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Why does Tencent only kill the headline today?

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Wen/Ma Jihua

Following the 3Q World War many years ago, again in 2018, the "head-to-head war" broke out. This is really a headache because the two protagonists are Tencent, and the other side is still monopolizing and attacking. Deliberately blocked. Of course, there are still some differences. The 3Q World War is because of QQ, and the head-to-head battle is for WeChat.

Tencent is a big mountain in China's Internet. It has a large amount of early traffic and has a hegemonic position in social and gaming. It can't allow other companies to have any impact. For Tencent, non-social and game areas are decentralized, willing to be assistants, and are very low-profile, but once they have reached the core interests, making tough decisions again will not be vague at all.

The war between Tencent and the headlines is essentially a game with a first-mover advantage, a big platform for success, and a rising new force, like Sino-U.S. relations. Tencent’s social traffic is a lifeblood. Game entertainment is a profitable cow. However, today’s headlines and chattering are precisely the core resources of this part. In the context of 5G arrival, if we do not contain it, we can turn it into socialization in May 1818. The inevitable, and Tencent's WeChat has indeed reached the top.


Many people do not understand, even today's top management level can not understand why a forward Xinhua News's critical articles will allow Tencent to make a big move. Why does Tencent not pursue the first one to change the title forwarding Baidu but bite the headline to make a fuss? Maybe you think that the headline shock has impacted Tencent's core business. Perhaps you think that it is headline and Tencent are not looking at each other, but ignore another important reason.

Tencent is jealous of Alibaba, but it is not afraid because Ali does not have the media control and the right to speak. Even if he can't win Alibaba, he will not suffer too much. Tencent is afraid of Baidu, because Baidu's distribution capability is unmatched, but Tencent does not taboo Baidu, because Baidu did not break into Tencent's core business, there is no such ability and strategy in the short term. However, Tencent is afraid of the headline system and taboo, if the headline today does not accept Tencent's collection, then the contradiction between the two is not reconcilable.

We have seen that the rise of the headline will not only affect Tencent's core business, but it will also make it possible for Tencent to lose its right to speak in public opinion. In the world, why is only Tencent a game to do the world's top ten, why only Ma Huateng can rely on the game to become the country's richest man, with the right to speak in the media is the most basic protection. Once it loses its right to speak, it is only the buzz of public opinion. It will also plague Tencent, which has survived the game.

Therefore, Tencent must start a decisive battle against the headlines that have been pushed to hundreds of millions of people within a few minutes. Of course, after this war, the WeChat public number has shown itself in the world, and the original Tencent network discourse right really is no longer the headline today.

In fact, Tencent banned today's headlines and chatter, and their damage is not small. Tencent's games need more advertisements to be exposed, and they need to sink to the fourth- and fifth-tier cities and young and old groups. Vibrato and today’s headlines are the best platforms. Tencent’s abandonment will inevitably affect the development of its game business and can only rely on more. With its own resources to drain, the amount of available traffic is limited. Taking up too much of your own game will have a huge impact on the flow of Tencent-based companies. In addition, if the headlines are rushed, they can join forces with other internet giants on the one hand, and on the other hand, they may also speed up the launch of social applications to confront them in a confrontation. The consequences are unpredictable.

In the final analysis, Tencent has been worry-free in terms of social and gaming entertainment during these years. Instead of focusing on capacity enhancement and business upgrades, Tencent has focused on realizing time and focusing on WeChat payment to seize financial markets and snatch new products online with Alibaba.com. The retail position, which has missed the short video outlet caused by the increase in speed, has now become difficult.

The Teng Teng War has already begun. The two companies also separately sue. The result is not important. The key is the process. The fight with Tencent this time is obviously different from the 3Q war that year. More Internet companies will come forward and it is bound to become a melee. The heart of the siege is Tencent. Although Tencent may not be hurt, it will certainly contain Tencent's established strategic layout, it will drag down the launch of new innovative businesses, and may even become a turning point in the history of Tencent.

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