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IPhone can not be used to mine, but many of the equipment is becoming mine.

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There are 715 million iPhone in the world being used by people. How many machines will be counted if these phones are idle?


It's not going to be done now. Apple has updated the developer's Guide recently, which explicitly states that apps can't use Apple devices to encrypt money.

Under the "2.4 hardware compatibility" entry of the latest developer guidelines page, apple wrote:

The application design needs to pay attention to the problem of energy saving. Applications can not quickly consume electricity, generate too much heat, or bring unnecessary losses to equipment resources. Applications (including any third party advertisements displayed within the application) can not run irrelevant background programs, such as the mining behavior of encrypted currencies.

That is to say, the application can't turn iPhone or apple computer into a mine. The reason is that digging will make the equipment consume power and calculate power. If mining is not done locally, it will be allowed in the cloud.


The upgrade option of Calendar 2 is the first free, but installation of mining plug-ins. The picture is from: Ars Technica

It is not uncommon to say that the application of mobile phone idle computing power to mine is in App Store. In March of this year, the Mac version of the Calendar 2 calendar software publicly acknowledged that it had a mining plug-in and successfully launched App Store.

If the user wants to use the paid version of Calendar 2, you can pay for it. If you don't want to spend it, install the mine plug in and take advantage of your computer's power.

Calendar 2 tells the user this operation in the update description, and in contrast, more applications and sites are unknowable by the user, by implanting a malignant code to allow the user's devices to dig their own mines.


The price of virtual currency, such as bitcoin has been rising all the way, the price of the mine is high, and the hackers are looking at the smartphones, the PC computers and the servers on the web. These mining codes not only occupy computing power, slow down the original running speed, but also cause information leakage.

Last December, infzm.com announced that the website's OpenX advertising module was implanted with a vicious mining script. When the user visits the page, the amount of computer CPU occupancy will increase abnormally. This is not rare, YouTube, fast looking comics, telecom Tianyi client and other large number of pages and applications, also have been implanted in the mining code.

The nature of digital encryption such as bitcoin is mathematical operations, and the PoW consensus mechanism is widely used. Every transaction of encrypted money needs to be verified by complex mathematical equations, and then added to the distributed accounts. At this point, the "miner" who provides arithmetic operations will receive the corresponding encrypted currency in return.

We often refer to the "mine machine" as a high-performance computer running the mining software, which provides computing power through the use of electricity as an energy source. So our commonly used computers, CPU and graphics cards can also be used to mine.

Early bitcoin can also be dug up by computer, but it will not work now. But with less power consumption and less demanding computing power, the use of mobile phones and computers can still be dug up.

In February of this year, CISCO's Talos team announced a case of hackers using large numbers of computers to dig up Monroe coins. The operation of Monroe money is relatively low, and an ordinary computer can dig up to about 0.3 dollars in Monroe a day, and someone has dug 184 thousand dollars of Monroe by invading a large number of computers.

If the surplus power of a large number of Apple equipment is applied, it is possible to form a "pool mining" situation. After all, the power of "crowdsourcing" is amazing.


Tianhe two = 18400 PS4, the picture is from: Experts Exchange

It has been calculated that the number of floating point operations per second of the Tianhe two supercomputer corresponds to the sum of 18400 PlayStation 4. The radio telescope in Breakthrough Listen, the extraterrestrial life exploration program, has been observing outer space and producing large amounts of data, resulting in a project called "SETI@home" package. People on the earth can connect with their computers and smartphones. Ability to assist in the processing of observation data.

In the fourth quarter of the American opera "Silicon Valley", the piper developed a set of distributed storage, storing the data of an insurance company in a variety of smart devices, including smart phones and intelligent refrigerators.

In the era of routers, smart watches, game boxes, mobile phones and computers, what do you think will be the next smart hardware to become a miner?

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