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Six questions about mobile traffic: Where's my traffic?

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1 Why does the flow buy more and more, and my traffic is getting more and more insufficient?

“Once one G was enough for one month, it is now just 15 days.” Many people around complained that mobile phone traffic was not enough, and even many people began to question the "unusual consumption" of mobile phone traffic. Some netizens complained on Weibo and slept in the afternoon, actually running out of 19.46GB of traffic. This unusual situation is not uncommon. "Sneak traffic" has become a hot word for the Internet. So who stole your traffic?

360 Chief Anti-fraud Expert Yan Zhiyong told the Beijing Morning Post that mobile traffic is indeed “running fast”. The first is because of changes in the habits of mobile phone users. In the past, we mainly used mobile phones to read texts, and pictures were often compressed to a very small extent. Now pictures, text,videoIn general, it often takes four or five trillion to map a picture, not to mention a variety of small videos. Objectively, it will certainly consume more traffic. In particular, mobile phones are heavily used, and for long periods of time they stop on social software. Videos that are inadvertently opened will be downloaded to mobile phones. Second, many softwares run silently in the background even if they are not open, and even quietly updated without your knowledge. This also eats up a lot of traffic. For example, he said that the child just played Plants vs. Zombies and clicked every time he popped up. The result unknowingly downloaded a lot of software. There is also an abnormal situation where illegal software steals traffic.

360 Internet Security Center Fiberhome Labs had previously discovered a trojan Trojan horse called StealthBot, using self-hiding methods and mature simulation click flow, such as the same batch of stealth robots produced by the factory automated assembly line, disguised as a system service notice. , The startup method such as automatic startup and external wake-up consumes the user's data traffic, and it also automatically updates and loads the latest version of the malicious plug-in.serverThe instructions issued. Some users with weak security awareness and poor mobile phone brands have become the areas where StealthBot has the highest rate of appearance. This only exposed the tip of the iceberg that was raging in blackouts.

Actually, the era of "no matter 4G flow, wake up house to move" has long passed. There are also people who question the operator's "stealing of traffic", but this claim is clearly lacking. According to Fu Liang, a telecom analyst, operators may modify their user traffic data more than they should. If operators are required to “black” their traffic, the cost of transforming the system will be more than that of stealing traffic.

It has been reported that in order to verify the operator's accuracy in traffic measurement, the traffic flow detection test results conducted by the Zhejiang Bureau of Quality Supervision and the Zhejiang Institute of Metrology show that random insertions are made in three multi-standard wireless communication Internet traffic monitors. The three major operators, SIM cards, download the same file, and the number of repeated tests is 10, and the flow detection data deviation values ​​are 0.1% to 0.15%. Comparing the detection results, there is almost no difference between the traffic statistics provided by the operator and the operator's adjustment of the calculation method of “stealing traffic” is not valid.

2 Why is there so much local traffic, but only to see that the national traffic is exhausted first?

As a patient with severe cell phone dependence, Xiao Guo often travels overseas. She ordered a package with 1GB of national traffic, and the operator would also give 3GB of local traffic. However, she found that it was the nation's traffic that took the lead and that local traffic of up to 3GB could not be used. "Why can't I use local traffic first when I'm in Beijing?" Some users also quibbled that they received large amounts of traffic from operators at the end of the month, but there is no time to use them.

In fact, there are plenty of people like Xiao Guo that “the traffic in the country is not enough and the local traffic bursts”. However, because operators set national traffic use priority: Out-of-ports giveaway traffic has lower priority than in-suite traffic. That is to say, use the traffic in the package first, the flow in the package is used up, and the flow of the gift can come in handy. However, this kind of embarrassment will soon be ancient, because from July 1st, the flow roaming charges will be completely canceled, no longer distinguish the province, outside the province/local, the whole country.

The Beijing Morning Post reporter noted that operators often give traffic to the user to show good, but also often launch some traffic-grabbing promotions. However, some people in the industry pointed out that in fact, for the present way of giving away traffic, the flow of gifts is often returned in the same way, and the perception of users is not strong. Since the gift is given, why not just be generous? The telecommunications watcher Xiang Ligang pointed out that giving away more traffic is the operator's marketing strategy and attracting users. However, it is believed that after canceling the roaming fee, the operator may not have such a “prestige”.

3 Why do you want to limit the speed of a good unlimited package?

Operators have recently been trying hard to savor "unlimited packages," but they have caused many consumers to question: After 20G, they were slowed down, returned to the 3G era, and even 2G era, they were stopped directly after using more than 100G. Netizens complained that Huimin’s packages were hidden and the operators lacked sincerity.

