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Tencent agile collaboration platform TAPD open 1st anniversary: Service 1 million 200 thousand users

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On June 12, TAPD (Tencent Agile Product Development, Tencent Agile Product Development) released the "2018 Enterprise Agile Collaboration Data Report." The report shows that over the past year, TAPD has served more than 1.2 million users and provided support for more than 200,000 projects. The service companies have covered more than 20 industries such as e-commerce & new retail, corporate services, finance, education, games, and lifestyle services. .

TAPD's full name is Tencent's agile product R&D platform, which has experienced 12 years of accumulation and precipitation within Tencent and was officially opened to the public in May 2017. TAPD serves tens of thousands of products such as QQ, WeChat, and King Glory within Tencent, and externally provides Agile R&D collaboration support for several well-known companies and start-up companies such as US Mission Review, bilibili, and Tongdu Tourism.

TAPD provides one-stop services throughout the Agile R&D lifecycle, supporting agile requirements planning, iterative planning & tracking, task man-hour management, defect tracking management, test planning & use cases, continuous integration, continuous delivery & deployment, etc. .

Support millions of users in agile collaboration to help Chinese companies go to sea


The report shows that over the past year since its opening, TAPD has served more than 1.2 million users and supported more than 200,000 projects. The overall activity rate of the company is as high as 31%.


Under the "Belt and Road" opportunity, the internationalization of Chinese companies has become a trend. TAPD helps Chinese companies to go to sea and provides support for Chinese companies to agile and develop R&D collaboration. At present, the scope of corporate collaboration has covered more than 20 countries. TAPD provides a new way of cloud collaboration, supports cross-regional distributed collaboration, helps teams break information islands, visualizes project progress, and allows teams to collaborate and transparently work in real time, even when teams are distributed over multiple sites. For instance, as the cross-border e-commerce firm that completed the C-round financing recently, it is using the TAPD for R&D collaboration as the first company that focuses on e-commerce in the Middle East and is a “unicorn” company.


In China, TAPD has now covered more than 300 cities, of which Beijing, Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Guangzhou have the largest number of active companies in the four first-tier cities and have become the first echelon of agile collaboration dynamic cities. In the past two years, new first-tier cities have issued preferential policies for entrepreneurship, and the attractiveness of talents and the competitiveness of entrepreneurship have steadily increased, forming new entrepreneurial trends. The number of TAPD active companies in the new first-tier cities is located in the second and third tier respectively, which is in line with the new entrepreneurial trend. TAPD's cloud-based SaaS service model (based on the application mode of the Internet to provide software services) can provide more flexibility for local entrepreneurs to provide anytime, anywhere collaboration services.

Accelerating Dual Incubation Provides Engine for Transformation and Upgrade of Enterprise Collaboration Mode


According to reports, TAPD has now penetrated more than 20 industries and has provided professional agile R&D collaboration solutions for companies in various industries. According to IT Orange's “2013-2017 China Internet Venture Capital Investment Report”, in the past five years, the five major industries such as corporate services, e-commerce, culture and entertainment, hardware, and finance were most favored by capital and the number of investment events ranked top. These industries also belong to the active industry in TAPD, in which e-commerce & new retail, corporate services, and financial industry companies are the most active on TAPD, leading the company to agile collaboration.


TAPD is also committed to accelerating double-driving incubation and providing agile engines for innovation in technology companies. Currently, it has served tens of thousands of start-up companies, of which A-round financing accounts for nearly 42%, and companies with B-round and above account for more than 28%, including US delegations. Comments, Tongcheng Tourism, WeChat Bank, Fortune Securities, Daily Unicorn and other unicorn enterprises.


Agile development has become the mainstream R&D model in the Internet industry. Many large companies are also facing the challenges of agile transformation of organizational structure and R&D model to adapt to the increasingly fiercely competitive market and rapidly changing user needs. Currently, there are more than 200 listed companies active on TAPD, and they have successfully achieved agile model transformation and landing, demonstrating that large companies can also achieve small-step run.


