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WeChat can do more for the public.

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Author A Chan (Jason Ng), originally published in WeChat public.

Today, together, I found that WeChat had lost 10 yuan for me. I had a bet with a friend last year that the WeChat iOS end had not returned to praise this year, and the result was restored today, so I was beaten.

The appreciation function is self-evident to the creator, it is more than a pure

If a reader wants to click

First, the present situation

If you are not a celebrity, you are lonely when you start writing. I have experienced this kind of state. When I first started blogging in 2007, I was a nobody, and I could hardly laugh at an article with 100 reading volume. How does the 100 reading come from? I reprinted my articles to various forums, even went back to various websites to reply messages, and brought links to my articles to pray for a little transformation.

In WeChat's ecosystem, you don't need to be like me. As long as you send articles to friends circle, 100 reading volume should be no problem. If there is a problem, it is always possible to send a few more times.

That's a lot.

Since the number of public numbers has been folded, more and more public numbers have been paid attention to. At the same time, the products such as shaking and quick hand have robbed the user's time, and the natural opening rate of the WeChat public is getting lower and lower. Some people even speculated that the data of WeChat circle in the past year are also declining.

A friend told me that WeChat's natural open rate is only 2 / 3, which means you have to have 3.33 million followers to make sure you read 100000 per article. Fo

To mention 100000, to be honest, I don't like the atmosphere of WeChat public number, too much content is timely. I tend to think that the quality of a platform or a public name depends not only on the timeliness of the content, but also on the content that can be precipitated, the content that you take out after a year, two years later, and still work.

WeChat has the function of searching for the content of the public, but only when I see someone in the circle of friends talking about a hot event, I go to search to see if there are more public numbers in the report or comment, and then as much as possible to understand the whole picture. But when I want to know how a server program is built, an actor's resume, and a marketing guide, I still use Google, because I know most public numbers don't write them. Why? Because nobody looks.

The only sign of success is that there is an atmosphere in the public circle of 100, 000. Driven by KPI, every self-media, every company's self-media division, is trying to reach 0. 100000. To reach 100000, many methodologies have told you that nothing more than two keywords: hot spots, agitation.

Everyone is rubbing the hot spots. They are trying to incite the reader's emotions. They are all inducing readers to forward. Who will write those real expository writings?

For me, too, I know I wrote an article about red, yellow and blue, and even if deleted, it took me only 2 hours to read 1 million. And the typography theory that I spent years studying, when I read tens of thousands of times, I also tend to choose to write this explosive article. No one likes to put a number behind the reading.

Two, WeChat can do more

I don't know what the public should cover more, but I expect WeChat to do something more to let the excellent public author come out and make more of the content on the public platform, rather than define it as an information fast.

For example, can you add a

For example,

For example, is it possible to develop a

For example, is it possible to develop more content forms? Writing for a lot of people is a threshold, but recording a 12 second video for a lot of people is more simple, is the public number must be mainly written in content? Is it possible to integrate short videos and live broadcast to enable more talented people to shine on this platform?

For example , is it possible to tell the user when the user is interested in a public numbe

For example, is it possible to open mutual messages and replies among users? I know that there must be a risk of censorship, but often some interesting ideas and inspiration are not entirely from the author's own thinking, and the commentary area often comes out of the cattle and see the NetEase post. How to balance the risks of censorship and UGC is a big challenge for WeChat.

For example, is it possible to put

I believe that the depth and dimension of the WeChat team are deeper and wider than me, and I believe they have seen the changes in numbers, and I have suggested that they might have better implementations. In any case, creators are a group of people who need special encouragement, not only for monetary encouragement, but also for encouraging flow. Many times, writing is not for fame, but to leave something for the world and hope that the world will find it.

WeChat, now it's a small world.

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