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Is Apple's after sale policy a global guarantee for iPhone? It doesn't exist!

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On the way home from work yesterday, I was suddenly caught on a piece ofThe news brush is full of screen.

This is probably the original meaning of the news.

Some netizens found that Apple has quietly changed its warranty policy so that all iPhones within the warranty period (one year) or Apple Care extension will be able to obtain warranty service in the Apple Store around the world. Even when the use

And in the bottom of this description, the news is also accompanied by an overview of Apple's official website's after-sales service:


Apple's extension of the iPhone's warranty to the world is clearly a good thing both for China Bank and for users of overseas versions of the iPhone. In addition, in the overview, Apple's version of the China Bank iPhone

However, I do not know whether the news source author wants to make a big news, or a careless loss for a while. Just below the table, there is such a critical phrase:

Apple can restrict services to Apple or countries or regions whose authorized dealers initially sell Apple products.


The above sentence seems to be deep (Apple's copywriting has always been so).

The final decision and the right to explain belong to the apple.

In fact, Apple's official aftermarket theory is that it is up to Apple to accept overseas iPhone requests for repairs at home (or China Bank's iPhones overseas). In other words, although the table


The picture comes from: Apple

In addition, according to industry sources, Apple has been carrying out this warranty policy for some time. It is not a recent amendment. The key to the maintenance of non - state - run equipment is to complete the purchase of negotiable instruments.


Here we can take a look at the non-China Bank's Hong Kong version of the iPhone in China to enjoy

When the iPhone users in Hong Kong have applied for after-sale warranty in China's apple official network, they must provide relevant documents and formal channels of purchase vouchers on the day of maintenance to the Apple Store's genius. Otherwise, the domestic after sale channel has the right to refuse the warranty.

The non national and non port version (such as the US version, the Japanese edition, etc.) in the domestic warranty is more special, the authorized maintenance point will not accept the maintenance request of the overseas iPhone. The user must take the signing documents (with the locked version) and the regular channel purchase vouchers to the Apple Store for maintenance.


The picture comes from: iPhone repair Rowlett


Of course, this is just a case of a very small probability. It can not be used as a convenient way. After sale, we should follow the normal process.

What other warranty policies do Apple need to pay attention to?

Apple has launched a wide variety of products, and customers who need after-sale maintenance equipment will naturally be less. So, no matter what apple you are holding, recommend to Apple Store or Apple to support App before applying for after sale, which can save you a lot of time.

Now let me share with you some tips and suggestions for Apple's application for after-sales service.

  • Overseas version of iPhone is cheap, but the guarantee is still the most stable.

According to the sale area, iPhone X, which is commonly sold on the market, mainly has four versions: state bank, Hong Kong Edition, American version and Japanese version. They are iPhone for the Chinese mainland market, Hong Kong and Macao market, American market and Japanese market respectively.


Take iPhone X as an example, from the iPhone X price announced by Apple official network everywhere, the US version iPhone X is the lowest one in the four versions, the price of $999 is about 6412 yuan after the depreciation of the RMB, and the larger 256GB version is 1149 US dollars, or about 7375 yuan. The price contrast is also up to 2200 yuan.

Therefore, we can often see that there are businesses selling the two edition of the US and Japan on some online shopping platforms, and sales are good.


Of course, there are also some hidden risks behind the low price. For example, the US version is the lowest price in the four, but the bill and other issues do not necessarily enjoy the official warranty service at home, and the risk of the lock machine may appear in the subsequent use. It is the same as the lower price of the price.

Overall, the American and Japanese iPhones are

  • The equipment purchased from other places is also

Even though the country ' s iPhone enjoys one year in the country ,


Last time, I bought a red iPhone 8 Plus at Apple Store, Chengdu, but unfortunately, when I returned to Guangzhou, I found that the phone screen and the middle frame had a clear connection problem, and I took the phone to Guangzhou's Apple Store on the day after the purchase.Demand change.

However, the genius of the Guangzhou store told me that because the mobile phone was purchased in Chengdu store, so the machine in Guangzhou can not enjoy the unconditional return within 14 days, can only go back to the factory

Fortunately, 1 weeks after the phone returned to the factory, apple eventually helped me with the replacement, not maintenance.

  • MacBook Pro (2015) screen coating shedding maintenance has been extended to 4 years.

The warranty range compared to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac is


2015 MacBook Pro screen anti glare coating drop is to let a lot of users with a lot of headaches, including the 15 MacBook Pro I am in use now, also encountered a very serious problem of coating loss. After consulting the geniuses of Apple Store, Apple has now extended the MacBook and MacBook Pro screen maintenance plan to 4 years (starting from the date of activation). If the consumer's MacBook screen is out of the coating, apple can be changed free of charge for maintenance, but you have to remember to make an appointment before applying for maintenance.

It is worth noting that if the computer screen and internal hardware are artificially damaged, apple can also refuse to accept repairs.

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