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App met with shame. Have you ever played these powerful WeChat widgets?

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1, know flowers

"Knowing Flower Monarch" is a flower and grass recognitionAppletsWith her baby coming out, suddenly came next to the phrase “What is this good-looking flower called?”, I believe that most of the old iron will be iron-coated, er, er, er,... Ask your dad it...!

Well, it is time to reveal the correct posture! First, click on “Search” in the WeChat → “Discovery” → “Small Programs” and enter “Know Flowers” ​​to install this small program called “Know Flowers”.

Then start Shi Hua Jun, press the middle of the "photo recognition flower" button, take a photo of the flower against the flower, a few seconds later the software will return the name of the flowers. In the end, an unexpected problem was solved perfectly. Isn't it pretty good?

In addition, “Know Flowers” ​​also supports the direct retrieval of flowers from the photo album, which is very accurate!

↑↑↑ Support to retrieve photos to be recognized directly from the album

2, hand barrage

Want to confession, afraid of being rejected by the goddess, did you ever encounter such a "fright?"

Try this "dan screen" generator, the actual effect is a bit like a marquee LED screen on the street, enter what you want to say, then click the "attack" button, then the text will be Roll out in the form of "Happy Valley" on the screen of the mobile phone.

Of course, if you want to play some tricks, you can also click on the "Settings" button, some special settings for the font, font size, color, speed!

You hold the barrage, it's cool

3,TencentTranslator Jun

Translation software is not unusual, you may have translated your voice over the software you have seen it? "Tencent Translation King" is such a magical guy, the entire interface and WeChat are similar, Chinese press the left side, English press the right side, press and hold directly after the MIC can speak.

"Tencent Translation King" can translate what you say in real time and the result is displayed directly below the content bar. Of course, you can also manually enter text and go out easily!

Tencent Translator

4, small should scan

This is a small program that can realize OCR character recognition in Wechat. The usage is also very simple. Click and take a picture. Then take a picture against the book or screen, and click the field to be translated according to the prompt. Then the recognition result is Show it directly.

Then click on the "Copy" button and paste the translation into the desired location on OK. The result is also very accurate!

Xiao Ying should scan

5. Neets

The work is too busy to forget what to do with the drama. Well, it's time to neets out neets. This small program can automatically recommend popular online movies and TV dramas.

Whether it is a US drama or a domestic hit, all you have to do is find the title you want to chase. Then click on the "Subscribe" button next to it. When the repertoire of subscriptions is updated, the first line will be presented at a glance.

Of course, to say that it is the most ... ... the most ... ... the most powerful place is to be able to play directly online (the address is pasted into the browser), no advertising!


6, WIFI signal enhancer

Mobile Internet access, when you encounter a bad signal, you really scratch your head. Obviously it is a photo, but download is not down. This “WIFI signal booster” can solve your troubles every minute.

Install the applet, click on the "Signal Enhancement" button in the middle, and the phone will automatically optimize the network. Optimization will be completed in a few seconds. At this time, you will find that your WIFI signal has reached a new level, is not there to make another hurry it!

↑↑↑WIFI signal booster (left: right before optimization: after optimization)

7, Xiaoman reminded

There are more and more things to do with WeChat. It would be nice if we could add a reminder to the event. Xiaoman reminds you that such a small program, the biggest highlight is to automatically identify your voice, and then converted into text to add reminders.

At the same time, it also supports mobile phone number binding. After the binding is done, the reminder can be sent to you directly by phone or SMS.

Xiao Xiaoman reminded

Write last

Well, after the introduction of the function, is it from this moment that you have a different understanding of WeChat in your heart? Well, immediately put down your circle of friends and quickly go to WeChat → "Discovery" → "Little Program" and try it. Have fun!


Tencent Cloud

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