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Xiaomi, Wanda, today's headline canteen is not the same

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Big company benefits! Canteen to find out?

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Photography | Shi Xiaobing, Deng Pan, Gao Wei

As the saying goes, there is a company called someone else's company. The benefits of big companies are all good. The good or bad food has a direct impact on the enthusiasm of employees. Wang Jianlin, the owner of Wanda, once said that it was over 7 in the morning. The reason for going to the company is that the canteens do a good job early.

"Chinese Entrepreneur" magazine launched a series of canteens for the welfare of large companies. In this issue, we will take everyone to visit the canteens of three large companies. Tips: Please do not watch (easily hungry), do not watch with work mood (easy to change jobs).


Dish is not heavy for one month, free to eat

Regarding food, internet companies have had such rumours that Zhou Hongyi, a 360-year-old red master, once had a master Chef Wang. The chef's dish made Zhou Hong-chan praise, and Master Wang was highly praised during his 360-year work. He got a lot of options for 360, but Master Chef Wang had moved to today's headlines after working at 360 for several reasons. The reason is that China Enterprise Columbia is not aware of this, but such a rumor makes today's headline company's "eating". Add a bit of mystery. So when we were planning to become a big company canteen, our first thought was to reveal the food on the headlines today.

After coming here, it was discovered that it was a well-deserved reputation: One month's dishes are not heavy! The key is to avoid! fee! eat! ▼


I haven't eaten in the dining hall, I have seen the lunch menu that day, and intimately informed the taste of each dish, spicy, salty, and plain. ▼


The cafeteria environment is small and fresh, and the seats are clean and tidy, allowing nearly 2000 employees to eat at the same time. ▼


Carefully prepared employees with boxes to work on laptop boxes and business parcel rooms. ▼


Three meals a day, six lunches a day, every day must be the same aquatic products, the day is squid squid, beef and mutton takes precedence over other meat, the day is a black pepper denim. The dishes are divided into main, half, half, and halal meals, one soup and one porridge (one meal and one vegetarian meal). There are sweet soups, fruit and yogurt after the meal. ▼


With nutrition, strengthening the brain, Zhang Yiming no longer has to worry about programmers writing no code. ▼


Every day a surprise snack, such as mala Tang, fried stinky tofu, bean sauce, dumplings, etc., are all available to meet the taste groups across the country. On the same day, Chinese business brother caught up with the improved version of Braised Fire. ▼


It seems that people from all over the company don't have to go outside to find food. What the Century Challenge is to eat is not a problem here!

Even the system bug that circulates on the daily dining TV, the kung fu programmer who eats the meal gets. As the saying goes: If food is good, KPI will not fail. ▼


In order to catch up with the special occasions of the festival or the company, the cafeteria will be prepared with a number of differences, such as roast duck, crayfish, popcorn, and so on. ▼


Source: Today's headline provides

However, do you think the light is over? not at all! The headline Everyday Afternoon Tea Benefits Just make a minute to make a career change: cheese cake, wife cake, spicy chicken wings, just eat whatever you like! Take it to your station! ▼


Source: Today's headline provides

No wonder the headline interview, HR will be kind enough to inform you: headline, fat four pounds from Oh.

In the end, Zhongge Gemeimei had a meal! ▼



Special raw materials farm, rest assured to eat

Originally thought that the headline of the day's food is already the conscience of the industry, and came to Wanda's canteen, Zhongge brother can only say: too! it is good! eat! It!

Even Wang Jianlin himself had once boasted in the program of his own canteen. ▼


Source: "Lu Yu has a contract" video screenshots

What we came here was a restaurant of Wanda employees, which can accommodate about 500 employees. The dining rush hour was informed intimately outside the door. ▼


Excellent location: three floors of Guomao office building! Having visited a lot of underground canteens, came here and ate delicious meals, TV news and Phoenix News, and looked at the crowd of CBD. Zhongge Brother deeply felt the welfare of Wanda employees. ▼


Orderly line up, self-help meal, still casually eat no money! ▼


First look at the dishes, six hot dishes, leeks are not greasy, vegetables are very refreshing. Look at the fineness of a few dishes, much like the attitude of cooking at home. ▼


Three cold dishes, salad green shoots, cold pork liver and cherry tomatoes, place a plate to feel? ▼


Knock on the blackboard. The following points are emphasized. Why does Wanda's meal taste delicious? Because the raw material is special for the farm!

According to the restaurant manager's introduction, Wanda has a 6,000-mu farm in Yanqing. All of the canteen's food raw materials come from there, that is, people raise their own cattle and raise sheep, and grow their own vegetables and fruits. Moreover, the food produced by the farms is not sold to foreign countries, but only to restaurants. In other words, Wanda has opened up a farm for employees to eat healthily. It does not ask anything else, but only asks for food to rest assured and comfortable. We specifically want to come to some of the information map from the farm, there are pictures and truth! ▼


Source: Provided by Wanda

When we waited and hadn’t finished yet, just as we were still immersed in the imagination of the farm, a staff member held a special box to pick up the dishes and listened to them carefully. The original dishes were different. Every dish here was sampled. Keep some, the retention time is 48 hours. Prepare a sample survey in case employees have problems. ▼


Well, we can feel the welfare of others' homes.


In addition to regular porridge, soup, and fruit yoghurt, Wanda is also equipped with special snacks. We caught the glutinous rice balls and Harley cake. ▼


In the end, Zhongge Brother had a bit of every dish and it was really delicious. ▼


I thought that although I couldn't catch the same subway with the richest man Wang Jianlin, I had eaten the same lunch.嘻嘻~


Source: "Lu Yu has a contract" video screenshots


A wide range of flavors and snacks

Q: Which company’s name carries food?

Answer: Xiaomi

The slogan of the millet canteen is: eat well and live well. ▼


The millet dining hall has approximately 800 seats for 2,000 people and can sing KTV after dinner! ▼


Semi-self-catering, there is a special dining hall aunt Sheng Sheng, after dinner to checkout, compared to the outside restaurant is still a lot cheaper, there are extra meals every month. ▼


The dishes are fairly rich. For me a small person in Northeast China, the overall assessment of taste is acceptable, in short, better than our canteen. (Don't ask about our cafeteria, have the ability to eat it yourself!) ▼


China Merchants held three dishes (more than the actual ones), spending a total of 16.5 yuan. Braised squid is a little surprise. ▼


But, the flavor of the Xiaomai canteen is the highlight: Yoshinoya, noodles, grilled noodles, noodles, teppanyaki, octopus balls, hand cakes, and lady's favorite slimming salad. ▼


In the past, there were mala Tang, hot and sour powder, beef noodles, etc., and snacks were changed from time to time. It can be said that it is very rich. ▼


Let's feel the long line of "mille noodles" master, the scene of Mali to do noodles. ▼


Not every day you drink millet porridge. The day is corn porridge and egg soup. How about a bowl of porridge? ▼


When he was about to come to an octopus dumpling, the sharp-eyed Chinese entrepreneur saw Houchu launch a large plate of sashimi! ▼


One inquire, it was originally a unilateral one, it is said that there is a guest to dine. It seems that the background is strong.


After walking for a while, we found that the millet canteen has a very powerful operating system: For example, he has his own canteen office, employees can give feedback and suggestions, it is not good to eatComplaintsIf you want to eat crayfish, you can also mention it. ▼


They also have a take-out system, but only for Xiaomi's other office employees. The point of delivery staff is a true love for the cafeteria. ▼


There are occasional cooking competitions! ▼


After walking past Xiaomi’s canteen, the trip to the three canteens in this period ended.

Vote for your favorite cafeteria!

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