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[Trial] No bangs equipped with lifting camera The most futuristic smartphone vivo NEX

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Under the current technology, “Liu Haiping” may be the best solution for balancing costs, screen share, and market acceptance. However, it is believed that everyone who pays attention to mobile phones is looking forward to when mobile phone makers can kill Liu Hai. Come up with a better overall screen solution.

Just like March’s Vivo X21's first Android camp “Liu Haiping”, this time “crab” is still Vivo, and the product's name is NEX.

Yes, vivo produced APEX

Everyone should remember that during the MWC 2018 period at the end of February this year, vivo demonstrated to the media a concept machine called APEX.

This product uses the "three ultra-narrow border + bottom minimal chin" design, and then solve the front camera with a creative lifting camera, this product's screen share has reached an exaggerated 91%, far ahead includeiPhoneAll smartphones within X.

However, including myself, it is widely believed that APEX is a product used by Vivo to "shy show" technology. Under the current technological conditions, it is difficult to conduct mass production as a breakthrough design.

Look now, we are all a bit small vivo.

More than three months later, vivo launched APEX, which is NEX.

Three narrow border + Android Mini chin

The NEX uses an APEX-like top, left, and right three-sided ultra-narrow frame design. The width of these three sides is narrower than that of the iPhone X. The impression is similar to APEX.

As for the chin part of everyone's attention, the NEX is controlled to be comparable to the previous Vivo X21, which is wider than the COP-wrapped iPhone X, but this width is already narrower than all other Android phones including the Galaxy S9.

In addition, compared to the APEX concept machine, the corners of the screen of the NEX have been made with a relatively large round corner cut, which is basically the same as that of the X21. The R corner of the screen frame is consistent with the screen, making the front of the NEX look more rounded.

Let's look at the screen itself, which has a diagonal size of 6.59 inches, a Samsung AMOLED material with a resolution of 2316 × 1080 (a aspect ratio of 19.3: 9), and an official screen ratio of 91.24. The design of high-speed screen proportion without Liu Hai is called zero-line full screen.

Seeing here, everyone should also guess that at this resolution, the screen of NEX will inevitably have some graininess, but unless you put your eyes within 5cm from the screen, or you are accustomed to the 2K screen of Galaxy S/Note And it is extremely sensitive to detail, otherwise most users do not have to worry about it.

As for the screen quality of NEX, there is nothing to worry about. The brightness and contrast are nothing to be picky. The color style is similar to that of previous vivo AMOLED models such as the X21, but the degree is not particularly high. The overall look is a piece. High-level AMOLED screen and support Always On Display.

However, since the screen is longer, the NEX's full width control is not bad. With the rounded middle frame and the 3D hot bend glass back cover, the NEX won't be particularly difficult to grasp.

Lifting camera and screen sound "black technology"

Under the existing screen panel and packaging technology, although it is difficult to make screen share such as NEX, it can still be solved, and the real difficulty is how to ensure normal after making such a product form. Mobile experience.

NEX's approach is to move two "black technologies" used on APEX.

The first is a lifting front camera.

NEX's front-facing camera is hidden inside the mobile phone. By using a custom-made drive motor, it automatically rises during self-timer shooting, automatically falls out of the self-timer, and is stored in the phone.

In practical use, NEX's elevating front camera has excellent response speed, and the speed of rising and falling is very fast. As far as people's fears are concerned, the mechanism will not have some hidden dangers in its life. According to our understanding, this module of NEX has very strong pressure-bearing capacity. It is said that “the walnuts” will not be bad (unverified), theoretically. There is no need to worry about life.

The second "black technology" is the screen sound.

In order to make the "forehead" of mobile phones narrower while ensuring better integration, NEX did not adopt the traditional hidden top traditional handset design of many full-screen mobile phones. Instead, it adopted more radical full-screen sound technology. This vocalization technique is similar to the Sony A1 and A8F. The principle is to use ultra-thin OLED screen vibrations to sound. This is obviously different from the first-generation piezoelectric ceramics used in Xiaomi MIX.

