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"Teng Teng" war escalation: headline into the "Tencent hinterland" game

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The game types include mainstream product types such as RPG, SLG, competitive, chess, and other industries. It can be seen as a relatively complete application store.

According to industry insiders telling GameLook, the headline started about half of the interline time; there are game headlines to gameLook said to GameLook, the current headline game's split ratio is 5:5, consistent with other domestic channels.

As early as the beginning of this year, some media broke the news that today's headline CEO Zhang Yiming met with a game company and moved into the game industry.

Not only that, at the beginning of the year, the headline was in the job search category for college students.websiteReleased plans to recruit interns for game content operations. Such interns will be responsible for game content output, evaluations, product recommendations, and data summaries.

Today’s headline’s recruiting information shows: “Today's headline commercialization department is one of the 18-year focused projects for game transport business”. The so-called game transport, in terms of popular terms, game developers provide necessary elements such as products, customer service, and recharge systems. The cooperation platform provides platform rental rights, advertising space and other resources for cooperative operations. It is actually a game.DevelopmentBusinesses reach more users through a traffic platform. This also shows directly that today's headline has a firm intention to enter the game industry.

Today's headline recruitment information

The development prospects of the game market are worth heading into this area.

According to the latest statistics from Newzoo, a Dutch market research company, the global game market revenue in 2017 was approximately US$116 billion, while the Chinese company reached US$32.3 billion, accounting for almost one-third of the global game market.

From 2008 to 2017, the Chinese game market has maintained its growth momentum. Data from China's industry information shows that in 2008-2016, the actual sales revenue of the game market in China increased from 16.8 billion yuan to 165.6 billion yuan, and the compound annual growth rate was as high as 31.46%. In 2016, the market growth rate fell to 17.7%. In 2017, the actual sales revenue in the Chinese game market reached 203.61 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 23.0%.

Image Source: China Industry Information

From the perspective of domestic game segments, mobile games have the highest growth rate. With the rapid development of the Internet and a large number of end-user IPs being converted into mobile games, in 2016, mobile games surpassed the market size of end-games for the first time, accounting for 57.2% of the total gaming market, making it the largest market segment. From January to June 2017, the actual sales revenue of the Chinese game market was 99.78 billion yuan, and the actual sales revenue of the mobile game market accounted for 56.3%, which still maintained the growth trend. China Industry Information expects that the proportion of mobile games in the entire gaming market will continue to rise and exceed 70% by 2020.

Image Source: China Industry Information

In the entire domestic game market,TencentNetEase showed absolute advantages. The "2017 China Game Industry Annual Report" shows that the two giants of Tencent and NetEase won 67% of China's game market in 2017, including Tencent 49% and NetEase 18%. Other vendors divide the market by 33%.

The game business is Tencent’s main source of income. Tencent’s first quarterly report for the fiscal year 2018 shows that Tencent’s online game revenue has increased by 26% year-on-year to RMB28.78 billion, accounting for 39.14% of total revenue.

Today, the headline online "today's game" feature can be said to be the direct "heart" of Tencent. On the way to the development of the game, today's headline seems to have found a way to suit itself: in the period of rapid development of the traffic, the game business will be expanded and the game market will be entered through the game.

In addition to the clashes in the game field, the contradiction between today's headline and Tencent has already erupted in terms of information flow.

Sitting on China’s largest social platform, Tencent’s use of WeChat and mobile phone traffic guidance, coupled with a large number of talents from traditional media to bless content production, Tencent News beat Netease, Sohu, and Sina in the news client battle to become “ The four major portals have been transformed into the most successful news and information products, and have long been the leader in news and information APP traffic. However, in recent years, Tencent News has encountered the fierce pursuit of today's headlines.

According to Analysys data, in February 2017, Tencent ranked first in the informational APP ranking with nearly 151 million monthly active users. Today’s headline is followed by 148 million months of activity. The difference between the two is about 2.4 million.

By December 2017, the gap between the two has further narrowed, with Tencent News monthly meeting nearly 234 million, and today's headline month living at 232 million, only a difference of about 1.5 million.

In the face of such a strong offensive against the opponents, Tencent also launched a defensive product against the today’s headline, the Daily Express. However, because of the Matthew effect, poor positioning, and excessive dependence on traffic, the Daily Express has not ushered in explosive growth. In addition, Tencent's “search for a search” and “look at a look” have also been regarded as “battle against Baidu” and “take a look”.

Recently, today's headline and Tencent’s most fierce battlefield should be “shortvideo"In the field.

In September 2016, today's headline launched the music creative short video social software - vibrato. The software, with its creative content and celebrity propaganda and blessing, used each short 15 seconds of video to quickly occupy the user's fragmentation time and fire up. Tranquility official data show that, up to now, the vibrancy of domestic daily living users exceeded 150 million, monthly live users exceed 300 million. Especially during the Spring Festival this year, the number of live users on Shaken Day experienced a rapid increase from less than 40 million to nearly 70 million.

As the short video App, such as vibrato, has made great strides, Tencent has also begun to lay out its short video service.

In March 2017 and January 2018, Tencent successively invested in "shorthand" short video applications. According to the "2017 China Mobile Internet Annual Report" released by QuestMobile, a third-party data research organization, 2017 is the short-lived "best year ever", with 400 million monthly active users, of which 204 million are active monthly users. The number of fast-paced users continues to rise.

In addition to external investment, Tencent also vigorously supported the internal incubation of short video software "microvision." It is reported that Tencent intends to take out a 3 billion yuan subsidy to bet on its short video application "microvision" in the hope that the introduction of high quality short video content creators, vibrato big V become the object of being wooed.

In the field of short video, today's headline VS Tencent’s game is officially opened, and even the founders of both companies are “tearing”.

In April of this year, WeChat formally banned links to short video platforms such as chatter, quick hands, watermelons, and volcanoes on the grounds of Internet short video rectification. In response, today's headline founder and CEO Zhang Yiming made a dissatisfaction statement in the circle of friends in the circle of friends killed by micro envelopes, and Ma Huateng commented and responded: “The platform treats all equally, you are allergic to it.” Perhaps because the outside world's rebounding sound is too much, short Two days later, WeChat deleted the ban again.

In May, Shaken brought Tencent to the People’s Court of Haidian District of Beijing on the grounds of reputational infringement disputes, claiming that his video was fictionalized in the article “Shadow, please let go of children” issued by WeChat Public’s “Quick Micro Class”. The source identified the video with “Beijing time”, “seconds beat”, and “Tencent video” watermarks as videos derived from the short video of vibrato, falsifying the facts, intentionally confusing the video, and infringing on the legality of the short video of chatter. rights and interests. Require Tencent to immediately stop the infringement, provide the WeChat public number "quick micro-curriculum" registration information and identity information, apologize, and compensate economic losses and reasonable costs of rights protection totaling 1 million yuan.

"The sword and tongue, you come to me" is the normal of the two. Two weeks later, Tencent made a large number of announcements and disseminated disparaging statements, articles, or videos that derogated from Tencent. Today, Tencent operates the main body of the company and Beijing Vickers Technology Co., Ltd. To the Haidian District People’s Court in Beijing, they demanded a compensation of RMB 1 and pushed a public apology in full on their own news media platform.

From information flow to short video, to today's game field, today's headline and Tencent's competition has entered a "white fever" state, and the war is fully opened.

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