddening. When did Apple become my babysitter?……

  • Child application usage report: It looks great!

  • Memoji: Apple took the lead in applying the Bitmoji concept of Snapchat, and it was also very good! Facebook has also released its Bitmoji——Facebook Avatars.

  • FaceTime Group Video: I'm curious, this function will disturbHouseparties(Group chats between more commonly used foreign friends APP)? Which companies will use it? You may think this is completely impossible. However, companies basically endure the terrible features of group video apps that are headed by Skype (as well as Hangouts and other APPs). Apple's decisive program looks good. You can not only use the iPhone for group video, but also With iPads and Macs, this is really interesting. But ultimately it is decisive or its performance.

  • FaceTime's Memoji effect looks very stable——Think about using a dinosaur head in your work meeting. The tongue is still moving and a little stimulating.

watchOS 5


  • Intelligent monitoring: This feature is very good, starting from the beginning of exercise monitoring, stopped after the end of the exercise, very smart.

  • Walkie Talkie features: As of now the most interesting part of the new system, this should be Apple Watch's other "killer features" in addition to fitness and notification. This reminds me of the old-fashioned "push-to-talk." There is a callable device on the wrist that is very good, Apple also stressed that there is such a thing in some cases is crucial, but the past similar devices are too pompous, Apple's products are more intuitive and smarter. I have convinced my wife to give Apple Watch another chance!

  • Lift arm to trigger Siri: Needless to say "hey Siri", just lift your arm, this is really a big step in speech calculation! And the word "hey” was originally used when riding a horse.

  • Another late feature: Apple Watch's Podcast APP. Apple TV has no Podcast for several years. It's unbeatable and stupid. But Apple just used it in the fifth version of watchOS!

  • Play audio: Currently there are third-party APPs that can play audio in the background of Watch, but is this market open to Spotfy and other similar podcast products?

tvOS 12


  • Brand New Dolby Speaker Sound: It's very good. It's really good. But still old saying, it really need to spend so long to say?

  • Automatic detection login + subscription: This feature was first used by Charter Spectrum, AT&T. I know that many people are Charter subscribers, but many people are not. We can only hope that this is just a transaction between Apple and AT&T before other operators enter? After all, I'm a Comcast subscriber, and I only need networking to get all the content I want from YouTube TV, so I'm not sure that this feature is really important.

  • Zero login“Zero Sign On”: Great product, great features! At the same time, I do not know what a decisive influence this function will have on the future of media companies.

  • New Screensaver: It's really fun to be able to see the new screensavers on the International Space Station! But it's still an old question. Does it really take a long time to talk about it?

macOS Mojave


  • MBP users: The macOS part first mentioned is how many features of the Mac have been inspired by Pro users, and then Apple has promoted to ordinary users. This is obviously a sin —— you are important, Pro users, you are really important!

  • name: As mentioned above, Vice President Craig Federighi has his own unique set of names for macOS. It is very interesting. But he obviously did not find the new name Mojave is actually very funny —— using Mojave the name of the desert to remind us whenever and wherever the update is poor? Of course I think he may be deliberately ignoring this:)

  • Dark mode:looks good. This is also one of the features that I was curious about how long it took for Apple to apply (I was careful when they stepped). Will iOS 13 use it next year? But its implementation has already achieved this in many APPs. Is this a merger with iOS's "night mode"? What do you think?

  • Desktop stack:OK, I still use the folder on the desktop because I didn't have it before. Now it's OK. I can almost drop the folder on my desktop! A relief.

  • Mac's Apple News: Happy! You can have more than one second here.

  • Anti-tracking: Apple's first blow to Facebook, Google and other companies that rely on user data for profit! People like it very much.

  • New Mac App Store: It looks great. Many of the policies of the old App Store have hindered its development. Will the new version of the Mac App Store change these policies?

  • macOS and iOS will not merge: Apple should first tell the user that —— macOS and iOS have completely different goals. The top priority for macOS is for developers, and iOS is not. Then we talk about not merging.

  • Safari tab bar will have a website icon: Very important, I am very happy.

  • We have been listening to macOS Mojave“there are more ” new features to show, but in fact ……It doesn't seem that much!

OK, that's all I think is the highlight of this WWDC 2018, not two hours, not one hour, as long as twenty minutes:)

Well, seriously, this time the WWDC has released a lot of good features (though most of them have to be called small features), and many small problems have been properly solved (I just think the two hours are too long) .

The stability of this version of the system has improved a lot and I hope that the beta version will be more stable than before. After all, I will use these features and want to use them as soon as possible. Do not say, I want to quickly upgrade!

Produced by the Compilation Department. Editor: Hao Pengcheng

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