However, in the industry's view, it is understandable for operators to limit the rate of open-ended packages, which takes care of the fair use of the network by most 4G users.

Professor Zeng Jianqiu of Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications pointed out that under current network conditions, it is difficult for operators to achieve true traffic capping. As the bandwidth of mobile networks is limited and multiple users continue to occupy high speeds at the same time, it is likely to cause network congestion. Previously, AT&T, a US telecommunications giant, had launched an unlimited-rate, unlimited-speed package, but the result was halted because the network could not afford it.

The speed limit is currently an internationally popular practice. The ladder-type design first meets the maximum network speed promised by the vast majority of users. After reaching the speed limit, the speed will drop.

Now what happens if the operator really does not limit speed? It can be imagined that many people turn it into a WiFi hotspot for many people to use together, and then the network is overwhelmed, and the speed of the Internet will also become "turtle speed." This clearly deviated from the original intention of operators and consumers.

4 Why can't you use up the amount of money?

The consumer, Mr. Li, calculated an account for the Beijing Morning Post reporter. He is currently ordering a package of RMB 158 for a certain operator, with 6G of national traffic and 700 minutes of talk time per month. In actual use, the Internet traffic is used much more often than not. Traffic is often not used every month, but most of the call time is left. "Can't use the bills automatically converted into traffic?"

In fact, operators have been trying this conversion model earlier. In 2016, China Telecom took the lead in raising the banner of “full traffic accounting”.

In September 2016, China Telecom Shandong Branch launched a new model of full traffic accounting, unified conversion of voice and SMS into traffic for billing, and voice and traffic can be freely converted. Among them, 1M is equal to 1 minute. How many minutes of phone calls will be used to deduct more M traffic, and there will be no balance of call duration in the package. At the same time, "domestic traffic" in the package can be converted into "domestic call". In addition, some other local companies of China Telecom have also tested water. However, Beijing has not yet been implemented.

In addition, China Mobile also plans to pilot traffic pricing unit pricing in some cities.

However, this model is not currently popular. In Xiang Ligang's opinion, full traffic accounting is technically not difficult, but operators have invested heavily in changing billing systems. The most important thing is that 5G is coming soon, and the operator's billing system may be reshaped at that time. Therefore, operators are not much motivated at present.

5 Why can't I freely combine my packages?

As a veteran mobile phone user, Lao Li, a retired worker, is puzzled by the fact that many packages of operators are dazzling, but none of them are my dishes. The ideal model is that I provide monthly consumer demand, and then the operator tailors the most suitable package.

Obviously, the old Lee wants the tariff is a "private order" model. In fact, operators have similar plans. For example, as early as 2013, China Telecom launched a nationwide unified customer-selected tariff plan—building blocks. To help customers collaborate with “building blocks”, China Telecom has provided many humanized aids in the Net Room, such as flow calculators and traffic application examples. The building block package consists of four “building blocks” for voice, traffic, text messaging, and 3G applications. Customers can freely mix and match according to their own consumer needs, and change packages as needed.

China Mobile and China Unicom also have similar "building block packages". The purpose of the design is to freely match voice calls and Internet traffic. However, the space for users to choose is still limited, such as opening an operator's client, looking for a package calculator, it recommends the appropriate package based on your consumption in recent months, but the recommended voice minimum 18, Obviously, it cannot meet the needs of Lao Li DIY. Therefore, the business has not been truly successful and popular among the three major operators.

Ma Jihua, a senior telecommunications analyst, pointed out that after years of development, telecom operators continue to introduce new products and a huge package system. They can not only haunt customers, but even business staff do not understand it. In this case, it is easy to cause the external appearance of the price to be opaque, giving the user a feeling of being cheated. Packaged consumption allows users to enjoy a more affordable price than a single item, but many people do not need additional parts and often feel forced to spend. Even if it is used for free, it still feels bad.

6 old and new users for the difference?

With the deepening of speed reduction and fee reduction, new plans for mobile phone tariffs emerge one after another. Operators will find ways to attract new users every quarter. For example, campus promotion large-scale packages, such as mobile broadband bundled with the integration package. But many new packages that look beautiful are only for new users, and old users are kept out.

