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Remember to play QQ before college entrance examination yourself?

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Inadvertently opened the QQ space yesterday, the home page has an official letter to the user, "A thousand sails, you are still my boy." The space was updated and the last one was released in October last year. It was also synchronized from the circle of friends. After walking with QQ for more than 10 years, it is still farther and farther away from it. Basically, social relations have been transferred to WeChat, and mobile phone QQ is just for logging in to some website accounts.

Before the university, I used QQ. At that time, QQ was not so young. We didn’t add many people on WeChat. We didn’t know many people on Weibo. Renren’s network was almost cool. The summer vacation after the college entrance examination was also the most lively period for our class QQ group. The number of people using WeChat has become wider and wider at the time of the college interaction. However, at that time, they did not like WeChat. Their functions were simple and there were few stereotypes everywhere. After work, almost no one used QQ. Class groups, family groups, and company groups were all on WeChat.

As the most familiar and commonly used software, most people have unspeakable feelings about QQ. After the college entrance examination and after work, there will be fewer and fewer people who continue to use QQ, but when I see a lot of primary school students still playing QQ every day, I cannot help but be curious: What kind of QQ is now in the end? In order to find out, I have turned all kinds of features that are bizarre and some haven’t even heard in the settings: magic table animations, sun tracks, expressions, centimeters, sentences, stamps...

After opening these functions, the mobile phone QQ is like a “big devil” that unlocks all the seals. The product is still the product, but the gameplay is completely different from the QQ in my impression.

Real-time subtitles: what you see

Remember the county magistrate who spit lotus in the "Nine Products Sesame Officer"? The most classic scene in the movie is Stephen Chow standing by the river to practice his artful skills and spray various characters in his mouth. In the latest version of mobile QQ, you can also use this feature when video chatting with friends.


Click on special effects interaction in the video chat interface, there is a subtitle option, there are a total of four modes. The first type is barrage special effects. Chat voice can be converted into subtitles in real time and displayed in the form of video barrage. It looks very magical. The second type is also in the form of barrage, but the barrage is not only a change in the color and font size, but also adds Pac-Man effects at the beginning, which is a bit like the high-level special effects used by local tyrants on live websites. The third kind is oral subtitles, which is the kind of Stephen Chow in the “Nine Products Sesame Officer”. When speaking, the words will be sprayed in the form of symbols, which can be said to be sprayed for people. The fourth is the text mode, which is similar to the chat information in the live broadcast. You can also type and chat while video chatting.


This is how real-time subtitles are played. In fact, Apple introduced such features in the Clips introduced last year. Clips itself is a video production tool. Instant captions automatically generate captions when you speak and are able to edit text later. This feature is actually very useful for short video production. For example, Vlog video, which is very hot recently, has subtitles and no subtitles are exactly two kinds of experience. But for video creators, manually adding captions is a very tedious and complicated task. If this feature is added to the short video, it will inevitably greatly improve the production and viewing experience of the short video.


QQ Red Packet: One hundred ways to grab red packets

Now everyone is basically in the WeChat and Alipay red envelopes, in fact, there are a lot of interesting red packets play in mobile phone QQ. For example, for a password red envelope, you can set a text as a “password.” After the red envelope is sent out, only the person who speaks the password can receive the red envelope. In the group chat, this kind of gameplay can create the phenomenon of swiping and it is very interesting. The voice red envelope is similar to the password red envelope, but the password is changed from text to voice. The most common way to play is to write a tongue twister. Only by correctly speaking can the red envelope be claimed.


In addition to these conventional "red envelopes - red envelopes" form, there are several interesting red envelope games in mobile phone QQ. For example, when you open this function, each message you send is "full of money." Each message contains a certain amount of money. After the message is sent, the other party receives the message and receives it with money. What is the use of this feature? It is simply an apology artifact. In WeChat, you can use a red packet to apologize. In QQ, there may be better results than expected.


Not only is there a red envelope, there is also a method of “paying for red packets” in mobile phone QQ. Click on the recorded video, in the special effects inside to choose to discuss red envelopes, there will be a very festive sticker effects, recording a paragraph sent to a friend, the other party will see a paragraph to discuss red envelope video, click on the reward below the red envelope button will give a certain amount of random Red envelopes, this amount can also be modified.


Emoji: A young person's brush screen

Emoji, one of the most popular expressions on the web, is almost captured by all users. Young people, middle-aged and older people, on Weixin, and on Weibo, can see a variety of emojis everywhere. As a favorite software after 00, mobile QQ naturally has a lot of expression games.

Compared to restrained WeChat, mobile phone QQ is much more open in terms of positioning and function. Although WeChat also has a facial expression store, the number of expressions and games in the mobile phone QQ must be more. The QQ mascot that we are most familiar with is a penguin. Tencent is also known as the goose factory. Tencent made a series of IP around this image, which is the QQ family and QQ yellow face. These images have more than one set in QQ. The expression package. Tencent also owns a lot of IP copyrights such as games, movies, and so on. In QQ's expression mall, almost all of the expression packs can be found, such as the recently created "101" Wang Ju.


In addition to the rich expression store, the poke in the mobile phone QQ also evolved into a dynamic expression. This feature is transplanted from the window jitter, click on a stamped face, your phone QQ window will also jitter. Now that you have more stamped expressions, for example sending this “zoom in move”, the opponent's window will appear similar to the crit in the game. If you click on this expression continuously, this big move will become huge and produce a full screen. Combo effect.


There is a "hidden skill" in the expression on the mobile phone QQ, that is, you can drag the expression onto another expression. The effect depends on how your idea is.


Centimeter Show: Mobile QQ Show

It should be easy to find that mobile phone QQ is very different from computer QQ, and even today's hand Q is quite different from previous years. However, there are also many "inheritances." For example, the stamp mentioned above is from the window jitter. Remember the QQ show? The netizens who did not know each other used their own outfits to express their personalities. Such a virtual image system made communication tools more than just tools. With emotional recognition and humanistic tastes, QQ Show also let Tencent find profitable ways at that time. .


To the mobile phone QQ, QQ show became a centimeter show. Users who have launched the "Centimeter Show" can customize their own personalized image and interact with their friends' image during the chat. In the special environment of the "chat box", the Centimeter Show provides users with an interesting interaction. the way. If you and your buddy have both turned on the CM show, the chat process becomes very interesting. The villain who stands for the image of both parties stands below the chat interface, just like two spokespersons. Click on various actions to control your own image and your friends to make interactions, and some also bring sound.


What can I do in the chat box? During the hottest hours of the WeChat game, group chats were mostly occupied by the sharing of mini-games, and in fact the games can be played directly in the chat box of the mobile phone QQ. On the basis of the centimeter show, the centimeter game also moved the game to the chat box. Users can interact with friends or real-time games in the QQ group to seamlessly switch between chat and games. Similar to the WeChat mini game experience, the centimeter game can be started without installation, and the experience is very smooth.


In fact, there are a lot of features you can't think of on mobile QQ. You can watch live broadcasts here, take courses, and read and listen to music. Some people compared Tencent and Disney before, and its realization in mobile phone QQ is Tencent's largest online paradise. There are endless "treasures" waiting for you to explore. It's no wonder that children like it so much.

Some people say that the increasing functionality of mobile QQ is a fear of being replaced by WeChat. This is not the case in my opinion. The first batch of QQ users have grown up, turning to WeChat, Weibo, or other communities, but QQ is still the most interesting and fun software. After 00 will like it, the next generation of children will love it.

In addition to QQ, what social software is so memorable and fascinating?

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