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9.9 yuan iPhone 17 yuan LV bag "rent a family" life you envy it?

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However, they chose to use the "rental" method to meet their daily needs: everything from transport to clothes and jewelry, digital products to children's toys, all of which can be "rented on the go."

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"The things are rented, but happiness is their own"

The method of renting is actually very common. From the renting house we are most familiar with, to all forms of sharing economy, we all jokingly say, “Rent a girlfriend/boyfriend home for the New Year”...

In everybody's innate impression, only the lack of spending power will choose to rent; however, the current “rental” does not think so. Why did they choose to buy instead of rent? Jingwei Jun asked questions for everyone.

Su Ting27 years old, editor

I rent a month's worth of clothes on a platform and I feel pretty good. The reason is that one of my colleagues wore a special design skirt one day. Through her, I learned that the original clothes can be rented. This app uses the monthly rental model, which means that you can rent multiple times within a month, but you can only have 3 items in your hand. Later, out of curiosity, colleagues just built a group. Everyone used the same app. Everybody wears the same style of clothes every Wednesday.

The first experience I used was "Fast". I placed orders at 11pm the previous night and the courier arrived at less than 8am the next morning. The clothes are clean and there is a faint smell of detergent; the style is mainly for the workplace and big design, so the upper body still feels quite a bit. In addition, the clothes here can also be bought directly, I bought a workplace suit, the price is about 200, only one-tenth of the original price, I feel very value.

Introduction to the use of a rental platform

This experience has given me more choices. Many of the styles that I would not dare to try at the moment can be rented and tested, looking at the evaluations of friends around me and buying clothes for the future to broaden my way and accumulate experience. As regards the “second-hand clothes” hygiene issue that some people care about, personally feel that they can accept it. After all, clothes can also be worn by many people when they try to dress in the market.

Since the app has only the first month discount, the price has been adjusted to nearly 500 yuan a month, I feel a little expensive and did not continue to use. However, I am very interested in this kind of rental mode. If I still have the opportunity to rent clothes, shoes, bags and jewelry in the future, and the price is controlled at 200-300 yuan per month, I would still like to try again.

Liu Zikai30 years old, sales manager

Due to my working relationship, I often need to travel around the country. I also like to travel with my family and friends during my holidays. I am accustomed to traveling by plane or train, and I can rent a car after I arrive. I think that it is better to go out and rent transportation than to drive. The biggest advantage lies in the "heart-saving."

Nowadays, major car rental apps have car rental points near train stations and airports. It only takes more than half an hour from the time you leave the airport to get on and you can return cars at any time in different places. There is almost no restriction on my travel plans. I like to drive, but also take this opportunity to experience different models and enjoy another fun. I think that if car rentals are more common in the future, perhaps users can also get more convenient services as the credit value increases.

I have been using shared bicycles for more than a year. This year, Mobike, Ofo and other platforms have all increased their prices. My wife recommends to buy a bicycle, but I still think that sharing bicycles will be more convenient. I have bought 3 bicycles since I was in college, 2 of them were stolen, and 1 of them was parked in the community. Later I was unable to find it after I had been removed from the property because I was temporarily unable to use it. Although it costs more than 100 yuan per year to share bicycles, it makes my travel more flexible and flexible, and it does not have to spend money on repairing cars or worrying about safety issues.

"Lease a family" consumer concept: convenience, environmental protection, more choices

With the prevalence of new consumer ideas, “rental” is making leasing a helpless move from the public’s eyes into a neutral, healthy consumer behavior.

Source: Alipay app screenshot

The China-Singapore Jingwei Survey has learned that there are a number of online leasing platforms that have not only covered a variety of necessities but also have a relatively low daily rental price. For a Louis Vuitton handbag with a market price of about 15,000 yuan, the daily rental price is only 17 yuan, which is about one thousandth of the purchase price; the original price is 4000-6000 yuan.iPhone8 mobile phones, the daily rental price of less than 10 yuan.

In addition, some of the leased services use the cooperation with Alipay. When sesame credits reach certain points, they can be exempt from deposits. As a result, short-term hiring of goods worth more than one thousand yuan or more has become a matter within the spending power of most citizens.

For many “renters”, renting not only saves money, but also satisfies their “environmental protection” concept. For dresses, SLR cameras, and other products that are used at a relatively low frequency, leasing methods not only avoid idle waste, but also bring about constant new tastes.

Invisible Concerns: Can "Lent" happiness last?

As the sharing economy and the concept of renting become more common, the hidden problems behind it have also arisen.

“I purchased a shared bicycle service for the year, but in recent months it has found that the experience is getting worse.” Ms. White Collar said to Zhongxin Jingwei, “As many new cars no longer operate, many old cars are no longer Good rides often result in deformation of the handlebars, dropped chains, and unacceptable seat adjustments. Sometimes, even if I scan five or six vehicles in a row, they are all bad cars, delaying a lot of commuting time.”

Recently, the popular rental platform "Cloth 2" has also seen a lack of services and poor after-sales experience. In the discussion on this brand in social media, many netizens encountered problems such as poor quality clothes, smudges, missed accessories, and unsuccessful unsubscription.

Know the user cactus ccc to "clothing two three" Tucao (with deletion)

"On-line rental services rely heavily on the credibility of both buyers and sellers. If only the price is discounted, and the service is too numerous, it will only lead to the loss of users," said one consumer to Zhongxin Jingwei.

In addition, some netizens believe that the “rental” lifestyle may lead to unnecessary high consumption demand. At the low consumption threshold of "17 yuan back LV bag," will it stimulate too much unnecessary impulse consumption and exacerbate the birth of the "invisible poor population"?

Yi Wegeng, an associate researcher at the Jiangxi Provincial Academy of Social Sciences Social Survey Office, interviewed by the China New Network reporter suggested: “The online shopping mall has a wide range of products, and shopping malls are convenient, fast, and inexpensive, and it is easy for consumers to have impulsive consumption. , fall into the "traps" of some sellers, suggest that netizens should establish the concept of rational consumption."

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