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Intel proud of contrast AMD StoreMI: hard disk "plug" who is stronger?

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Are these two solutions better or worse? And look at our analysis and actual measurement.

Differences in implementation

The original intention of both programs is to obtain low-cost, high-performance, high-capacity memory by accelerating mechanical hard disks. However, there are many different ways to achieve it.

Simply put, Ao Teng technology uses algorithm-awareness to mirror a file that is frequently called on a mechanical hard disk into the Aurora hardware based on 3D XPoint technology, thereby achieving a significant performance improvement.

AMD's solution is more simple and crude, and the mechanical hard disk, solid-state hard disk, and DRAM memory (not required) are packaged into a logical partition. The software then allocates storage to achieve overall performance improvement.


Ao Teng is released with the Intel200 series motherboard. Due to the time, basically all the motherboards on the market except the H310 and H110 motherboards support Aotun technology. However, the Autemium products must occupy an M.2 hard disk slot. For some motherboards with only one M.2 slot, the M.2 SSD and Ao Teng must choose one or the other.

In contrast, StoreMI is currently only supported on the X470 and B450 series motherboards, and the less expensive B450 motherboard is not yet available. The selection surface is narrow. But the benefit is that consumers using the first-generation Intel® Ruilong processor can also get StoreMI technology support if they use the X470 motherboard.

The cost

No matter what kind of technology, as long as it is a consumer-grade product, it cannot escape the price. So who is more advantageous in the use cost of AoTeng and StoreMI?

1. Aoteng: Need to purchase additional hardware

If you want to use Proudon technology, you must purchase the Proudun hardware based on 3D XPoint technology. We have inquired about the offer of the current cheapest 16-ounce version of Ao Teng products:

At present, the price of the 16GB Ao Teng is about 130 yuan, while the 32GB version requires more than 300 yuan. If it is used to speed up mechanical hard drives, 16GB is basically enough.

For AMD, StoreMI is almost "totally free" because it does not require additional hardware support. Although this is indeed the case, the fact that the X470 must use much higher prices than the B350 motherboard actually means higher platform costs. In addition, StoreMI must be used on platforms that have SSDs. And this "solid-state drive" is not just a traditional NAND, it can also be proud of hardware.

In terms of construction costs, the two basically belong to each other.

Ease of Use: Deployment Threshold

Having said so much, as a consumer-level technology, the portability and difficulty of use must not be too high. If the average consumer's operation is too difficult, it will seriously affect the user experience.

If you go back to a year ago when Avantstrom Technology was just released, it would be a disaster for Aotun to accelerate its deployment. The stability of the software, the logic of the operation, the options that need to be adjusted are all engineered. The use is far more difficult than ordinary consumers.

But now, Intel has simplified the deployment of Aoteng to a "fool-style" one-click completion. Both efficiency and ease of use are as perfect as possible.

In contrast, StoreMI has not yet launched a Chinese version of the entire software. Even the test documents that the author has got are tens of thousands of words of English documents. Fortunately, the deployment of software is not very complicated. However, without detailed instructions, the possibility of loss caused by ordinary consumers' misuse is still high. We hope that AMD will add Chinese and deployment guidance notes as soon as possible in subsequent release updates.

Performance: Each has its advantages

With respect to performance, we conducted an actual test. The test uses two such platforms:

Let's test the performance of this mechanical hard disk first:

The test results after deploying the Aoten technology:

It can be seen that due to the strong random performance of 3DXPoint, the 4K performance here has been improved by an order of magnitude.

So what would be the performance if you were to use a 2GB DDR4 memory, a 250GB 860EVO, and the same 10TB hard drive to form a StoreMI array?

It can be seen that due to the addition of memory, StoreMI's continuous read and write performance is very powerful, and the write performance is basically the performance of the 860EVO SATA SSD.

Compared to Ao Teng, StoreMI is more dependent on the performance of SSDs in arrays. Due to the addition of memory, it looks very good at running points. However, the gap between the two in terms of 4K performance is not large.

Security: Aotang has obvious advantages

In addition to performance, the most concern is the security issue. Ao Teng technology itself is dependent on 3DXpoint technology, and 3DXPoint technology as a non-volatile memory, and will not lose data due to sudden power outages and so on. And if Aoteng itself has problems, it will not affect the data in the mechanical hard disk.

The StoreMI is deeply integrated because it is a bundled approach. Without the correct completion of StoreMI removal, both the SSD and the mechanical hard disk alone cannot be used normally. Once one of them is damaged, the entire StoreMI array will suffer damage. Relevant recovery requires very complicated operations. And data security cannot be guaranteed.

to sum up:

Overall, as a product that has been released for a year, Ao Teng looks more mature and reliable. And StoreMI tends to integrate existing resources to improve performance, but the overall degree of completion is still somewhat immature. If you say that Ao Teng can basically rest assured to ordinary consumers. So at this stage, StoreMI has not reached this level. Of course, these kinds of tricks are not as practical and effective as large-capacity SSDs.

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