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HUAWEI scare technology surfaced, frightening people who might be intimidated by technology?

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First, Huawei

On the good day of June 6, 2018, according to the preheated contents of Huawei's new products conference, Huawei held a glorious play new product conference in Beijing, and Huawei consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong personally unveiled the platform to everyone.


Second, Yu Chengdong:

Yesterday , the estimate is a technology man , tell me , in the case of not changing the GPU framework , to achieve the effect of accelerated graphics processing , the average person cannot imagine how difficult it is !

However, the expression of technical terms, too technical terms are always difficult to understand, maybe too much

Yesterday afternoon at 4 pm, Yu Chengdong on the personal Weibo to further explain the GPU Turbo technology. Take the revolutionary technology used in car engines that you can understand more easily.

In the first half of this metaphor, Yu Chengdong is still quite well understood. But then the second half is somewhat puzzling. If GPU Turbo technology is used in the latter half of the paragraph, even the old old products can enjoy this revolutionary scary technology. How old is the old product? This is not enough. I'm afraid it's a bit like talking about Luo Yonghao.


III . As a user , care is more concerned about this

Everything is afraid of certification two words, since Huawei in the preheating stage of the press conference, a change in the past painting style, to learn a long brother Luo Yonghao's narrative style. The union has surfaced.

Through the GPU Turbo technical ability to improve the processing of graphics, according to Yu Chengdong's introduction, the efficiency of graphics processing is up to 60%, and the power consumption is greatly reduced by 30%. HUAWEI Mobile has been in the leading position in the differentiation of photographing functions, especially after the introduction of Leica cameras. Therefore, the improvement of graphics processing capability is a new breakthrough in software after upgrading the hardware.

However, for the needs of graphics processing, we usually have pictures, games and movies and videos. However, as an ordinary eye candy, we have the natural biological limit to recognize the naked eye. After reaching the limit that people can perceive effectively, further improvement is ineffective or inefficient for human perception.

Does it mean that users may have to pay more for these ineffective perceptions?

Of course, if this graphic processing is improved, it will be more conducive to human health. This is a new selling point, and it can be justified. After all, there is a need to pay extra for health. However, as long as the electronic products are used for too long, the so-called health is a paradox.

So, from a user's point of view,

Yu Chengdong's explanation of scary technology is accurate and accurate. A person has a skeptical attitude. Yu Chengdong's description is still too technical, and the user is still not aware of the technical description. It is better to let the people of the image describe the value perception of the technology to the user, or the person who asks the advertisement planner to make the user feel the value better in the case of not flickering the user.

Four, where is the business logic of GPU Turbo graphics processing technology?

According to Yu Chengdong's interpretation of GPU Turbo graphics technology as an automobile turbocharging, as an ordinary user, I understand that the old car (old cell phone), which was originally expired, was to be replaced. With frightening technology, the hardware replacement cycle can be extended. As long as the original mobile phone hardware can still be used, you can use this scary technology to upgrade again, the old car (old cell phone) has a new spring. This is like giving the old cow the tonic to make it glow in the second spring.

In this regard, it is still worth looking forward to, but more needs to be verified. In the end, which models of HUAWEI's mobile phones can achieve the claimed effect?

If GPU Turbo technology can achieve such an effect, it can really scare the peer! For example, the day before yesterday just released new products Lenovo, from the hardware and software comparison, are to scare urine. The possibility that Lenovo's mobile phone may be expected to glow in the Spring Festival is likely to be used by Huawei.

However, if Huawei's GPU Turbo graphics processing technology is not just used to deceive users to pay more, but actually bring new users

1. the soft power of technology should be higher with the apple

No matter how the industry is arranging HUAWEI, there is no denying it. That is, since HUAWEI has entered the smartphone field, with its strong strength and technical reserve, HUAWEI has made great achievements in the hardware of the smart phone. But from the hardware configuration of the smart phone, it has become the forefront of the industry, and can be with the Apple Corp iPhone mobile phone, whether it is the overall performance, or individual differential function, is competitive, this point, even if abandoned buy HUAWEI mobile phone is patriotic kidnapping, too.

But, compared to Apple's soft power in technology, we have to say that there is still a gap between Apple and Apple in terms of the phone camp. As a result, Huawei released

2., the scramble for incremental market to stock user market.

GPU Turbo graphics processing technology, what does HUAWEI do with it? It may still be seen from the further development trend of the competitive environment and industry faced by the smart phone industry.

On the one hand, industry research report data show that the demand for smart phone market in the world has changed, and the volume of shipments has begun to decline. China's smart phone market is also facing such problems. In a word, the penetration rate of smart phones has been very high. Incremental market space is limited!

On the other hand, HUAWEI has achieved a good market share in the past few years. The data disclosed by Yu Chengdong at the press conference can be explained. The smartphone industry is China's first and third place in the world. It is all about keeping the target of stabilizing the domestic market first and striving to expand the share in the global market. Relying on hardware capability, there is already a bottleneck, because others are also making progress (of course, Lenovo's progress is too slow, so learn from Lenovo's lessons). In terms of software, mobile phone companies can not have such technological reserves and R & D strength. In terms of improving software capabilities, HUAWEI still has more potential to tap.

Therefore, HUAWEI should stabilize the market share and ensure more profits, in addition to the incremental market, the stock users, the replacement period, and how to continue to choose HUAWEI, is a bigger problem. So, Yu Chengdong compared the GPU Turbo graphics processing technology to the turbocharging of the car, which can be applied to the old cell phone by upgrading the mobile phone system to improve the performance of the mobile phone. This is equivalent to extending the use of mobile phones and extending the cycle of replacement. As long as users are using HUAWEI phones, HUAWEI can get more opportunities in other applications based on the entrance of mobile phones. Thus, we can encircle the stock user market through the ability of soft power and enhance the revenue opportunities.

3. small bull knife, show muscle

During the warm-up of Huawei's press conference, many comments said that Huawei and Yu Chengdong were following the example of a recent claim

And Huawei has released

So, Huawei's new release

In addition, we can see that HUAWEI itself has a certain reserve on its own chips, and the emergence of GPU Turbo technology, which shows that HUAWEI can be based on its own core technology, and can be more efficient. The promotion of more software technology. Thus, to further enhance the autonomy of technology.

The thing behind this is to let the colleagues feel

Sum up:

1, from the technical point of view, HUAWEI GPU Turbo graphics processing technology, is a great breakthrough in technology, in the case of the same GPU framework, the realization of the technology men's words, behind the technology, you can not imagine;



4, HUAWEI's strength is still very strong. Since it is very strong, in marketing promotion, it is better to speak well and learn less.

5, in the use of the old car (the old HUAWEI mobile phone), you can consider the extension of the switch cycle, and other HUAWEI system push experience GPU Turbo graphics processing technology, and then look again.

In the end, use a line from A Chinese Odyssey to conclude: it's not your fault to be ugly, but it's not your fault to be scary! So, from the effect point of view, I hope Huawei's

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