In the process of digital transformation of traditional enterprises, TAPD supports the informatization upgrade of enterprise collaboration. TAPD's kanban is lightweight and concise, which helps the team to intuitively track the progress of work; online documents support multi-person online collaboration in real time to facilitate team collision creativity; and issue tracking applications can help teams manage problems in their daily work. All three applications can significantly increase the efficiency of traditional enterprise collaboration and accelerate the digital transformation and upgrading of traditional enterprise work methods. This is the favorite TAPD application of traditional enterprises.

Agile Iterative Small Step Run Significantly Enhances Corporate R&D Collaborative Performance


The core concept of agile development is "brilliant iteration, small step run". The product continuously scrolls and releases through iterations, responds quickly to user feedback, and efficiently delivers user value. On TAPD, more than 10,000 iterations are ongoing every day, 80% of the team iterations are within two weeks, and it can be seen that the two-week iterative cycle becomes the first choice for the agile research and development team. Through agile iterations and small steps, the team is able to respond to changing market demands and improve the competitiveness of its products.



Compared with verbal notifications, conferences, emails, Excel, and other traditional methods, TAPD supports online task collaboration anytime and anywhere to make the work progress more intuitive and transparent. It also supports mobile job reminders. Each person in charge can immediately receive notifications and feedback. , to achieve the self-running collaboration process, without the need to repeatedly confirm by phone, email, can greatly reduce the cost of communication in teamwork, significantly improve work efficiency.

According to the report, in a year, all companies completed 10 million collaborative tasks on TAPD, precipitated 2 million documents, received 4 million job alerts, and saved users an average of 33.7 minutes of communication time per day. In addition, the user activity of the TAPD decreased significantly over the weekend. More than 80% of the users did not work on the weekends, achieving separation of work and life.

Help agile research and development to help digital transformation and upgrading

Tencent’s chairman and chief executive officer, Ma Huateng, repeatedly stated this year that Tencent needs to be a digital assistant to help digital transformation and upgrading of all industries and focus on the three roles of connectivity, tools, and ecology. TAPD is the "digital assistant" that helps all walks of life to achieve agile research and development.

According to Yuan Lin, general manager of Tencent's TAPD, Tencent is a pioneer and leader in domestic agile practice. Since 2006, it has promoted the agile evolution of research and development models, and has developed the agile research and development collaboration platform TAPD. Today, it has developed a systematic and mature agility. The R&D system and the agile R&D culture are deeply rooted in Tencent. TAPD has served in Tencent for more than 12 years. It supports Tencent's differentiated R&D model for teams of different sizes and different types of businesses and has accumulated rich practical experiences and case studies. In May 2017, TAPD was fully opened to the outside world. Tencent exported its R&D management model and successful agile collaboration practices to provide professional agile R&D collaboration solutions for various industry teams, helping companies improve their R&D collaboration, and do business in various industries. Assistant for Internet transformation and digital upgrades.

It is reported that TAPD follow-up will further develop the open ecology of DevOps's R&D tool chain and help the company's R&D collaboration be more agile.

About TAPD (www.tapd.cn)

TAPD (Tencent Agile Product Development) is an agile R&D collaboration platform from Tencent that provides one-stop services throughout the Agile R&D life cycle. Covers the product development cycle from product concept formation, product planning, requirements analysis, project planning and tracking, quality testing to build release, and user feedback tracking, providing flexible customizable applications and strong integration capabilities to help R&D teams Effectively manage demand, resources, progress, and quality, standardize and improve product development processes, and increase R&D efficiency and product quality.

To meet the needs of teams of different sizes in different industries, TAPD offers three solutions:

1. For different industry collaboration scenarios, TAPD's lightweight collaborative solutions provide kanban, online documents, reports, and other functions to meet the needs of task collaboration, document collaboration, and communication scenarios, helping developers visualize work progress, and share projects Knowledge, improve teamwork efficiency;

2. For product R&D scenarios, TAPD's agile R&D solutions provide product demand planning, iterative planning & tracking, defect tracking management, and quality measurement analysis to help the team improve R&D efficiency and deliver high quality products successfully.

3. For the DevOps continuous delivery scenario, TAPD's DevOps solution integrates code management, build and build, deployment and release of R&D tool chains to help teams build and release products efficiently and reliably, and deliver value quickly.

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