The actual performance of the NEX handset was somewhat unexpected. The sound was clear and the volume was large enough. Since the NEX sounded in full screen, it was wonderful to hear clear sound anywhere on the screen. In addition, since the sound of NEX is directly transmitted through the vibration toward the top of the screen, the problem of “leakage” caused by the propagation of the sound to the surroundings does not occur.

Screen fingerprint, Xiaolong 845, 4000 mAh battery

There are many areas of interest on Vivo NEX. Let's take a brief look.

As the first manufacturer to launch screen fingerprint mobile phones, NEX naturally uses fingerprints on the screen. vivo indicates that the screen fingerprints on the NEX are the third generation, claiming that fingerprint image accuracy has increased by 50%, and unlocking speed has increased by 10%.

Compared with the X21 screen fingerprint version, the speed of NEX fingerprint recognition does have some improvement, and the probability of failing to recognize the fingerprint is also lower.

On the camera side, the NEX's rear main camera uses the Sony IMX363 sensor, which is Sony's main mid-to-high-end CMOS positioning this year. The sensor measures 1/2.55 inches, 12 million pixels, and a single-pixel 1.4-micron, full-pixel dual-core focus. In addition, the lens aperture of the NEX is larger f/1.8, and 4-axis optical image stabilization is used. As for the performance of the NEX camera, but also need to be more specific measurement later, but with this set of hardware specifications, and Vio has always been excellent optimization, NEX's camera performance is certainly not worse.

In terms of configuration, NEX's high-end version used Qualcomm's latest flagship SoC Xiaolong 845. After “missing” Xiaolong 835, vivo finally re-entered Qualcomm's flagship SoC 8 Series, with storage specifications up to 8GB + 256GB storage.

Vivo also stated that NEX has also made special optimizations for the Unreal Engine and can achieve a superior experience in playing games created with Unreal Engine. With the specially optimized signal and cooling performance, NEX Top Gear is worth its performance in the game. look forward to.

Due to the fact that the body size is larger than mainstream products, the NEX can plug in a larger capacity 4000 mAh battery, which is currently the largest battery capacity of the Xiaolong 845 mobile phone, and should be sufficient for most users to use it for one day.

The NEX also retains the 3.5 mm headphone jack, located on the top of the body. Even more commendable is that the vivo NEX still retains the Hi-Fi module, and the Hi-Fi module is reduced in size through the SiP package. The NEX standard version is AK4376A and the high version is CS43199 and SSM6322.

Jovi is Vivo's new AI engine on the X21. The features include smart engine, smart scene, smart screen, smart desktop and smart driving. On NEX, vivo has significantly increased the functionality of Jovi, even adding a single Jovi button in the middle of the left border.

On NEX, Jovi Voice can cover system applications as well as multiple third-party applications, and greatly improve the natural speech understanding management. It can directly perform operations such as WeChat red envelopes and navigation that need to be touched through voice.

In addition, Jovi's smart recognition features have also been greatly enhanced, and conventional photogrammatic objects do not have much to say. In the course of a chat, if you receive a photo that contains the express order number, Jovi can automatically extract the ticket number and query. To express information.

From the low price of 3,898 yuan

Vivo NEX offers three kinds of specifications, Xiaolong 710, rear fingerprint, 6GB+128GB standard edition is 3898 yuan, Xiaolong 845, screen fingerprint, 8GB+128GB high edition edition is 4498 yuan, and Xiaolong 845, Screen fingerprint, 8GB + 256GB high version is 4998 yuan.

This pricing is slightly lower than our previous expectation. After all, NEX has used a special design with a “zero screen” and a lifting camera. The configuration has not been significantly short. If you consider buying vivo NEX, we currently recommend a high version. Compared to the standard version of NEX, the price difference between the high version is only 600 yuan, but the SoC, screen fingerprint, running memory, Hi-Fi, etc. are still more obvious. .

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