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Can use Beidou navigation Chinese mobile phone manufacturers to take only US GPS as a selling point?

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Mobile phone chip integration Beidou function into standard

Daily economic news reporter learned from Xiaomi: Xiaomi 8 also supports GPS, Beidou and other navigation systems. In addition, most domestic smart phones such as Huawei and vivo are equipped with BeiDou navigation technology.

Daily economic news reporters inquiries millet official website found that Xiaomi Group's now sold Xiaomi, red rice series mobile phone products support GPS, AGPS, GLONASS, Beidou four positioning methods. In Huawei's official mobile phone network, except for a few glimpse of Changyou Changyou 7 and Huawei Changxiang 8e and other entry products that do not support BeiDou navigation, the rest support the international four navigation systems. OPPO, VIVO, Jinli and other brands of the official website show that most of the company's mobile phone navigation features described as supporting GPS, some high-end flagship mobile phones are also compatible with Beidou.

The chip was once considered a bottleneck to curb the development of the Beidou industry. Judging from the current situation, both international mobile phone chip giants and domestic chip companies have already adopted Beidou as a standard, and more and more mobile phone companies have also adopted Beidou navigation as a standard.

Zhou Weifang, vice president of domestic mobile phone chip company Ziguang Zengrui, told the Daily Economic News that its chip products support the Beidou function. MediaTek sources told reporters that the latest HelioP60 and HelioP22 integrated BeiDou navigation function.

According to related Qualcomm sources, since the launch of the first processor supporting the BeiDou positioning function in the fourth quarter of 2013, subsequent satellite positioning functions have achieved support for BeiDou positioning, and the high-pass internet of things chips have also begun to support. Beidou. Qualcomm's latest release of Xiaolong 845 is the industry's first mobile platform to support the "Network Assisted Beidou/GPS Location Service Platform" of the China Institute of Information and Communications.

A brokerage communications industry analyst told the Daily Economic News reporter, “In the past the chip cost was very expensive, but now it has dropped to about the same with the GPS.” Beidou chip technology threshold is not high, generally do mobile chip companies, Shun with You can integrate these positioning features.

Why is it difficult for users to perceive the existence of Beidou?

In practical applications, especially in the field of smart phone navigation, users often wonder: Why can't we feel the existence of Beidou technology? Why mobile phone companies are still willing to use GPS as a highlight of their products?

Under the background that BeiDou Navigation was used as a standard feature of mobile phones, the reporter noticed that many mobile phone companies started to change the “GPS” used to set menus to “positioning”. In fact, mobile phone companies are more willing to announce their adoption of GPS technology at the press conference. When users use mobile phone positioning, Baidu navigation and other applications, they first feel GPS.

In this regard, there are communications industry analysts said: "At this stage, we are still dominated by GPS, unless the GPS has no signal, will use Beidou." GPS-based, Beidou as an auxiliary, which is usually everyone in the mobile phone navigation The reason why Beidou is rarely felt.

A practitioner expressed similar views to reporters, indicating that there is a process to which Beidou is accepted. The mapping software, such as Baidu maps and high-decoded maps, receives the position data calculated for the bottom chip, the underlying positioning GPS and Beidou are both running, and the upper layer software habitually reports the GPS data when presenting the position.

Wu Dezhou, chief operating officer of Hammer Technologies, told the Daily Economic News that the hammer mobile phone Beidou plan uses the Beidou navigation provided by Qualcomm's chip, and is still mainly based on GPS. Qualcomm’s technical staff told the reporter that the more satellite positioning systems supported by mobile phone chips are, the more beneficial it is to improve the positioning function, but also the difficulty in coordinating positioning signals with wireless signals, and the requirements for power control are also improved.

"On mobile phones, Beidou has no special advantages compared to GPS at this stage, and GPS has a first-mover advantage. It is imperative to increase the replacement power of mobile phones and other related companies," said the communications industry analyst. From the advantage of the Beidou system attracting mobile phone manufacturers, high precision becomes the greatest possibility. "The high-precision navigation market is a blue ocean. The opportunity of the third-generation Beidou to surpass GPS is here."

At this stage, China has initially built a Beidou foundation consisting of more than 2,200 reinforcement stations to strengthen the “National One Network” to provide real-time meter-level and sub-meter-level precision positioning services across the country, and provide it in 17 provinces and cities in the central and eastern China. Real-time centimeter-level and post-processing millimeter precision services.

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