For example, Beijing Mobile's RMB 68 unlimited unlimited card is only for new users. The oldest user can choose the most favorable open-ended package for 98 yuan/month, containing 150 minutes of voice and 20G of domestic traffic. After the traffic is exhausted, the Internet speed limit is set to a maximum of 1 Mbps. When the accumulated traffic usage exceeds 100G in the current month, the Internet connection can be continued, but the speed limit is 128 Kbps. Beijing Telecom's 65-element converged package is only for new users and requires two years of payment.

There is a certain gap between the operators' care for the old users. This is a fact that has existed for many years. Why should new and old users treat differently? Some operators have complained of bitter water, saying that the market is becoming increasingly saturated and user growth is slowing down. The purpose of many promotions is to grab customers, so the sales force is large. However, the old users enjoyed the preferential treatment at the time when they entered the network.

In November last year, due to the problem of old users switching to Internet packages, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology had hailed telecom operators to provide convenience for the old users to change packages, and no plan to restrict the old users to select tariffs was required, and companies were required to sort out existing tariff plans. If there is a restriction on the user's tariff options, it will be immediately rectified.

According to Fu Liang, a telecom analyst, the most ideal way is to start a user from the door and let users feel more and more cheaper tariffs and more and better service, instead of attracting users with high preferential policies. Come and let it go. In his view, the old package does not upgrade or old users still need to actively apply for obsolete tariffs, and this phenomenon is still very common.

However, in the context of market saturation, the "conciliation" of old users is the cornerstone of the building's stability. In particular, the port number transfer will be fully implemented by 2020. Operators, it is time to be a bit better for the old users.

■ Links

Tips to save mobile traffic

Although traffic charges are getting cheaper, many small partners are screaming that more and more flow fees are being spent. In particular, the flow shy at the end of each month. In fact, there are many tips for traffic in the province to avoid traffic sneaking away.

1, download the application through the formal channels

Applications downloaded from third-party software markets are at risk, and some illegal software will steal traffic. Therefore, small partners try to download applications in the formal channels, such as the mobile phone manufacturer's own application store, official website, etc., to avoid accidentally installing brush traffic software.

2, turn off the automatic synchronization function

Turning on the phone's auto-sync feature will consume a lot of traffic in the background without your attention, so it's best to turn off the auto-sync feature, or choose to sync only on WiFi networks.

3, close the background running program

Many times we close an application and return to the desktop directly. If there are too many online APPs in the background, data access may be automatically refreshed when it is on standby. Therefore, it is necessary to develop the habit of shutting down and clearing the running of the APP in a timely manner, leaving only software that needs to be online at all times. This will also improve the speed of mobile phones to some extent. Many mobile phones now offer shortcuts for closing applications with one click.

4, close the mobile phone data

When you are not surfing the Internet or using WiFi, remember to turn off the mobile data, which can fundamentally prevent the background program from consuming traffic. Especially in the WiFi environment, although the system will use WiFi preferentially, it will automatically switch to mobile data in special circumstances or when the signal is not good.

5, limit the flow of food large network

Apple Edition: Open Settings → Cellular Mobile Network, then you can inquire about the situation of data consumption, thus limiting the specified application network.

Android version: Open the Security Center in the phone settings, you can query the consumption of each application traffic, thus limiting the specified application networking.

In fact, the main flow of food is mainly a few commonly used APP, in the mobile phone data traffic can be found on the use of the general WeChat, QQ, browser, game software are large flow. Can take some measures, such as: WeChat friends circle small video open only WiFi environment automatically play settings; friends circle photos try to use compressed photos; try to use pure text to communicate, publish less sentiment, voice, short video; Don't randomly open links, short videos, photos, etc.

6, set the daily traffic limit

It is recommended to set monthly traffic usage limit or early warning in the [Security Center] in the mobile phone settings to detect abnormal traffic consumption in a timely manner.

7, pay attention to the scope of use of directional traffic

Currently, operators have launched a number of targeted packages in conjunction with major Internet companies.TencentWang card swiping WeChat, watching Tencent video, playing Kings glory traffic free, but if you occasionally brush a microblogging, send a tremble, but also pay extra traffic charges. When ordering these packages, pay attention to their scope.

8, more "薅" operators wool

Now operators often launch some traffic donations, sweepstakes, special offers and other activities on many holidays. They pay attention to official platforms such as operator clients, public accounts, and microblogs, and are often subject to free traffic. For example, the Beijing Mobile client has a regular activity of signing and sending traffic, and a total of 160M traffic coupons can be obtained every month for free. The Beijing Telecom can get a total of 300M traffic.

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