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Ten years, did Jobs remember the iPhone 3G released by him?

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The iPhone 3G is the second generation of the iPhone family, officially unveiled at Apple's Global Software developers Conference on June 9, 2008, Beijing time. This year, the 10th anniversary of the iPhone's 3G, seemed less impressive, and a foreigner named Stephen Silver posted an article commemorating the iPhone 3G. He said the iPhone 3G released that year by Steve Jobs was the first to support the iPhone, a third-party app that laid the foundation for Apple's explosive growth over the next decade.

The iPhone 3G is rarely mentioned, as many industry analysts or observers almost agree that the original iPhone, which went on sale in June 2007, is a product that radically changes the world of mobile phones and consumer electronics. But it should be clear to all about Apple's past fans that the original iPhone was not only very expensive, it didn't support third-party applications, and it used only AT

In fact, a year later, the iPhone 3G released on June 9, 2008 (ten years ago, ten years ago) at the WWDC 2008 of the San Francisco global developer conference was the beginning of the real path to iPhone. Although iPhone 3G looks totally different from today's iPhone, it has many similarities.

IPhone 3G was one of Jobs's famous "One Last Thing", when Apple had three major businesses: Mac, music and iPhone, and iPhone3G began to release 1 hours and 20 minutes after his keynote speech. Speaking of the same process of iPhone business Apple's performance, Jobs announced that Apple had sold 6 million iPhone in less than a year, with a customer satisfaction of 90%.

However, Jobs also lists "new challenges" for iPhone's future: 3G networks, corporate support, third party application support, more country listing, and affordability.

"When we greeted iPhone's first birthday, we upgraded it to a new height. Today we launch iPhone 3G!" Jobs said. "We learned a lot from the first generation of iPhone, mastered many of the knowledge we learned and even more, and developed iPhone 3G."

The back shell of iPhone 3G is changed from aluminum to plastic, while the side buttons are changed from plastic to metal. IPhone 3G has a 3.5 inch display screen with a headset jack "embedded with the shell," and when it came to the scene, there was a loud applause. Jobs stressed the speed of iPhone 3G, called its "3G speed close to Wi-Fi", and even a graph, comparing iPhone 3G with NOKIA N95 and Palm Treo 750 to be compared to competitors.

One of the big selling points of iPhone 3G is affordability. According to the on-site presentation, the 8GB model of iPhone 3G is priced at only $199 after signing a subsidy contract with the operator. At the same time, iPhone 3G will start in 22 countries or regions, and then will be landed in more than 50 countries or regions. However, it was only in Hongkong, China.

The default preloading of iPhone 3G is the second version of the iPhone software system, which is simply called "iPhone OS 2" (the iOS naming method only appears in 2010). The key is that Apple has prepared the software development kit (SDK) for it, which was released in March, and this is the first time that third party developers can develop applications for iPhone. Not only that, Apple also actively pushed SDK into the enterprise market.

There are few new software features about iPhone 3G, in addition to open third - party applications that support built-in App Store, including only contact search (not in the first generation iPhone), full support for iWork and Microsoft Exchange, supporting the opening of Microsoft Office files, supporting the preservation of images, and supporting the image. With more language and parental control, it supports synchronization with the company's e-mail, calendars and address books.

It should be noted that in the keynote speech delivered on the day of iPhone 3G, Apple also launched MobileMe services. But the ill fated mobile service suit was considered one of the major mistakes in Jobs's career, when Jobs was angry that the MobileMe team "tarnished Apple's reputation", and the biggest failure was Jobs's decision, because Jobs decided that Jobs still decided when he was told that there was no law. Officially released.

In any case, Jobs's iPhone 3G theme speech was really unforgettable, mainly for another unpleasant reason, as Jobs looked thin, and many people talked about the topic and worried about his health. In fact, Jobs did face a health crisis, because he underwent surgery in the following month. Three years later, Jobs resigned from apple and died in October 2011.

The iPhone 3G didn't go on sale until July 11, 2008, more than a month after the launch, when the comments were very positive. Among them, Walt Mossbergge of the Wall Street Journal, also known as Dr. Mo, who is still respected by the tech community, says the iPhone 3G is "newer, faster and cheaper." Not only did it address the expensive lack of access to high-speed mobile networks, but it was also much better than the first generation, focusing on Apple's new sales model by subsidizing the "hidden costs" associated with data packages.

From the perspective of market reaction, iPhone 3G is also popular. The product was released on December in the same year, with data showing that it has occupied 30% of the smartphone market in the United States, taking off old mobile phone makers NOKIA and blackberry, and even Microsoft system equipment, and iPhone has become a key engine for the growth of the smartphone market because of the release of iPhone 3G.

In its second - year earnings report after the release of iPhone 3G, Apple's first quarter shipments had reached 6 million 900 thousand, exceeding the total shipment of the first generation iPhone of about 6 million 100 thousand in the first five quarters.

IPhone 3G was replaced by 3GS in 2009, but it was not until June 7, 2010 that Apple announced that iPhone 3G was officially shut down for sale. IPhone 3G's main role in the whole iPhone product line is not much, because it is the first iPhone to access faster and faster mobile networks. It is the first iPhone in the App Store application store, but perhaps more importantly, it opens the time generation of the operator contract machine, allowing more people to pass contracts more. The ideal initial price is to buy iPhone.

Of course, iPhone 3G is not without shortcomings, such as the camera does not support zoom, flash, auto focus and video recording, no copy and paste functions, no universal search, no point to point network instant message, no MMS, the actual endurance is far lower than the official number, and the battery can not be changed. If compared with the current iPhone, iPhone 3G is very small and slow, and there is almost no comparable function. But it is undeniable that ten years ago, iPhone 3G did represent another great leap of apple and its product categories.

The main parameters of iPhone 3G:

- 3.5 inch multi touch screen with a resolution of 320 x 480 pixels and 163 PPI.

- Samsung S5PC100 32 bit RISC ARM11 processor (up to 620 MHz, down to 412MHz)

- PowerVR MBX Lite 3D GPU graphics processor

- 128MB memory

- 8GB version and 16GB version

- 2 million pixel camera

- support 3G networks and multi frequency UMTS/HSDPA,

- support Wi-Fi, support GPS navigation, Bluetooth 2, built in accelerometer.

- 1150 mAh non detachable battery

- 115.5mm x 62.1mm x 12.3mm


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